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Exclusive Interview With Polish Model & Entrepreneur Joanna Aruminska Founder & CEO of L’avenue Aesthetic Establishing a Successful Aesthetic Medicine Practice Helping Women Maintain Their Natural Beauty & Youth

Exclusive Interview With Polish Model & Entrepreneur Joanna Aruminska Founder & CEO of L’avenue Aesthetic Establishing a Successful Aesthetic Medicine Practice Helping Women Maintain Their Natural Beauty & Youth

Joanna Aruminska is a former commercial runway model, a top photo-model and participant of many beauty pageants , she has a long history of being associated with fashion and the glamorous beauty industry since a very early age .  Joanna has taken a new path in her successful career, leveraging her deep understanding of the high importance of ladies’ wellness treatments and skincare to help them maintain their natural, timeless beauty. Joanna has dedicated herself to her second passion in life becoming an international masterclass injector and aesthetic medicine concierge launching her prestigious practice L’avenue Aesthetic in Warsaw, Poland to support her long list of high profile and superstar clients all around the world , helping them on their journey to maintain a lifelong natural beauty . 

Joanna was born in the city of Gdansk , known to be a coastal city in Poland on the shore of the Baltic Sea, it has been said that Gdansk is one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe . Joanna grew up in the vicinity of the sea, forests and outdoors surrounded by nature , as a result of her environment this had a big impact on her lifestyle and passions , giving  her the inspiration to live a dedicated healthy lifestyle , as well allowed her to understand the importance of staying in balance with oneself and with the Universe. Joanna grew up in a loving family , a father who was an engineer, a brother and sister who joined her to castings during her teenage years and her mother who is gifted seamstress working at a  fashion house in Gdańsk creating luxury couture and bridal dresses .

In 2004 , by coincidence and completely unplanned Joanna accompanied her sister to a modelling casting, to her surprise instead Joanna won the casting and signed a contract with the agency establishing a permanent model line-up for cooperation with Darusz Michalczewski ( a former polish boxing star and world champion in the light heavyweight category).  Joanna, only 15 at that age, started working as a professional model , she teamed-up with her sister Monika, who was also recruited for the same modeling projects . By 2013 Joanna’s modelling career had accelerated , and she started being booked for more and more editorial and runway jobs. 

Joanna was traveling all around the world ,  having endless opportunities working with top prestigious fashion houses in Milan, Paris , London and many more .  In 2015 she traveled to Lebanon to take part in the Miss World Next Top Model beauty pageant representing her country Poland where she won the title of vice miss bikini. This achievement created her recognition in Lebanon and allowed her to instantly sign up with Lebanese fashion brands and fashion shows , as well taking numerous photo-shoot deals with local photographers in Beirut . 

During her long career of traveling to  participate in contests and fashion photo-shoots she met many wonderful talented woman and gained new experiences. Her network grew larger as she continued working in different parts of the world . This gave her the deep understanding of the importance of appearance giving her inspiration and her business idea to help play a big important role to boost women’s self-confidence .

In late 2016 after a decade of continuous traveling around the world,  Joanna finally decided to settle in Warsaw Poland to start a completely new path in her life , aiming to achieve her latest passion of grasping new success in the competitive beauty industry with the goal of launching her own Aesthetic practice. However as much as Joanna adored working as a model in the fashion industry over the many years, she never neglected her education and had graduated with a Masters degree in Management . 

In 2018 Joanna successfully graduated from the prestigious Medical University of Masovia in Poland becoming an international masterclass injector and aesthetic medicine concierge to help people on the journey to maintaining a lifelong natural beauty and successfully . In late 2020 Jonna finally achieved her dream of launching her own prestigious practice L’avenue Aesthetic which is now a big success in Europe .

Joanna you have a very inspirational story , please tell the Lavish Life readers how you gained all the experience and knowledge to be the best at what you do ? 

Joanna : It was not easy but I was determined to never give up ,  I participated in many professional challenging trainings which I successfully completed to be certified in aesthetic medicine at some of the leading aesthetic institutes and medical centers in Poland  , this gave me the knowledge in my profession and led me to my success today . 

Is it true that you have VIP clients in different countries which you regularly visit to give them your consultation and services ? 

Joanna : indeed I frequently travel to meet my clients at many different destinations such as Marbella, Dubai, Berlin and Monaco to give them consultations . 

Tell us how your clients describe your gifted talent which makes them specifically always request your expertise ? 

Joanna : I was told by many women that I have magic hands , trusting my treatment touch and love the way I keep them informed with latest different treatments . I specifically advise each client individually with treatments which suits them by preparing tailored aesthetic packages for each of my clientele. I am extremely discreet with all my clients , I treat them all like my VIPs , making sure they all feel comfortable , well-looked after and for my celebrity clients I personally make sure they do not have to worry about their identities being leaked to the media. 

Lavish Life readers are curious if your clients are only woman or also men too ? 

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Joanna : Very good question , my clients are not only woman but include men too . The men are from all walks of life , including professionals, public figures and athletes . Men are gradually becoming more aware about the importance of skin treatments too . 

Apart from working with individual patients what else do you do ? 

Joanna : I train local practitioners all around the world with the protocols in this industry .

Finally Joanna before we end this wonderful interview , can you please describe to all our readers around the world your mission ? 

“My mission is to make women understand the value of stimulating natural skin renewal processes, rather than bluntly going for hardcore fillers. I want my clients to look beautiful, young and natural. Not like plastic dolls. That was fashionable in 1990s and thankfully medicine has progressed much further ever since”

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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