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Gray’s Anatomy Season 20 Forged Members, From Previous and New Faces to Potential Returning Stars

Gray’s Anatomy Season 20 Forged Members, From Previous and New Faces to Potential Returning Stars

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When season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered on October 6 2022, longtime fans had already steeled themselves for the inevitable departure of series regular Ellen Pompeo. Pompeo, who portrayed Meredith Grey for 17 years, had announced some months earlier that she would be exiting the show as a series regular that season, featuring only in a limited capacity over eight episodes. While many fans were rightly devastated at the notion of Grey’s Anatomy without the Meredith Grey, the showrunners were determined to make it work, and make it work they did. With a fresh serving of Grey’s set to premiere on March 14 2024, we take a look at all the new, old, and possibly returning cast members of Grey’s Anatomy season 20.

Throughout the years, numerous Hollywood greats have come and gone through the doors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, from Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl to Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey. While many of these stars went on to enjoy even greater success across Hollywood blockbusters and critically acclaimed tv shows, the holes they left behind were difficult to fill, leaving fans disappointed for missing their favourite characters. Case in point: The collective Grey’s fandom has yet to get over losing Dr. Mark Sloan (portrayed by Euphoria’s Eric Dane) and Little Grey aka. Lexie Grey (portrayed by Chyler Leigh of Supergirl acclaim).

In a nutshell, the fandom absolutely hated losing their favourite characters — even more so when they were brutally killed off via rogue busses, plane crashes, and speeding semi-trucks.

To that end, fans had assumed that the long-running show would end with the departure of Ellen Pompeo, whose character Meredith Grey inspired the series itself. But that was not to be.

Nineteen seasons of Meredith Grey

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast - ellen pompeo
Ellen Pompeo is Dr. Meredith Grey. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Ellen Pompeo first joined the inaugural cast of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy in 2005, a fresh-faced actress with a handful of acting credits to her name — most notably, she worked alongside Ben Affleck in Daredevil (2003), and appeared in 2002’s Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and Amy Adams. She also had a guest-starring role on Friends in 2004. However, it was not until she assumed the role of Meredith Grey that she truly shot to superstardom.

In her role as Meredith Grey, Pompeo has impacted pop culture in a way few actors have been able to. Her iconic speech to on-screen beau Dr. Derek Sheperd (portrayed by People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2023 Patrick Dempsey) inspired the term ‘pick me’, showing girls the world over that it is okay to go all-out for love.

Add onto that the human imperfections masterfully imbued into the character through Pompeo’s stellar performances, and you have a character that’s relatable, lovable, and impossible to replace. And if that’s not enough, consider this: Meredith Grey inspired the love and loyalty of Taylor Swift, who went as far as to name her world-famous cat after her.

Pompeo’s departure as a series regular is marked by her character’s decision to move to Boston to work alongside ex colleagues Dr. Jackson Avery (portrayed by Jesse Williams, who left the show in 2021) and Dr. April Kepner (portrayed by Sarah Drew, who left the show in 2018). Considering the untimely deaths of Grey’s other departing cast members, Meredith being alive and well is a happy sign that fans may yet see her return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Despite her scaled back role at Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo continues to serve as an executive producer for the series, a role she assumed in 2022. And while fans may not see Meredith on-screen as often as they used to, not all hope is lost, with Pompeo reprising her role in the final episode of season 19. With season 20 upon us, fans have begun to hypothesise about her potential return, and understandably so.

Pompeo has been open about returning to Grey’s, with creator Shonda Rhimes publicly asserting that ‘there is no Grey’s without Meredith Grey’. The official trailer for season 20 features Pompeo significantly — though considering her importance to the series, it may simply be for show. Whatever the case, fans can at least rest assured that they will catch some glimpses of their beloved Dr. Grey come March 14, along with other long-loved characters who have been confirmed to make their return (Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins, among them; more on that below).

