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Essentially the most unique and costly non-public golf membership memberships to discover in 2024

Essentially the most unique and costly non-public golf membership memberships to discover in 2024

Golf is a test of patience, and so is the wait for a membership at a sought-after club. Aficionados often fret over the long waiting period, but the finer things in life rarely come easy, or cheap. So, if you’re looking to up the ante on your golf game in 2024, check out the memberships at one of these exclusive and most expensive private clubs.

Club memberships are exclusive, expensive, and not for everyone, but for the well-heeled who are inclined and can afford an affiliation, the benefits translate into more than a mere status symbol. Membership at an exclusive and expensive private golf club can provide a chance for networking on the pristine greens.

The profile of members at any club can vary greatly, ranging from corporate honchos to high-ranking government officials and influencers from other walks of life. A meal at the clubhouse or a round of golf can facilitate a business deal, or simply allow you to build contacts in your sphere of influence. After all, if popular culture is to be believed, all the best business deals are struck while playing a round of golf.

Even if business aspirations are the least of your concerns, a serious and aspirational golfer can benefit from a private club membership, in that it opens up a world of opportunities in the journey to becoming better on the course. Because golf courses can get crowded, especially renowned venues that record high footfalls throughout the week, members of private clubs can lean into their membership privileges, enjoying preferential services and preferred tee-off times.

Additionally, many clubs hold monthly medal rounds among other tournaments, which include leagues and inter-club competitions. These are ideal opportunities for those looking to step up, providing the ultimate private golf club membership experience by way of exposure and friendly competition.

If that sounds like an ideal game of golf and more, read on for our pick of some of the most sought-after and expensive private golf club memberships around the world.

The most exclusive and expensive private golf club memberships in the world

The Bear’s Club

(Image: The Bear’s Club)

Location: Jupiter, Florida, USA

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 350,000 to USD 500,000

Jack and Barbara Nicklaus founded The Bear’s Club in 1999 intending to provide members and their guests with a top-notch club and golf experience. For Jack Nicklaus, the creation of the finest private golf club for those who share his passion for golf is the culmination of a decades-old dream. To provide members with an unparalleled golfing experience, he designed a course that meandered through an extraordinarily rich habitat of cypress, pine, and oak trees. An amazing golfing experience, a wide range of the finest amenities, and superb services are what define The Bear’s Club. This golf club’s initiation fee ranges from USD 350,000 to USD 500,000, and yearly dues are between USD 20,000 and USD 30,000.

Liberty National Golf Club

Location: New Jersey, USA

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 500,000

Widely regarded one of the world’s greatest courses, the Liberty National Golf Club is located on the New York Harbor. At Liberty National, players have the chance to tee off under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty and enjoy breathtaking views of the New York cityscape. With built-in amenities including upscale dining, sophisticated wellness and fitness centers, an on-site helipad, and even yacht services, the course’s overall construction costs understandably came up to USD 250 million. Boasting a stellar reputation, the club has hosted many PGA Championships, providing relaxation thereafter with its extravagant and lavish clubhouse. One of the most coveted golf club memberships, Liberty National charges USD 500,000 for a full membership, with annual dues of USD 25,000.

Congressional Country Club

Location: Maryland, USA

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 150,000

The Congressional Country Club is a private country club and golf course that is about 30 minutes away from the U.S. Capitol Building. A yearly PGA Tour stop, it is one of the most well-known golf courses in the world. Established in 1921, the club provides its members with two 18-hole golf courses, the Blue Course and Gold Course, as well as a host of amenities including a sprawling clubhouse, pro shop, driving range, chipping area, putting green, fitness centre, bowling alley, tennis courts, steam rooms, and locker rooms. There is a 10-year waiting list for membership, and it will set you back more than USD 150,000.

Trump National Golf Club

Location: Bedminster, New Jersey, USA

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 350,000

The Trump National Golf Club is a world-class golf course situated across 600 acres of land in the magnificent New Jersey countryside. This private club, which hosted the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open, offers its members, members’ spouses, and dependent children a 16-acre practice facility, an indoor golf learning center, dining, a pool complex, heated paddle courts, Har-Tru tennis courts, overnight accommodation, a helipad, golf tournaments, social events, junior programs, club storage, and full lockers. Trump National reportedly charges a one-time fee of USD 350,000 and annual dues between USD 14,000 and USD 25,000 for membership.

