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Heesen’s Most Highly effective Superyacht But Comes With a Distant-Managed Rescue Buoy

Heesen’s Most Highly effective Superyacht But Comes With a Distant-Managed Rescue Buoy

Ultra G is not only the most powerful superyacht in Heesen’s fleet, but it could also be the safest.

The 197-footer, which was delivered to its owners last Friday, features an innovative new rescue buoy that cruises to the person overboard rather than bobbing on the water like a traditional life ring.

Designed by U Safe, the self-propelled U-shaped buoy can be actively steered by remote control to meet a seafarer up to 1,640 feet away. The crew can direct the buoy quickly and efficiently, meaning the person in need doesn’t have to swim anywhere in difficult conditions.

Powered by twin water jets, the U Safe buoy weighs roughly 30 pounds and can reach a top speed of about 9 mph (8 nautical miles). It is highly maneuverable whichever way up it lands, and can transport up to two people.

The U Safe Rescue Buoy.

U Safe

“U Safe brings an added reactionary capability to reach the person overboard, driving the remote control ‘lifebuoy’ directly to them, so I was happy to bear the extra cost of adding it to the MOB system,” the owner said in a statement. “In rough conditions or rocky areas, it is particularly valuable, preventing both the rescuer and the vessel from entering the danger zone.”

The U Safe team worked with the Dutch shipyard’s engineers to develop an invisible launch system that would not detract from Ultra G’s striking, high-contrast colorway. The buoy is naturally bright orange, but it is mounted behind a hatch on the starboard side that elegantly blends into the tan hull.

“From the outside, it is not visible—you can only see the outlines of the hatch,” adds shipyard captain Bob van Zundert. “Of course, we wanted the yacht to look as clean as possible on the outside, and that means that we did not want any lines or edges on the exterior.”

Ultra G Superyacht

A bird’s-eye view of “Ultra G.”

Ruben Griffioen/Heesen

The design team also developed a new launching mechanism that deploys the device as soon as the hatch is fully opened. In addition, the hatch is fitted with a smart charging system that ensures the buoy and the remote control remain fully juiced up. When not in use, the electronics switch into standby mode to minimize the energy draw on the mothership.

The high-tech rescue equipment is certainly befitting of Ultra G. The custom vessel was inspired by two sportfishing yachts that Heesen launched in the 1990s, but is equipped with innovations the yard has pioneered over the past 40 years.

Forged from lightweight aluminum, the vessel sports a fast-displacement hull that delivers a much smoother, flatter ride than conventional semi-displacement designs. On top of that, the yacht is equipped with four MTU 20V 4000 engines that collectively produce a bonkers 22,000 hp and drive four Kongsberg S90 waterjets. She can reportedly reach a blistering 37 knots at full tilt. No wonder the owner wanted a top-notch safety system.

Ultra G is now on her maiden voyage to Guernsey.

Click here to see more images of Ultra G.

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