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Display screen Queen: Ayaka Miyoshi on Netflix’s Alice in Borderland and her favorite Tiffany & Co. jewels

Display screen Queen: Ayaka Miyoshi on Netflix’s Alice in Borderland and her favorite Tiffany & Co. jewels

After dazzling viewers in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, Japanese actor Ayaka Miyoshi is set for international stardom. Prestige caught up with her during her first visit to Hong Kong.

Japanese It-girl Ayaka Miyoshi is fast becoming a global superstar thanks to her role in the hit Netflix show Alice in Borderland, but it wasn’t a case of overnight success for the 27-year-old.

Miyoshi became a model after being scouted while in third grade at school, featuring in magazine editorials and more than 20 television adverts. But that was only the beginning. Not content with being a pretty face, she put her vocal talents to use in 2010 when she joined J-pop girl group Sakura Gakuin and its subunit Scoopers. She also ventured into acting, with parts over the years in various miniseries and films.

Ayaka Miyoshi is the Japanese ambassador for Tiffany & Co. Photo: Supplied

But it was her role as Ann Rizuna in Alice that turned Miyoshi into a bona fide star, with more than 2 million followers on Instagram alone. Her success quickly turned Miyoshi into a red-carpet darling and ambassador for various luxury brands. One such brand, Tiffany & Co, invited her on her first visit to Hong Kong, where she recently attended the unveiling of the Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue high-jewellery collection in West Kowloon.

“I’m only here for three days,” Miyoshi tells me when I meet her ahead of the unveiling. “I definitely want to come back and take more time to look around and explore.”

Despite the short visit, the city seems to make a big impression on the rising star. “I like the people in Hong Kong – they’re nice and friendly,” she says, adding she’s also impressed with the “tasty food”. During our chat I’m unaware there’s a translator on hand, as she communicates easily in English; in fact, I’m surprised she even needs one.

Ayaka Miyoshi visited Tiffany & Co. in Hong Kong. Photo: Supplied

Although her visit is brief, it isn’t short of glamour. Kitted out in Tiffany diamonds, Miyoshi says she’s grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with the jewellery brand. Speaking through her translator, she revealed that “becoming the Japanese brand ambassador of Tiffany & Co has been amazing, because it’s allowed me to travel around the world, visit new places and experience beautiful high jewellery.

“Personally, I really like the brand’s history,” she adds. “You can always find a story behind the designs. The designers use jewellery to tell a story and you can see and feel the love that went into it.”

Since becoming an ambassador, Miyoshi says she enjoys access to a variety of pieces from the Tiffany vault. “I usually like wearing two sets at a time, whether it’s the rings, a necklace or earrings. For special occasions, I enjoy choosing unique items to coordinate. I love coming up with fun looks, but ultimately a beautiful necklace is probably the most important piece for me.”

Of course, she’s aware that none of this would have been possible had it not been for her recent Netflix success. “Alice in Borderland changed my life drastically in a short period of time,” she says. “I’m so happy it’s watched by so many people.”

Ayaka Miyoshi in Tiffany & Co. Photo: Supplied

Jetting around the world to high-jewellery events isn’t the only change in Miyoshi’s life. Following the success of the show, her social-media following went through the roof. “It’s a huge number,” she says. “I’ve had opportunities to meet some of my fans around the world and it’s been wonderful. I really hope I can continue to deliver roles in more powerful dramas to serve my fans and all the viewers who like me.”

And she’s certainly on a roll. Miyoshi’s latest project is based on a South Korean-Japanese crime-action webtoon Knuckle Girl, which has been adapted into an original film for Amazon Prime. Playing a female boxer who risks her life to rescue her sister from a criminal underworld gang, Miyoshi reportedly endured six months of fight training for the lead role. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts to it. I really hope they like it,” she said.

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2023 was indeed a fruitful year for the young actress, thanks to her TV success, a new film and multiple luxury-brand endorsements. But instead of becoming a diva, she remains surprisingly humble when speaking of her accomplishments. “Alice in Borderland’s success was one of my highlights last year, but more importantly I’m grateful I’ve had the chance to work on various TV dramas and be involved in the fashion industry at the same time,” she says. “It’s given me the opportunity to go all over the world and meet fans.”

Ayaka Miyoshi stars in new film Knuckle Girl. Photo: Instagram

Fortunately for the latter, Miyoshi is determined to perfect her craft even further – and learn more languages in the process. “I want to focus on my development in 2024. Of course, as a performer I’m always trying to study, be better and get myself prepared for new challenges.”

One such personal challenge is learning English, which by the sounds of it, she’s already mastered quite well. “I’d like to study more so I can speak English fluently,” she admits. “When I have these kinds of interviews, I want to be able to communicate directly. I want to study the cultures of different countries and become familiar with all places I travel to. Next time I come to visit, I want to have a better delivery of my message.”

When I tell her she already does that perfectly, her eyes light up and she gushes, “Thank you so much.”

Source: Prestige Online

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