Shanqin Bay Golf Club

Location: Wanning, Hainan, China

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 1 million

Located in the Southeast of the Hainan island, the elite and extremely private Shanqin Bay Golf Club is one of China’s top golfing destinations. Due to the extraordinary topography, the club’s 18-hole golf course, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, has beautiful vistas and unusual elevation changes. Shanqin Bay has a driving range, chipping and bunker practice areas, putting greens, a pro shop, a clubhouse with a spa, bar, and dining options, all designed to imitate the conditions encountered on the course. According to reports, it has an initiation fee of around USD 1 million.

St. Andrews Golf Club

(Image: St. Andrews Golf Club)

Location: St. Andrews, Scotland

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 200,000

Having first opening its doors in 1843, the St Andrews Golf Club is one of the oldest private members’ clubs in the world, serving as one of the venues of the hallowed Open Championship. As the club does not have its own golf course, members of the club play on one of the seven public golf courses in St. Andrews that are managed by the St. Andrews Links Trust. Golf enthusiasts from all over the world visit this club because of its historical significance and unmatched sense of tradition. On offer is a clubhouse, snooker room, lounge, and restaurant of the highest caliber. The initiation fee is USD 200,000, with an annual fee of USD 28,100.

Wentworth Golf Club

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 200,000

Nestled in the gorgeous English countryside just west of London, Wentworth Golf Club was founded in 1922. Since hosting the 1926 precursor to the Ryder Cup’s precursor, the club has earned a reputation as the home of golfing champions. Wentworth’s renowned courses have since hosted many more distinguished tournaments, in which the greatest golfers of the modern era have emerged victorious. The club’s illustrious golfing past and commitment to hosting prominent tournaments support its reputation as a highly sought-after golf destination. An initiation fee of USD 200,000 is required to join, after which members are allowed access to exceptional facilities and first-rate service.

Augusta National Golf Club

(Image: Augusta National Golf Club)

Location: Georgia, USA

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 40,000 and USD 500,000

Located in a valley that borders South Carolina, the Augusta National Golf Club is an extraordinary place to be. As the most elite golf club in the world and the host of The Masters Tournament, Augusta differs from most other clubs in more ways than one. The club has about 300 members at any given time, and is one of the few private clubs in the world without an application process — members are invited to join rather than applying. In addition to being well-known for its azaleas and dogwoods, Augusta is also renowned for its immaculate appearance and perfect upkeep. The club’s initiation fee is estimated to be between USD 40,000 and USD 500,000, with a USD 30,000 annual charge.

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Pine Valley Golf Club

Location: New Jersey, USA

Initiation Fee: Estimated USD 500,000

Founded in 1913, Pine Valley is an esteemed private club that is well-known among golfers worldwide. Even the most seasoned players will find the Pine Valley course to be a true test of skill owing to its strategic bunkering and innate ruggedness. Given its position as a very premium club, Pine Valley Golf Club offers membership only by invitation from the directorate, and not through the application process. The highly guarded membership list has roughly 930 individuals spread across the world. Although there are no precise estimates of the club’s initiation fees or yearly dues, a good ballpark number is USD 500,000.

Dubai Hills Golf Club

Location: Dubai Hills Estate

Initiation Fee: Estimated AED 27,995 to AED 39,995 (Approx. USD 7,622 to USD 10,889.21)

Only 15 minutes away from downtown Dubai, the tranquil and opulent Dubai Hills Golf Club is one of Dubai’s newest golfing spots. The golf club boasts an extravagant clubhouse with top notch amenities, two restaurants serving brunch as the perfect way to unwind after a leisurely game, and other beverage and leisure destinations. A family membership will cost AED 39,995 (Approx. USD 10,889.21), whereas a single full membership would cost AED 27,995 (Approx. USD 7,622). Both memberships are subject to an additional AED 5,000 (Approx. USD 1,361.32) joining cost and the existing AED 420 (Approx. USD 114.35) per adult Emirates Golf Federation affiliation fee.

(Main and featured image: The Bear’s Club)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How much is an Augusta National membership?

The initiation fees to become an Augusta National Golf Club “green jacket” are estimated to be between USD 40,000 and USD 500,000, plus a USD 30,000 annual fee. Membership to this distinguished club is by invitation only.

– How much does it cost to join the Floridian?

Membership to the elite Floridian National Golf Club is only available on invitation. The initiation price is said to be USD 150,000, with annual dues of USD 25,000.

– How much does it cost to join the Madison Club La Quinta?

The Madison Club La Quinta is one of the most elite golf memberships in the world, with a USD 500,000 initiation fee and a USD 75,000 yearly fee.

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