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Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer season 2024: Lucent Fantasies

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer season 2024: Lucent Fantasies

For spring/summer 2024, Giorgio Armani translates the vibrations of light and colour into breathtaking fashions, resulting in a collection that personifies sky, sea and metal.

Have you ever thought what it would feel like to wear a rainbow? Or wrap yourself in the glittering ripple of a pristine Alpine lake? Whatever these fantasies might look like in your head, chances are that what Giorgio Armani has in store with its spring/summer 2024 collection is far more enticing. Every tailored jacket and each whisp of the organza dresses shimmer, refract and reflect on to themselves, acting as if they’re at once prisms and the light itself.

Capturing the elusive is right up Armani’s alley. The wardrobe that accompanies this graceful dance is fluid and refined. The garments flow with the body, a symphony of liquid jackets, sharp coats and supple trousers. Low heels add poise to each step, while oversized bags sway in their unique rhythm.

A more detailed examination of the collection is akin to looking at an ancient stained glass. We begin with a series of golden satin jackets and blouses styled with blueish-grey cigarette trousers, and then plunge into the ocean depths through the menagerie blues – there’s a strapless dress with intricate embroidery that mimics the ripples, tulle cape-sleeved blouses and tank tops with tiers that resemble sea waves. Then there’s an elegant pantsuit that appears as if carved from onyx, which is followed by two sheer tops covered in sequins styled with black silk trousers. But the couturier’s exploration of light and colour had only just begun. More glamour ensues in the form of cardigans and skirts bestrewn with stones, pastel bandeau tops and cropped jackets the colour of blush sunsets. The collection culminates in a gossamer dress styled with a sparkling pink shawl.

The skies, the seas and the earth’s treasures are all the heroines of Giorgio Armani’s spring/summer 2024 collection, attesting to the founding genius’s enduring ambition of transforming his women into veritable goddesses.

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