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Greatest Luxurious Mahjong Units to Purchase This Chinese language New 12 months

Greatest Luxurious Mahjong Units to Purchase This Chinese language New 12 months

Indulge in the timeless tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year with the classic game of mahjong. The nostalgic game, dubbed as China’s “national pastime” is enjoyed by people of all ages. While we’re certain your old mahjong set holds sentimental value, a special occasion calls for a special gift. Check out these luxury mahjong sets that would make the perfect addition to any Lunar New Year reunion.

Only a few parlour games have created a more lasting global impression than mahjong. According to Annelise Heinz’s book, Mahjong: A Chinese Game and the Making of Modern American Culture the popular tile game was invented in Southern China in the mid-1800s, toward the end of the Qing Dynasty. Initially, it was just one of many male-dominated gambling games. However, this “explicitly Chinese game” gained massive popularity in the US during a period of intense anti-immigrant sentiment that resulted in escalating restrictions against people of Asian descent. It became a staple item at immigrant family gatherings and a safe haven for outcast communities.

A few years ago, the game experienced a resurgence, thanks to the record-breaking romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians that featured a pivotal mahjong scene between Michelle Yeoh and Constance Wu. The movie sparked international interest in the game, introducing the tile game to a new generation of players including millennials and gen-Zers. In capturing the renewed interest, many luxury fashion brands have introduced exquisite mahjong sets that promise to take the game to a whole new level of sophistication.

Luxury mahjong set to play your game in style

Louis Vuitton Vanity Mahjong NV

luxury mahjong sets
(Image: Louis Vuitton)

Leveraging its esteemed trunk-making legacy, Louis Vuitton has unveiled the Vanity Mahjong set. A masterpiece that seamlessly blends skill, strategy, and a touch of allure, it is the perfect activity for injecting elegant fun into your dinner parties. Fashioned from corian and wood, this handcrafted masterpiece not only adds a sophisticated and amusing element to games, but also serves as a magnificent decorative object that will enhance any interior.

The Vanity trunk boasts two locks with buckles and six drawers, exuding timeless elegance. Within, the mahjong set is composed of 144 tiles, 5 extra tiles, 4 wooden rulers, 4 wooden dice, and 1 round cube with a plate. The dark green and brown colour scheme adds a fascinating charm, making it a must-have for avid mahjong collectors.

Brunello Cucinell Wood and Krion Mahjong Set

Luxury mahjong sets
(Image: Net-a-porter)

Keeping true to Brunello Cucinelli’s reputation for perfection, the renowned Italian fashion label has unveiled a mahjong set with excellent materials and craftsmanship. This masterpiece was skillfully created in Solermo, Italy, using European walnut wood and Krion®, with each tile delicately embellished with beautiful hand-painted symbols. The set is neatly packaged within a tiered box, and comes with two meticulously hand-carved dice. Brought to life in an elegant cream and natural wood colour scheme, it is a charming set that echoes with sophistication. All 144 tiles of the set are carved with laser technology for precision and are easily stored in stackable wooden trays.

Hermès Macao Mahjong Game

(Image: Hermès)

Traditionally, mahjong tiles were made of horn or ivory. However, Hermès‘ luxury mahjong set is made of solid engraved cassia wood and mahogany, exuding warmth and timeless allure. The tiles are precisely engraved with laser technology, with 1 wind dice hand-engraved in solid mahogany. Made in Indonesia, the game set also contains 4 dice in ebony with inlays of maple wood. The tiles are stored in 5 solid mahogany trays, with a Lid cased in sumptuous taurillon H leather that makes it easier to carry around.

Tiffany & Co. Mahjong Set in a Tiffany Blue® Leather Box

luxury mahjong sets
(Image: Tiffany & Co.)

