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Full Moons, Supermoons And Retrogrades for 2024 And Their Results on Zodiacs

Full Moons, Supermoons And Retrogrades for 2024 And Their Results on Zodiacs

Full moons and retrogrades have great significance both astronomically and astrologically. The positioning of luminaries — the Sun and the Moon — along with planetary movements are said to impact the zodiac chart in many ways. While the Moon is considered to rule the inner world of the zodiac, its phases reflect their moods. Full moons are said to bring out intense emotions in all the signs and so do other celestial events such as the planets that retrograde, including Mercury and Mars. Brace yourselves for the tumultuous changes brought by these astronomical events in 2024.

Full moons and supermoons in 2024: What they are and their effects on zodiacs

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Image: Courtesy of Andy Holmes/Unsplash

Before diving into all the full, super and blue moons of 2024, let’s understand what they mean.

A full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are 180 degrees away in ecliptic longitude. The Moon is exactly on the opposite side of the Earth, which makes it brightly illuminated from our planet’s vantage point. All the year’s full moons will allow the zodiacs to manifest and realise their dreams.

Full Wolf Moon – 25 January

This is the first full moon occurring in the dynamic, royal and confident fire sign of Leo. Zodiacs will be motivated to celebrate life, party and explore their ambitions with determination. Wolf Moon is also known by names like Ice Moon and Yule Moon. Overall, it sets a great momentum for the year ahead and fills the zodiacs with vigour to achieve something which has been on their mind for a long time.

Full Snow Moon – 24 February

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Image: Courtesy of YunFengQ/Unsplash

The second and last full moon of the winter is in the meticulous and fastidious sign of Virgo. This period will prompt the zodiacs to get their act together in life, focus on clean and healthy living and be of value to their community and friends.

Full Worm Moon – 25 March

This full moon falls in the springtime, and the cardinal sign is Libra. Zodiacs will be inclined towards achieving a perfect balance in their lives. They will be most likely to socialise and make merry. Additionally, they would want to look inward to seek some inner peace through meditation and introspection. This period will bring in happy times and fulfilment to all the zodiacs.

Full Pink Moon – 23 April

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Image: Courtesy of Uomo Libero/Unsplash

This full moon falls in the intense sign of Scorpio, which will lead to all the zodiacs on the path of transformation. They will review their relationships with their friends and family and bring in many changes on the professional and family fronts, which would work in their favour in the long run.

Full Flower Moon – 23 May

This summer full moon promises adventure for all the zodiacs as it falls in the fire sign of Sagittarius. The zodiacs would want to travel not just physically but also emotionally. They would be fearless in making important life-changing decisions and grow phenomenally during this period.

Full Strawberry Moon – 21 June

This full moon is in the earthy and sensible sign of Capricorn, which makes the zodiacs super responsible and driven towards their professional goals. All the natives will be encouraged to take charge and achieve their work-related dreams with a lot of passion. This time frame is great for concentrating on one’s career.

Full Buck Moon – 21 July

The second full moon of summer also falls in the sign of Capricorn. Buck moon will help the zodiacs to focus on the relationships, be it on work or personal front. They will also seek and provide support from other zodiacs in this period.

Super Sturgeon Moon – 19 August

astronomical events 2024
Image: Courtesy of Eileen Rollin/Unsplash

This rare blue moon is a seasonal lunar spectacle. The full moon will occur in the air sign of Aquarius. It will help the zodiacs be more progressive and futuristic. Community development and doing more selfless deeds will be on their mind.

Super Harvest Moon – 17 September

This is also a partial lunar eclipse that occurs in the meditative water sign of Pisces. This supermoon will be all about healing the inner energies of the zodiac. All signs will show compassion and empathy towards one another in this period.

Super Hunter’s Moon – 17 October

astronomical events 2024
Image: Courtesy of Steven Van Elk/Unsplash

This super moon is in the fiery sign of Aries. The zodiacs will get their fighting spirit out in the open and tackle all the difficulties that life might throw at them with gusto and passion. This period signifies strength, resilience, courage and determination.

Super Beaver Moon – 15 November

This super moon is in the earth sign of Taurus. The zodiacs will get very comfortable with their domestic life and would want to settle down and enjoy the material pleasure with their family and friends. They will let their hair down and enjoy some peaceful and calm time, creating core memories to cherish throughout their lives.

Full Cold Moon –15 December

This full moon is the key astronomical event marking the end of 2024 and will be in the fun and flirty air sign of Gemini. The vibe will be to party and chill. The zodiacs would want to stimulate their minds by meeting new people and taking up new projects, often surprising themselves.

Retrogrades in 2024

Mars and Mercury retrogrades are a few of the most important astronomical events of 2024 because they hold the power over the zodiacs as they can spin their worlds into a tizzy. Planet retrograding in the literal sense does not mean they are moving backwards as celestial bodies do not steer away from their orbits, but it is only from the Earth’s vantage point that they seem to lag behind. The easiest way to survive a retrograde of any planet is to not start anything new and to stay calm and collected despite the unpredictable changes, as things are bound to get in order, eventually.

Astronomical events 2024: Retrograde and their effects on zodiacs

Mercury retrogrades of 2024

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Image: Courtesy of Carlos Kenobi/Unsplash

In all the retrogrades of the year 2024, fire and water signs will be most affected by this phenomenon. This mercury retrograde, the comet Chiron, which is known as the wounded healer in astrology, will be activated. Fire signs will be bold and fearless in their approach. They will also experiment a lot and channel their energies constructively.

Air signs are bound to surprise everyone with their effective decision-making skills and grit. Water signs, on the other hand, will need to be careful during all the mercury retrogrades of 2024. Their well-intentioned actions might backfire on them and create chaos in their relationships.

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The earth signs will need to uproot all the negative energies from their life and be a more relaxed zone. They need to take things lightly and go with the flow, which is against their core nature. Following are the retrograde dates in 2024.

1-15 April in Aries

5-14 August in Virgo

14-28 August in Leo

25 November-15 December in Sagittarius

Mars retrograde of 2024

astronomical events 2024
Image: Courtesy of NASA/Unsplash

This astronomical event of 2024 will occur from 6 December 2024 to 6 January 2025 in the fire sign of Leo. The tempers are set to fly off all the zodiacs, and they would be in a fighting mode during this period. The key is to stay level-headed and less impulsive till Mars stops retrograding.

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