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H Queen’s Highlights Modern Artists from Across the World

H Queen’s Highlights Modern Artists from Across the World

The H Queen’s is where the art is this month.

Conveniently located on several floors at the vibrant hub of Queen’s Road Central. H Queen’s is showcasing the best of contemporary art this art month with major solo exhibitions presented by leading international art galleries with permanent spaces in the building – David Zwirner, Pace Gallery, Tang Contemporary Art, Whitestone Gallery, and New Art Est-Ouest Auctions. These galleries are joined by three special art exhibitions hosted by The Henderson, Onfinitive Art Foundation & VETA by Fer Francés, and Saatchi Yates.

David Zwirner (5 – 6/F)

Wolfgang Tillmans, Filled with Light, a, 2011
Wolfgang Tillmans, Filled with Light, a, 2011
(Courtesy the artist; David Zwirner, New York/Hong Kong; Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne; and Maureen Paley, London)

German artist Wolfgang Tillmans’ The Point Is Matter – across both floors of its gallery – marks his first exhibition in Hong Kong since 2018. Guided by a profound sense of curiosity and care toward his subjects, Tillmans seeks to expand the poetic and formal possibilities of photography. The art exhibition brings together a wide range of themes and localities, exploring shifts across time and place, from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Addis Ababa and Lagos to Mongolia and Berlin, and will feature a new video work by the artist.

Wolfgang Tillmans: The Point Is Matter, 25 March – 11 May 2024, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 am-7 pm

Pace Gallery (12/F)

Kylie Manning Sea Change (Diptych), 2023 (Courtesy Pace Gallery)
Kylie Manning, Sea Change (Diptych), 2023 (Courtesy Pace Gallery)

American artist Kylie Manning’s Sea Change is her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Deeply informed by living in Alaska and Mexico during her childhood, Manning’s works situate genderless, anonymous, spectral figures within sweeping landscapes that often capture the light and environments specific to these locations. Sea Change features five large-scale canvases and a selection of related drawings created in 2023, following her collaboration with choreographer Christopher Wheeldon for the New York City Ballet.

Kylie Manning: Sea Change, 26 March – 9 May 2024, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 am-7 pm

Tang Contemporary Art (10/F)

Edgar Plans, Paris 2024 Olympic Games tribute, 2024
Edgar Plans, Paris 2024 Olympic Games tribute,Mixed media on canvas, 162x146cm, 2024

Spanish artist Edgar Plans’ solo exhibition Heart of Fearlessness is a playful yet thought-provoking exploration of courage, determination, introspection, and wonder. Using his emblematic motif of “Little Heroes”, Plans draws inspiration from both Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Stan Lee’s Spiderman, using these characters as a vehicle through which to examine the complexities of human nature, morality, and fate, as well as consider what shapes a hero in our modern world.

Edgar Plans: Heart of Fearlessness, 25 March – 10 May 2024, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 am-7 pm

Whitestone Gallery (8/F)

Aruta Soup, A Lot, 2024
Aruta Soup, A Lot, acrylic on canvas, 169 x 199cm, 2024

The works of Japanese artist Aruta Soup in Ruins are an exercise in social commentary and self-reflection in an exhibition that radically addresses the contradictions and psychological struggles of modern society. The artist’s visual lexicon, centered around a bandaged, cartoon-like rabbit named ZERO, speaks to the core of the British street art and club scene, while representing both the inner struggles and optimism within the peculiar worldview of the artist.

Aruta Soup: Ruins, 25 March – 11 May 2024, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 am-7 pm

New Art Est-Ouest Auctions (7/F)

Shozo Shimamoto, Untitled SHIM-124, 1965

Breaking Boundaries – Gutai and Post-War Japanese Art delves into artworks produced under the artistic movements of the Gutai Art Association, set up after World War II, to reflect the evolution of the Japanese people from subjects of a war-oriented totalitarian regime to citizens of a democratic society. The exhibition features works from a distinguished lineup of highly acclaimed Japanese artists. Their artworks highlight the artists’ shared idealogy to create an interactive and immersive experience for visitors, hence dissolving the boundaries between artist and viewer.

Breaking Boundaries – Gutai and Post-War Japanese Art, March 27-May 11, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am – 7pm

The Henderson (G/F)

Collected Light: From Legacy to Future is the first art exhibition presented by The Henderson, a new landmark in Hong Kong, Central. The exhibition is curated by Vera Lam, Director of HART, and supported by Women in Lighting, bringing together eight multidisciplinary women artists from diverse cultures who have each forged visionary paths in their use of light as an artistic medium. The exhibition embraces the explosive interplay of fluid form and light characteristic of Zaha Hadid’s artwork and space design, found at the heart of Zaha Hadid Architect’s design for soon-to-open The Henderson.

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Collected Light: From Legacy to Future, 8 March – 6 April 2024, Daily, 11 am-8 pm

Onfinitive Art Foundation and VETA by Fer Francés (9/F)

Yayoi Kusuma, Green Earring, 1977, Image Courtesy of Onfinitive Art Foundation
Yayoi Kusuma, Green Earring, 1977, Image Courtesy of Onfinitive Art Foundation

These two galleries co-present Traces of Life: Global Figuration, a group exhibition exploring shared humanity and aesthetic values in figurative art from around the world. The exhibition explores active cross-cultural dialogue and shared inspirations within this diverse showcase of 14 emerging and established figurative painters who span several generations and continents.

Traces of Light: Global Figuration, 25 – 30 March 2024, Daily, 11 am-7 pm

Saatchi Yates (17/F)

Sujin Lee, Under the breeze, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 120 cm

The London-based gallery presents I Became You, a solo exhibition by breakout Korean artist Sujin Lee. Inspired by both her intimate circle of friends and the tranquil nature of her hometown Jeju Island’s scenic landscapes, Lee’s work is intricately entwined with her sense of self and interpersonal relationships. Marking the artist’s first solo show in Hong Kong and Saatchi Yates’ first pop-up exhibition in Asia, the exhibition includes 14 paintings from Lee’s latest body of work.

Sujin Lee: I Became You, 25 March – 9 April 2024, Daily, 11 am-7 pm

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