Delightfully diverging from its usual role as the bearer of diamonds, the classic Tiffany blue box now unfolds into a beautiful mahjong set, promising a delightful, and yet lavish family event. Known for their glittering collections of high-end jewellery, Tiffany & Co.’s mahjong set is impeccably packaged in a Tiffany Blue® leather box, which comes with a lock and two keys. The set elevates the game to new heights with sterling silver, American walnut, and leather craftsmanship, adding a modern and stylish touch to any game night. This beautiful ensemble includes everything you need for the ultimate game of mahjong, including tiles, score sticks, and dice, all expertly designed to reflect the brand’s devotion to quality and elegance.

Geoffrey Parker Mahjong Sets

Geoffrey Parker
Image: Geoffrey Parker

Geoffery Parker, a renowned English luxury game designer, has launched a very special mahjong set in partnership with China’s leading Mahjong artist, Mr. Liu Jun. Made of magnificent Ox bone and bamboo, the tiles represent a wonderful blend of history and artistry. Encased in a distinctive leather attaché with a sophisticated black suede interior, the beautiful set is imbued with class.

A distinguishing feature of this line is the option buyers have to customise the casing and hardware without any additional cost, allowing for a more personal touch. Geoffery Parker also offers specific customisations upon request, with quotes suited to particular tastes, ensuring a unique and personalised mahjong experience.

Prada Saffiano Leather Mahjong Game

Luxury mahjong sets
(Image: Prada)

Does black dominate your wardrobe? Then this ultimate luxury mahjong set was made for you. From the iconic house of Prada, this extraordinary mahjong set comprises acrylic resin playing pieces tastefully encased in Saffiano leather. The classic metal inscription on the front adds a touch of luxury. The set, presented in a classy red-black-white colour scheme, exudes sophistication, the perfect addition to any Lunar New Year reunion.

Aerin Shagreen Mahjong Set

(Image: Crystal Classics)

This mahjong set by Aerin transcends the ordinary, transforming each game into a luxurious experience. The mahjong set comes encased in a luxurious shagreen box with brass hardware and 144 engraved white melamine tiles. The suede lining and cream colour add a touch of elegance to the game. The tiles include Arabic numerals, which are key to helping players familiarise themselves with Chinese characters and symbols.

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Gucci Decorative Mahjong Set with Web

luxury mahjong sets
(Image: Gucci)

Renowned Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci has released a redesigned mahjong set in a subtle beige and ebony colour palette. The decorative set comes in a leather case with the distinctive Double G and Web detail, which elegantly blends vintage charm with archival House references. The inside features a Radura print accented by gold-toned hardware and gorgeous marble resin and birchwood components. The case is designed for both elegance and utility, including a lock and a convenient handle for easy transportation. Gucci also offers a decorative mahjong set in a crocodile case.

Giobagnara Mahjong Lux Game Set

(Image: Amiramour)

Renowned for its stunning decorative goods, Giobagnara has introduced a super-luxe mahjong set. Encapsulated in a lavish wood case wrapped in sumptuous leather and featuring a detachable lid, this exceptional mahjong game set is an aesthetic masterpiece. With great attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, it is an ideal addition to any game room or leisure space. Inside the wonderfully crafted box, you’ll discover a stunning selection of 148 high-quality walnut and maple tiles, each one designed to impress. The tiles have a smooth surface, allowing for easy manoeuvreing and a consistent gameplay experience. 244 opaque plexiglass sticks and four opaque plexiglass dice round out the set, adding to its overall richness and sophistication.

S.T. Dupont Haute Creation The World’s Most Luxurious Mahjong Set

luxury mahjong sets
(Image: The Lifestyle)

Born of a collaboration between S.T. Dupont and L’Aquart, The S.T. Dupont Haute Creation is probably is the most luxurious mahjong set in the world. Bearing the meticulous craftwork of eight months, this mahjong set is brought to life with solid Tanzanian ruby tiles, which represent nobility and fortune, further accentuated with gold vermeil workmanship. The game set radiates luxury, and is composed of over 1000 Burmese rubies and 300 diamonds, an exceptional representation of timeless beauty and luxury. The black or white mother-of-pearl counters with gold vermeil borders, purple and gold colour schemes, and ruby-carved dice, represent precise craftsmanship, lending opulence to any game of high-stakes mahjong.

(Main and featured image: Prada)

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