Grey’s Anatomy season 20 cast who have stayed the course

While many Grey’s Anatomy cast members have stayed throughout the years, none can boast OG status the way three current cast members can. Of the original cast, only Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., and Chandra Wilson can claim to have appeared in all 20 seasons. And of these three, only the latter two can claim the title of having worked on the most episodes, with each of them appearing in 426 of the show’s 430 episodes thus far.

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson is Dr. Miranda Bailey. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

When Dr. Miranda Bailey first walked on-screen in the very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy, fans immediately fell in love with her. From the beginning, Chandra Wilson’s iconic Grey’s character came to play ball and win. Her strength, drive, talent, and no-nonsense approach to medicine and mentorship soon won viewers (and her interns) over. While she sometimes proved to be overbearing and difficult, Bailey’s heart of gold was frequently on display in subtle ways, with the actress showcasing nuance and emotion across numerous poignant scenes.

As with all characters, Bailey has had her share of challenges, from self-doubt and divorce to the very real threat of death during a nail-biting episode in which the hospital experienced a mass shooting. In later seasons, Wilson tackled the real-world problem of police brutality among the black community, playing out the harsh realities faced by black children in a heart wrenching scene alongside on-screen husband Dr. Ben Warren (portrayed by Jason Winston George) and on-screen son Tuck (portrayed by BJ Tanner).

Through it all, Wilson has provided consistently compelling performances, suffusing her character with compassion and depth, then just as easily switching it up to assume the role of a stern leader with big dreams to conquer the world of medicine. Her delivery is impeccable, showcasing her excellent range that has taken her through 20 seasons of the show. Just as there is no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey, fans know just as well that there is also no Grey’s Anatomy without Miranda Bailey.

James Pickens Jr.

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast - james pickens jr
James Pickens Jr. is Dr. Richard Webber. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

In his portrayal of the once-chief and forever-mentor Dr. Richard Webber, James Pickens Jr. masterfully navigates often sensitive themes surrounding addiction, boundary-setting, and the balance of gentleness and strength in leadership. His character is not merely beloved amongst the fandom; despite his many flaws — chief among them his role in separating Meredith’s parents, Webber has only risen from strength to strength, proving his loyalty to his people and to his hospital.

Having stared down the barrel of a shooter’s gun, grappled with alcoholism, and lost not one, but two loves to Alzheimer’s, Webber proved throughout the series that strength rests in the ability to never give up. Despite losing his job as Chief of Surgery numerous times throughout the series, he continues to exhibit tenacity in his mentorship role at the hospital, showing us all that compassion for self and others can co-exist in the same space.

In his 426 episodes appearing as the character, Pickens Jr. has knocked the role out of the park, portraying Webber with a quietly determined strength. His interactions with Pompeo’s Meredith, who grew up without a father, prove that blood is no indicator of familial bonds. Ultimately, Webber has not just become a father figure to Meredith, to Bailey, and to his hospital; he has become a father figure to us all.

Honourable mention: Kevin McKidd

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast - james mckidd
James McKidd is Dr. Owen Hunt. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Within the Grey’s Anatomy fandom, there are few characters as polarising as United States Army Major Dr. Owen Hunt. Once husband to fan favourite Dr. Christina Yang (portrayed by the iconic Sandra Oh of Killing Eve acclaim), Hunt has garnered a reputation among the fandom as the trauma surgeon who ‘is also really good at giving people trauma’.

First introduced in season 5, Hunt’s first appearance on Grey’s showcased an easy-going and devil-may-care attitude, highlighting the character’s best traits: loyal, resourceful, intriguing, impulsive, and electrifyingly exciting. However, tragedy struck while he was on tour in Iraq, and he would eventually return to the hospital a changed man, suffering from the aftereffects of war and grappling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His character arc carries him through the healing process, and he and Yang eventually marry.

