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Hey Google, What Are The Upcoming Google Merchandise Releasing In 2024?

Hey Google, What Are The Upcoming Google Merchandise Releasing In 2024?

In a post-generative AI world where we love to leave all the donkey’s work to our slave chatbots, I wish we could simply ask, “Hey Google, what products are you cooking for 2024?” and expect it to write an elaborate story while I roast marshmallows on a bonfire. For curiosity’s sake though, we asked Bard, and after a rather boring response, we decided it was better if we discussed this in our classy Augustman style.

If we were to compare tech brands with school teachers, Google would be the art and crafts teacher coming up with something so exciting that remains etched in our memories. The group of geniuses at Mountain View, California took us on an AI-filled wild ride in 2023, with the highlight being the Pixel 8 Pro and all its magical capabilities powered by Google’s Gemini AI model.

For 2024, it seems we might be having double the fun this year, especially if the announcements made by Google at CES 2024 pan out in time. It partnered with Samsung to use its Quick Share as a replacement for Nearby Share and expand Fast Pair to Google TV devices for quickly pairing accessories to TVs.

But Google has a lot more to revamp and release this year and we can’t wait to explore all the upcoming Google products releasing in 2024. Hop on the ride!

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Upcoming Google products, including Pixel devices, in 2024

Android 15

Releasing in: October 2024

Even though the plastic wrap is yet to come off Android 14, it is about time we start talking about Android 15. Over the last three generations, Google has done a tremendous job in polishing all aspects of Android and given us an operating system that puts iOS to shame on several occasions. Be it using AI to generate wallpapers or changing the way your battery meter looks, you have to agree that Android is the greatest thing to ever happen to the world of smartphones.

So what’s next with Android? Given that generative AI is the talk of the town, we would like to believe that Android 15 will have AI at its heart. It could be giving divine superpowers to Android for sorting out our digital clutter or making us happy with cutesy wallpapers of kittens curated just for us. It could automatically remove all distractions while you are with your loved ones, enhance videos on-device, organise all apps in the way you use the most and make Google Assistant even more helpful than it is today.

There’s so much that Google can do with Android 15 and as of now, we can only hope for a better outcome by the time October comes around. 

(Image Credits: Google)

Bard Advanced

Releasing in: Mid 2024

The Google Bard chatbot has been a free-for-all AI tool that’s just as good, if not better, as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, 2024 will be the year that Google takes it to the next level with its advanced Gemini Ultra LLM model. No wonder the chaps at Mountain View are calling it Bard Advanced. 

Based on the demonstration videos released online in late 2023, Gemini Ultra will be right up there with the very best from OpenAI and Meta, offering enhanced multimodal capabilities for users. Hence, we would like to believe that Bard Advanced could help you get your complex math problems solved, offer good insights, analyse scientific data and undertake computations that would otherwise need a lot of manpower. 

Of course, there is a possibility that Google could reserve Bard Ultra for those willing to pay a price for its upkeep. But we expect Google to keep improving the ‘Simple Bard’ (that’s a name we would like Google to use) to make it a better alternative to the Microsoft Copilot based on GPT 4.5. 

(Image Credits: Mojahid Mottakin/@iammottakin/Unsplash)

Pixel 8a

Releasing in: May 2024

Everybody loves the Google Pixel and whether they buy it or not, there’s a huge demand from Google to trickle down some of its flagship goodness to the masses. The Pixel 7a did that in 2023 and has been regarded by many as the best value-for-money smartphone from Google. In 2024, that mantle would pass on to the Pixel 8a. 

Given that the Pixel 8 solves some of the critical issues observed with the Pixel 7 generation, we hope that Google brings all of the magical AI features to the cut-price Pixel. Leaked renders have already revealed a near-identical chic design as the Pixel 8. To keep the costs low, Google is likely to make the back panel out of plastic instead of glass, use a 90Hz refresh rate OLED display with slightly thicker bezels, retain the wireless charging feature and entitle it to the still unbelievable promise of ‘7 years of OS updates’. We still can’t believe Google announced that for the Pixel 8.

And since it is a Pixel, the cameras will be the point of focus. After the hardware upgrade on the Pixel 7a, we think Google would equip the Pixel 8a with the same 64-megapixel OIS sensor for the main camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera on the back. If the geniuses at Mountain View manage to bring down the price to USD 459, it would be a killer deal for everyone bored with their iPhones or any other Android device.

