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Ferrari Needs to Reward You for Reporting Pretend Ferrari Stuff

Ferrari Needs to Reward You for Reporting Pretend Ferrari Stuff

Ferrari wants to turn its biggest fans into tattle-tales.

The storied Italian marque is calling on its customers to help the company protect its brand, according to Road and Track. The sports car maker wants to be alerted of any potential counterfeit Ferrari products out in the world and is even offering a reward for valid tips.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Ferrari would want to protect its name and image. There are few brands in the automotive world that are as famous, and perhaps none as revered, as the Prancing Horse. This is also a company that once sued a charity over the name “Purosangue.”

Last week, members of the FerrariChat online community began posting about receiving emails from the brand about a new anti-counterfeiting strategy, according to the magazine. The message, which was signed by Ferrari’s chief commercial and marketing officer, Enrico Galliera, outlines the plan and links to a dedicated page on the official Ferrari website where tips can be submitted.

As part of the “Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward” Scheme, as it’s being called, the automaker is calling on car lovers to alert it of any activities or products that may infringe upon its trademark. Each report will be investigated, and if it contains information about a counterfeit product or service the company was not already aware, the informer will receive some sort of Ferrari-related ‘prize,’ the nature and value of which will be determined by the brand and only be available while “stocks last.”

The program isn’t just open to Prancing Horse owners, but “anyone who wants to report an instance of Ferrari trademark infringement.” Reports should include the informer’s name, information about the offending party, photos of the counterfeit item, and a count of how many products are involved. Participants will be informed if their report is being rewarded within 60 days of it being filed, and if they aren’t they should assume that it is ineligible.

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Members of FerrariChat seemed put off by the program, at least initially. “Get a grip you turds,” one user wrote. Still, it’s easy to imagine that at least a few people will be encouraged to participate by the promise of a free Ferrari gift.

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