Despite being an excellent surgeon, inspiring mentor to Dr. April Kepner (portrayed by Sarah Drew), and eventual Chief of Surgery with compassion for his patients and colleagues alike, Hunt is less successful in romance, where he has garnered a reputation as being a massive red flag. He famously derides Yang for not wanting children and eventually cheats on her, leading to the fracturing of their marriage. Through it all, actor Kevin McKidd who portrays the character does so with nuance, just enough to remind viewers of the imperfection of human nature. As of season 20, McKidd has appeared in 346 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, fifth in the list of cast members by number of episodes.

Honourable mention: Camilla Luddington

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast - camilla luddington
Camilla Luddington is Dr. Jo Wilson. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

British actress Camilla Luddington’s Dr. Jo Wilson was introduced in season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy as the third group of interns to start their residency in the hospital — the first being the year of Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, and Christina, and the second being the year of Lexie Grey’s introduction (more on that below).

In her portrayal of Wilson, Luddington, whose other notable roles include that of Kate Middleton in William & Kate (2011) and Claudette in True Blood (2012) exhibited vulnerability that had fans rooting for her. In tackling themes of poverty, parental abandonment, domestic violence, and emotional abuse, Luddington’s genuine portrayals moved viewers with similar experiences, allowing them to connect with her storyline and ultimately welcome her with open arms into the list of series regulars.

To date, she has appeared in 251 episodes, making her one of the longest-staying cast members of the behemoth show.

Honourable mention: Kim Raver

Kim Raver is Dr. Teddy Altman. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Kim Raver first joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in season 6, portraying Dr. Teddy Altman who took on the mantle of the resident ‘Cardio God’, replacing the departing Dr. Erica Hahn (portrayed by Brooke Smith). Introduced as an old friend and ex-army colleague of Major Hunt, she assumed a mentorship role for Dr. Christina Yang; however, her arrival marked the start of a love triangle, played out between herself, Yang, and Hunt.

Much like Hunt, Raver’s portrayal of Dr. Altman was met with mixed reviews, with fans divided on whether they loved or hated her. While die-hard Christina Yang fans found her role in the love triangle unnecessary, others enjoyed her realistic portrayal of a talented surgeon who nonetheless had difficulty making and maintaining romantic relationships. Despite their feelings for Hunt, Yang and Altman’s on-screen chemistry as teacher and student became a fan favourite, with Yang ultimately revealing that she would rather have a teacher in Altman than a lover in Hunt.

Altman’s arc would ultimately come to a head in season 8 when she met and married a patient to give him access to her insurance. As one might expect of television, the two soon fall in love, but he dies in surgery, leaving her a widow. Raver departed the series that same season but returned as a recurring character in season 14 before rejoining the main cast in season 15, when she would start a relationship with the now twice-divorced Hunt. To date, she has appeared in 175 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and will rejoin the cast in season 20. Through her characterisation of Altman, Raver brought a lighthearted nuance, portraying grief, lovelornness, joy, and friendship through themes of death, PTSD, unrequited love, and mentorship.

Honourable mention: Caterina Scorsone

Caterina Scorsone is Dr. Amelia Shepherd. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

The youngest sister of Derek Shephard and the sister-in-law of Meredith Grey, Amelia Shephard first appeared in the Grey’s Anatomy cinematic universe in Private Practice, a Grey’s spinoff. Portrayed by Caterina Scorsone, Amelia’s arc reflects a life spent as a ‘broken, imperfect little sister’, a role she plays with heartbreaking precision.

Scorsone’s performance is rife with emotion, and she perfectly handles the themes imbued within her character arc, from addiction and sobriety to childhood wounds inflicted by the the death of her father. And if that’s not enough, she also suffers from the death of her beloved big brother, the death of her son, and in season 14, is diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Despite the emotional weight of Amelia’s many trials and tribulations, Scorsone bears it with poise and depth, lending vulnerability to a character that marries impulsivity with imperfection. It is a testament to her talent for acting that viewers have simply come to love her all the more for it.

