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Girls Of Energy 2023: Dr Maria Mok Displays On The 12 months That Was

Girls Of Energy 2023: Dr Maria Mok Displays On The 12 months That Was

Dr Maria Mok joined the Hong Kong museum of art in 1996 and has since dedicated her career to the institution. Mok served as a curator in charge of various departments and has extensive experience in leading a vast number of exhibitions and educational programmes. Now its director, she hopes museum visiting will become an integral part of everyone’s life; she continues to lead her team at the HKMoA in its mission to expand the city’s cultural landscape.

How would you describe your 2023?
Fortunately, it’s been a fruitful year for us at HKMoA. We’ve been receiving record-breaking attendance figures as Hong Kong returns to normalcy.

What were your biggest achievements in the past 12 months?
HKMoA celebrated the arrival of our 2-millionth visitor since our reopening in 2019. We also received numerous donations including the Fuyun Xuan Collection, the most extensive and comprehensive donation of snuff bottles ever gifted to a museum in Hong Kong.

What was your secret of success in the past year?
We’re lucky to have a dream team and they’re the heroes behind our achievements.

Were there any challenges you had to overcome?
With all the new donations and increasing crowds, I had to revisit all our programmes and re-evaluate the use of space so we can keep offering an optimal visiting experience.

What lessons did you learn this year?
Don’t ever underestimate visitor flow. And we should’ve produced more scented stickers at the Art Personalized exhibition – people loved them!

What advice would you give last year’s self?
Less is more in every aspect – at work and for your own personal self-care. Take time to refine instead.

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What are you looking forward to in 2024?
New partnerships and flagship projects will be launched, with a focus on the love of this city and its art. It will
be an important year for the museum to secure our position as the top art museum of Hong Kong.

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