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Giorgio Armani Launches Its Vacation Greetings Marketing campaign

Giorgio Armani Launches Its Vacation Greetings Marketing campaign

Giorgio Armani speaks to its Milan roots with its newest holiday greetings campaign that you’ll surely want to share with your loved ones.

With the holidays upon us and our minds turning to our families and loved ones, Giorgio Armani’s interactive 3D holiday greeting campaign, inspired by the brand’s Italian heritage, is an endearing gesture to show someone they’re in your thoughts as the year ends.

If you’re like us, and find sending a holiday card feels, well, just a little dated, then Giorgio Armani has just the thing to share a sprinkling of festive cheer.

The quintessentially Italian video message opens with a tram passing by on a typical Milanese street, flanked by festive decorations and enveloped in softly falling snow.

Evoking the magic and fantasy of the festive season, a fabulously gold-wrapped giant present lands on the scene, suspended by balloons and spilling wide open to reveal a glittering display of Giorgio Armani’s signature clothing and accessories.

Then the personalised holiday greeting message, wishing your loved one “Happy Holidays” and their name will appear.

It’s fun, glamorous, interactive, and will certainly grab the attention of fashion lovers, Giorgio Armani acolytes, or chime with anyone who’s partial to life’s little luxuries.

To send and view the message, simply follow the instructions below.

Step One

Scan the QR code below or click here and then press start.

Step Two

Next, type the name of the person you wish to share the greeting with.

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Step Three

You’ll preview how the message will appear to your receiver, and you can then choose share with then via Facebook, Whatsapp, Weibo, or WeChat.

Your receiver can simply click the link to reveal their dazzling personalised message, which is sure to put a smile on their face. Yes, it really is that simple. Happy Holidays!


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