The new(ish) cast members returning for Grey’s Anatomy season 20

In their attempt to usher in a new generation of cast members, the showrunners introduced a new batch of interns at the outset of season 19. With many series regulars having departed in the previous seasons, the onus then fell on the show’s writers to engage the audience using these new characters, essentially rebooting the series with a fresh set of faces.

While the task at hand was monumental — endearing several new characters to the audience whilst saying goodbye to the Meredith Grey — the showrunners pulled it off to great success. Shifting perspectives within the greater Grey’s Anatomy storyline made it abundantly clear that the new cast members were meant to inherit the M.A.G.I.C (Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, and Christina) torch, and this trend is set to continue in season 20.

Harry Shum Jr.

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast - harry shum jr
Harry Shum Jr. is Dr. Benson Kwan. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

In his portrayal of Benson Kwan, Harry Shum Jr. brings the heat and everything else in between. Generally perceived to be the ‘Christina Yang’ of the new generation of interns, Kwan’s competitive nature feeds into his desire to win at all costs; he is likewise brilliant, employing his razor-sharp wit to achieve his goals. He briefly entertains a fling with his colleague, fellow intern Jules Millin.

Adelaide Kane

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast
Adelaide Kane is Dr. Jules Millin. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Portrayed by Adelaide Kane of Reign acclaim, Jules Millin’s storyline mirrors Meredith Grey’s, in that she arrives at the hospital fresh from a fling with an attending — in this case, Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln. However, longtime fans of the show were also quick to spot similarities between her storyline and Dr. Alex Karev’s.

Raised in a dysfunctional family that puts her in the same realm of misery as Shameless’ Fiona Gallagher, Millin nonetheless boasts a heart of gold. She wears her moxie and baddie energy on her sleeve, and proves throughout season 19 that she is not afraid to take risks and break the rules to save lives.

Alexis Floyd

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast
Alexis Floyd is Dr. Simone Griffith. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Portrayed by Alexis Floyd, the character of Simone Griffith appears to draw inspiration not from an OG cast member, but from the recently-departed half-sister of Meredith Grey, Dr. Maggie Pierce. A whip smart overachiever with a sparkling sense of humour, Griffith nonetheless displays a reluctance for working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital; it is discovered that this is because her mother had died while giving birth to her in the hospital. She also becomes the centre of a love triangle involving ex-fiance Trey Delgado and colleague and fellow intern Lucas Adams.

Niko Terho

Niko Terho is Dr. Lucas Adams. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Every group of interns needs a nepo baby, and Lucas Adams, portrayed by Niko Terho, is it this go round. While his mother is never explicitly named, Adams is revealed to be a part of the revered Shepherd family, making Derek and Amelia his uncle and aunt respectively. Like the former, Adams has big dreams of becoming a prominent surgeon who can make his family proud. Like the latter, however, he is described as the black sheep and ‘screw up’ of the family. Despite his bad grades, he is evidently in possession of a brilliant mind, leveraging his people skills to get ahead in the game.

Midori Francis

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast
Midori Francis is Dr. Mika Yasuda. (Image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Portrayed by Midori Francis, the character of Mika Yasuda is imbued with underdog energy that is reminiscent of George O’Malley and Izzie Stephens of the OG intern group. Reflecting the real-world circumstances of many American graduates, Yasuda is swamped in a mountain of student loans, easily endearing her to an audience who can relate to her situation. Scrappy, sassy, and bold, Yasuda’s approach to her medical career directly parallels her approach to life; she is willing to take risks to get what she ultimately wants.

Will we see these characters returning to Grey Sloan Memorial?

In 20 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, viewers have been treated to a veritable buffet of characters, each brought to life with a compelling backstory and even better acting to boot. If any series can boast to be a stepping stone to success for aspiring actors and actresses, it is Grey’s Anatomy. Each new season brings with it a fresh serving of young talent, eager and ready to impress.