Isn’t it amazing we arrived at that conclusion without mentioning the Tensor G3 chipset?  

(Image Credits: OnLeaks / MySmartPrice)

Pixel Fold 2

Releasing in: May 2024

The very firsts from Google have often been a class below the segment. Take the Pixel Fold as the most recent example. 

When it came out in 2023, the jury and fans were awestruck as to how somebody at Google let it make it to the store shelves. Those chunky bezels around that plasticky main display felt like they came from 2019, which was the first year we saw Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Even the first-gen Samsung Fold was better built than what Google introduced in 2023. Paired with the messy Tensor G2 chipset and an ill-optimised Android 13 experience, the Google Pixel Fold was not for everyone, but early adopters. 

Hence, with the Pixel Fold 2, we expect Google to trim down those ugly bezels, use a nicer flexible OLED screen, stuff a more adaptive version of Android 14 and give it a revised Tensor G3 chipset. The nicer bits from the Pixel Fold like its camera setup and the cover display should make an appearance once again on the successor. We are also eager to see how Google utilises its Gemini Nano-based AI tricks for the Pixel Fold 2.

(Image Credits: Google)


Pixel Buds A 2 or Pixel Buds 2a

Pixel Buds A 2 or Pixel Buds 2a

Releasing in: May 2024 Presumably

It has been a while since we have seen a new pair of TWS earbuds from Google and we believe that it could be the Pixel Buds A that gets upgraded. Despite being released in 2021 for buyers on a budget, the Pixel Buds A sounds surprisingly good and has a clever array of features to make life a bit easier on the move. 

Hence, for the Pixel Buds A 2 or Buds 2a (whatever catches your fancy), we expect Google to get rid of the ridiculous fins on the silicon ear-tips, add a decent Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) system, improve the audio quality, enhance the battery life, use Gemini Nano to add helpful little features and keep the price affordable.

With rumours of an all-new AirPods 4 steaming up, we hope Google takes the affordable segment of the TWS earbuds category seriously. 

(Image Credits: Google)

Releasing in: October 2024

The Pixel ecosystem got a new tablet last summer and in 2024, we expect the Pixel Tablet 2 to take things up a notch. Or how about a Pixel Tablet 2 Pro spicing up things for those planning to buy an iPad Pro? 

The first-gen Pixel Tablet was essentially a smart home hub device that docks to a speaker (and charges its battery) and gives you access to all smart appliance controls. On the couch, you could use this tablet as your personal large-screen entertainment device. With the Pixel Tablet 2, we hope that Google uses the newer Tensor G3 chipset and adds all the AI niceties from the Pixel 8 series, including the Magic Editor.

An upgraded speaker would be a great addition, too. Also, we are counting on Google to give us some brand new ideas for using a tablet where AI plays a crucial role. 

Hey Google, Surprise us!

(Image Credits: Google)

Pixel 9 series

Releasing in: October 2024

After the mind-blowing Pixel 8 series, can Google do any better with the Pixel 9 series of smartphones? The answer is a resounding YES!

While we love the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro for their clever AI tricks, that seductive Android Material You interface and those gorgeous curves as well as the colours, the rest of the phone is not quite on par with Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The camera performance could be certainly better and the same can be said for the processor’s raw performance as well as the battery life.

We hope that the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro fix the infamous overheating issues of the Tensor chip, use better quality camera sensors and tune it nicely for objectively good battery life. The design is likely to change slightly since Pixel flagships have looked different from the back every year. AI will be a key point of interest and we are excited to see what kind of magic Google brews with the Pixel 9 generation. 

(Image Credits: Courtesy Augustman)

Pixel Watch 3

Releasing in: October 2024

The Pixel Watch 2 is not only a beautiful timepiece to flaunt but its vast array of advanced health tracking features as well as the availability of Google Assistant on tap make it highly useful and productive. So what’s Google going to do with the Pixel Watch 3?

For starters, we expect Google to improve the battery life and bring it on par with the Apple Watches. A new Qualcomm chipset could certainly help in this case other than offering more room to manage increased workloads, especially since AI could be the centre of Google’s next-gen ecosystem. Other miscellaneous aspects like a brighter display with stronger protection, hand gesture controls and improved health tracking features are surely welcome. 

Feel free to surprise us Google!

(Image Credits: Augustman)

(Hero and Featured Image Credits: Courtesy Google)

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