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Ernest Chang: “Social media has redefined our relationship with ourselves”

Ernest Chang: “Social media has redefined our relationship with ourselves”

Multidisciplinary artist and owner of The Stallery, Ernest Chang explains how social media affected
him in the past and how he now wields it with a different intention.

As an artist and a millennial navigating the labyrinthine world of social media, I’ve observed a seismic shift in the paradigm of self-reflection and mental well-being. These platforms are, ultimately, a world in which connection often results in disconnection and where the quest for visibility can render our true selves invisible.

As we navigate this digital expanse, we find that social media has subtly redefined our relationship with ourselves. It coerces us into a relentless pursuit of perfection, where every post adds a stroke to the masterpiece of our online personas. In this silent auditorium of the internet, we crave the applause of likes and shares, a form of validation that can echo with the hollowness of a facade – yet we’re so deeply affected by it, swayed by the tides of public opinion and the undercurrents of self-censorship.

Ernest Chang
Ernest Chang

We live in what can be described as an age of selfishness, where the ubiquitous “selfie” has become a symbol of our era. Introspection and authentic thought are often eclipsed by the spectacle of the personas we project. The vast canvas of social media is crowded with these self-portraits, each one clamouring for attention, each one echoing the ego’s desperate cry for recognition. This relentless pursuit of digital approval has woven a tapestry of illusion, one that masks the true emotional landscape that may be marred by loneliness and the spectre of depression.

The culture of self-aggrandisement that dominates our feeds presents a skewed reality, where every individual is the protagonist in their own grand narrative. As an artist who shares their creations, I’m constantly reminded of the tension between genuine self-expression and the construction of an image designed more to dazzle than to connect. Each post, while a curated piece of an exhibition, can sometimes obscure the raw, unfiltered artist that I am.

Despite these challenges, social media remains a powerful avenue for expression. It’s incumbent upon us to wield this tool with care, ensuring that our sense of self is anchored in reality, not adrift in a digital sea of shifting reflections.

As we stand amid this digital landscape, we must remember that social media is a tool that, like any medium of art, can be used to reveal great truths or to construct grand facades. The brush is indeed in our hands, and the strokes we choose to make can paint a portrait true to our essence or one distorted by the illusion of perfection.

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To all fellow creators, the choice is ours. Let’s wield this tool with intention, with authenticity and with the courage to present not just the finished piece, but the beautiful, messy process of creation itself, using our platforms not as pedestals for self-portraiture but as shared spaces where genuine connection and artistic pursuit thrive. 

(Header image: Ernest Chang, Son of Man, 2022)

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