Yet, there is something inherently nostalgic about the earliest seasons of the show and its then-iconic cast. Perhaps cognizant of this, the showrunners have made a pleasant habit of inviting back departed cast members for guest and recurring roles.

Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers

Both a part of the original intern group, Izzie and Alex were revealed to have reconciled at the end of Grey’s Anatomy’s season 16, leaving fans wondering if they might return for season 20 alongside new cast members. (Image: ABC)

Katherine Heigl’s Dr. Izzie Stevens left the show in season 6 following numerous tragedies involving the death of her fiancé and patient Denny Duquette (portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the death of her best friend and fellow resident George O’Malley (portrayed by T.R. Knight), the decline of her career, and most notably a seemingly inoperable brain tumour and aggressive cancer.

At the point of her departure, Stevens was married to Dr. Alex Karev, portrayed by Justin Chambers. Chambers would play the same character for another 10 seasons before finally leaving in the series’ 16th season. The duo ultimately had their happy ending off-screen, with Karev revealing in a letter to Meredith that he and Stevens had reunited and rekindled their romance.

While fans had mostly written off the possibility of the duo’s return to Grey’s Anatomy, their off-screen reunion at the 75th Annual Emmy Awards told a different tale. At the awards show, which was held on January 15 2024, Heigl and Chambers reunited with current cast members Pompeo, Wilson, and Pickens Jr., presenting a united front onstage to celebrate Grey’s Anatomy and its 20th season. Their presence not only marked the show’s achievement as the longest running prime time series ever; it also set off a bevy of conspiracy theories about whether they would be reprising their roles.

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast
Jesse Williams is Dr. Jackson Avery, and Sarah Drew is Dr. April Kepner. (Image: ABC)

First introduced in season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson Avery, portrayed by Jesse Williams, and April Kepner, portrayed by Sarah Drew, enjoyed a sweet courtship that set fans’ hearts aflutter. While Kepner raised the ire of fans who found her type-A attitude and high-pitched voice annoying, she eventually won them over with grit and mettle, soon settling into the role of a seasoned trauma surgeon.

In contrast, Avery enjoyed the love of fans almost immediately upon his introduction, his quiet confidence and charm winning fans (and on-screen colleagues) over and earning him the fictional nickname ‘McPrettyEyes’.

Grey's anatomy season 20 new cast
Jackson and April’s love story has touched the hearts of fans, who are hopeful of their return to join the new cast of Grey’s Anatomy season 20. (Image: ABC)

Avery and Kepner’s friends-to-lovers relationship soon became a fan favourite, and even earned a ship name, ‘Japril’, a portmanteau combining the characters’ first names. Through trials and tribulations including marriage, the death of their first child, divorce, the traumatic birth of their second child, the duo provided viewers with compelling performances that evoked equal measures of grief and joy. However, Drew was written out of the show in season 14, bringing an end to Japril; however, Williams continued in his role until season 17.

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His character’s sendoff was marked by the return of Drew, who reprised her role to help close out his chapter. In what is widely considered one of the best character write-offs of the series, Avery and Kepner head off to Boston together with their daughter, delighting fans with the knowledge that their faves were ‘mint to be’. The duo later returned to guest star together in season 19, where it was ultimately confirmed that they had reconciled. Whether they will return for season 20 remains to be seen, but fans of Japril are hopeful for more.

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is a longtime favourite in the Grey’s Anatomy cinematic universe, so much so that she earned a much-lauded spin-off series Private Practice following her exit from Grey’s in season 3. Her portrayal of the redheaded ‘she-Shepherd’ Dr. Addison Montgomery was iconic at its core from her sizzling introduction to her quest for self-actualisation and purpose following her divorce from Dr. Derek Shepherd. Walsh’s portrayal of Montgomery is a masterclass in balance, and she tackles the themes of motherhood, loss, infidelity, and competitiveness with a compelling ferocity and vulnerability.

