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Elon Musk Says the Tesla Roadster Will Use SpaceX Tech and Additionally May Fly

Elon Musk Says the Tesla Roadster Will Use SpaceX Tech and Additionally May Fly

Each new Tesla Roadster delay gives Elon Musk more time to come up with outlandish possible features.

The EV maker’s CEO was at it again during an interview with Don Lemon for the former CNN anchor’s new podcast, according to Automotive News. This time he raised expectations for the long-delayed EV by saying that it’s “not even really a car” and that it might even be able to fly.

Lemon has said his interview with Musk, which was posted to YouTube Monday, prompted the billionaire to cancel the anchor’s deal with the social media. It’s easy to see why the tech mogul wasn’t pleased with how things turned out. During the wide-ranging conversation, which has been dubbed “an implosion” by Bloomberg, Lemon got Musk to talk about why he thinks his drug use is good for investors, his views about racism in the U.S., and, one of his favorite talking points, the “woke mind virus.” The interview also touched on some less controversial subjects, though—like the Roadster.

The second-generation Tesla Roadster was announced way back in 2017

Courtesy of Tesla

Musk is no stranger to bold promises—he once said the Cybertruck could be used as a boat—but his latest statements take things to a new level. Chief among them was his claim that the Roadster will have some “rocket-y stuff.”

“The only way to do something cooler than the Cybertruck is to combine SpaceX and Tesla technology to create something that’s not even really a car,” the executive told Lemon, before saying it would be “something that’s never existed before” with “Jetsons vibes.”

When asked if the Roadster “not really” being a car meant it would be able to fly, the executive chuckled and said, “Maybe, it’s not out of the question.” Musk said he would save details for the EV’s eventual full debut, but did reiterate it would be able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under a second, and, “that’s not even the most exciting part about it.”

Of course, at this point, the most shocking thing would be if the Roadster actually goes into production. Since it was first announced during the Tesla Semi unveiling in 2017, the sports car has been delayed countless times. It was originally supposed to go into production in 2020, then then 2021, then 2023, and then 2024. Last month, the executive again announced that it was being delayed yet again, this time until next year, but we wouldn’t hold our breaths.

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