Walsh returned as a guest star for three episodes of season 18, after which she starred in a recurring capacity for season 19. During this time, her character arc spanned sensitive themes relating to real life events; along with Chandra Wilson’s Miranda Bailey, Montgomery tackled issues relating to female reproductive rights and the consequences that arise when women are not allowed their choices. As a longtime favourite among the new and old cast members of Grey’s Anatomy, Walsh’s return for season 20 would certainly be welcome; however, no official confirmation has yet been provided as to whether she will make an appearance.

Arizona Robbins

First introduced in season five, Jessica Capshaw’s Arizona Robbins is a cheerful ray of sunshine befitting her role as one of the nation’s foremost paediatric surgeons. Despite her many flaws which include self-victimisation, selfishness, and infidelity, Robbins proves to be an excellent mentor and friend, garnering a loyal fanbase amongst Grey’s longtime watchers. With Robbins’ character arc dealing in the loss of love, a horrific plane crash, and the mental strain of working with sick children, Capshaw nonetheless delivered compelling performances that endeared her to fans over her 224 credited episodes. While Capshaw would eventually exit Grey’s Anatomy in season 14, fans will be delighted to know that she is slated to return in season 20, featuring prominently among new cast mates in the official trailer.

Characters who returned for Meredith’s ‘death beach’ scenes

While fans had given up on ever having their OG fan favourites return following their brutal on-screen deaths, Shonda ultimately delivered in season 17. With the harsh realities of the global pandemic incorporated into Grey’s Anatomy, the showrunners were able to highlight its deep and enduring effect on frontliners and medical personnel, who put their own lives at risk to help others.

Most notably, Pompeo’s Meredith Grey fell prey to the effects of the coronavirus, landing her in a coma. This presented the perfect opportunity to reintroduce fan favourites who had been killed off in the form of a fever dream, in which Grey was able to speak to her deceased loved ones on a serene ‘death beach’.

Returning cast members included T.R. Knight who played OG intern George O’ Malley, Chyler Leigh who portrayed Pompeo’s on-screen sister Lexie Grey, and Eric Dane who portrayed the inimitable plastics surgeon and the love of Lexie Grey’s life Dr. Mark Sloan — or McSteamy, as he is known in Grey’s lore.

But perhaps the most highly-anticipated return of all was that of Patrick Dempsey, who had portrayed neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd — McDreamy — for 262 episodes until the character’s untimely demise in season 11. Prior to the actual event, fans had not anticipated that such a thing would ever happen; as an OG who had been a part of the main cast since season 1, Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd was as important to Meredith Grey, as Meredith Grey was important to the show itself.

Fans were rightly heartbroken when Dempsey announced his decision to depart from the show; however, the actor remained a powerful force within the entertainment industry, appearing in Disney’s sequel to Enchanted, Disenchanted, in 2022. He also appeared in financial conspiracy and investments thriller Devils, and was later voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2023.

While his Grey’s return was met with great delight, it was nonetheless a bittersweet end to what is arguably television’s most iconic couple. Still, the duo’s ‘death beach’ reunion was a much-needed injection of hope in a time of despair, simultaneously providing closure for fans whose lives had been touched by their inimitable love story.

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(Main and featured image: Grey’s Anatomy/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who will be in season 20 Grey’s Anatomy?

The current cast for season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy includes Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Jessica Capshaw, Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, Caterina Scorsone, Camilla Luddington, Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Nick Terho, and Midori Francis. Also reprising their roles are series regulars Scott Speedman, Chris Carmack, Debbie Allen, Jake Borelli, Anthony Hill, Alex Landi, Jaicy Elliott, Freddy Miyares, and more.

– Will Season 20 of Gray’s Anatomy be on Netflix?

Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy will be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

– Is Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy on Disney plus?

Yes, season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy will be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

– What happens to Dr Andrew DeLuca?

Dr. Andrew Deluca met a tragic death in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy when he was stabbed while investigating a case of human trafficking.

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