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Inside Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Enviable Watch Collections

Inside Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Enviable Watch Collections

When a global superstar like Taylor Swift decides to date a flamboyant NFL player like Travis Kelce, everything they do, wear, and, eat becomes a topic of conversation. As style-conscious celebrities with unfettered access to the world’s best brands, this hot new couple has been proving that the world is their runway. From their selection of clothing brands right down to their timepieces collections boasting some of the most expensive watches, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are creating the perfect fashion storm with each public appearance.

While Travis and Taylor’s couple style screams fashionable boyfriend and laid-back girlfriend, their love for over-the-top accessories is what unites them — the Kansas City Chief’s tight end enjoys flaunting his Rolexes while the 34-year-old pop star recently resurrected the watch necklace trend by wearing a vintage black diamond Lorraine Schwartz timepiece as a choker to the 66th Grammy Awards. With every ensemble dissected for better perspective of the power couple, we take a closer look at the watches that take up irreplaceable space in Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s designer wardrobes.

A look at Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s most prized and expensive watches

Travis’ Platinum Rolex Day-Date

Travis Kelce, the standout tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is renowned not just for his dynamic plays on the field but also for his exceptional style off it, particularly when it comes to his choice of watches. He sports the Rolex Day-Date 228206 in platinum, a watch so rare and distinguished, it easily earns the title of the MVP among luxury timepieces. Crafted from platinum, this watch is opulence redefined, offering a lustre akin to wearing a celestial body on your wrist — only more radiant and impressive.

The watch features a standout ice-blue dial and comes adorned with 10 baguette-cut hour markers, making Travis’s Rolex an invaluable asset. The smooth bezel adds a sleekness to the watch, mirroring the smoothness of Kelce’s gameplay and celebrations on the field.

The combination of metal and dial is as perfect a pairing as any classic duo, blending sophistication with a dash of coolness. Wearing this Rolex Day-Date, Kelce doesn’t just keep time; he owns it, making it not just a watch but a piece that commands attention, sparks conversations, and celebrates every moment with the triumph of a touchdown. In the intersection of fashion and athleticism, Kelce emerges not only as a football hero but as a veritable style icon, with a wristpiece that’s as legendary as his on-field achievements.

His Rolex Submariner

Another Rolex that features in Kelce’s collection is the Rolex Submariner 126610 watch. An iconic diver’s watch known for its robust design and precision, the Submariner features a 41mm Oystersteel case with a scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel and a black dial that enhances its legibility, even in the darkest conditions. The watch is powered by Rolex’s Calibre 3235, a self-winding mechanical movement that offers a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. As a Submariner Date model, it also includes a date window magnified by Rolex’s signature Cyclops lens. This watch is water-resistant up to 300 metres, making it suitable for professional diving.

As someone who enjoys his quirky pairings, the 34-year-old athlete has often taken his Submariner on a spin. One of his more noteworthy looks is captured in the Instagram photo above. His yellow floral Hawaiian shirt paired with striped trousers might not be everyone’s cup of tea but Kelce’s Rolex is still one item unanimously on every horology enthusiast’s wish list.

His Gold Rolex Day-Date

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift watches
Pictured here with Patrick Mahomes (right), Travis Kelce sports the Rolex Day-Date in 18k gold. (Image credit: WWD/Getty Images)

The last spot in Travis Kelce’s Rolex watch collection happens to be a gold Day Date. The Rolex Day-Date 228238 exudes luxury with its all 18K yellow gold construction, from the 40mm case to the distinctive President bracelet. Its fluted bezel is not only a mark of the brand’s craftsmanship but also contributes to the watch’s water resistance. The dial, available in various finishes including classic champagne, is accentuated by the day and date display, with the day spelled out in full — a hallmark of the Day-Date series.

Enhanced by a Cyclops lens over the date for easy legibility, the timepiece boasts Rolex’s self-winding mechanical movement, renowned for its precision. This model, often chosen for its blend of elegance and prestige, is waterproof up to 100 metres and is a symbol of status, favoured by influential personalities like Kelce and his stylish NFL colleagues like Patrick Mahomes, for its bold yet timeless appeal.  No wonder, the duo chose this USD 50,000 (approximate price) accessory for their Super Bowl 2023 victory party.

Travis’ Breitling Bentley Flying B

Travis Kelce turned heads at the XS Nightclub in Wynn Las Vegas just hours after his recent Super Bowl win, donning a dazzling Breitling Bentley Flying B. This watch is a departure from Breitling’s typical aviation-style timepieces, featuring an 18K white gold case, bedecked with 74 diamonds, and a striking white mother-of-pearl dial with diamond indices. The standout feature is its jump hour complication, an innovative display where hours are revealed on a disc and ‘jump’ at the top of each hour — a nod to the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s.

The jump hour, while no longer widespread, remains a signature of luxury watchmaking, demanding meticulous power regulation for the movement. The Flying B is a limited-edition tribute to Bentley’s 1930s mascot, boasting an automatic, chronometre-certified movement, though it was discontinued in 2010.

Distinctly different from Kelce’s usual Rolex choices, like the Submariner 126610 and Day-Date 228238, the Breitling Bentley Flying B showcases his taste for the unique and may position him as one of the most intriguing watch collectors in the spotlight. Will the NFL star’s eclectic collection bring new excitement to the watch community? As fans of Travis Kelce and girlfriend Taylor Swift’s nascent watch collection, only time can tell!

Taylor’s Concord watch choker

Taylor swift travis kelce watches
Swift was spotted wearing a custom black diamond Lorraine Schwartz watch choker. (Image credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)

For a watch-averse celebrity like T-Swift, who is seldom seen wearing them, her choice of timepiece sure needed to be an arty, unconventional affair. Which is why the 34-year-old’s decision to wear it as a choker to the 2024 Grammy Awards, can be considered a genius move. With the time symbolically set to midnight as an homage to her award-winning album, fashion-watchers and Swifties witnessed the revival of a trend started a few years ago by Rihanna. The Fenty CEO rocked up to Pharrell Williams’ first Louis Vuitton show with a custom Jacob & Co. watch strapped around her neck — a brand she would later turn to again when sporting an ankle watch later in the year.

Now, we all know Taylor Swift consistently dazzles on the red carpet with her quintessential, all-American glamour, often opting for flawless, stunning gowns. This is precisely why it’s so captivating when the global superstar decides to take a fashion gamble — and even more so when it results in a sartorial victory. Stepping out on the Grammys red carpet in a custom white strapless Schiaparelli dress, and black opera gloves, it’s her stack of jewellery that made heads turn.

Swift turned to American celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz, who draped her neck with not one, not two, but five strands of diamond necklaces reportedly totalling around 300 carats. The pièce de résistance? The watch choker worn right at the top of the stack. Turns out the piece is an Art Deco style Concord, a Swiss watch brand that’s no longer in service in recent times, with what appears to be exploding Arabic numerals and diamonds on the bezel.

Her Benjamin Button watch in the “You Need To Calm Down” music video

Taylor’s watch in the video featured her cat, Benjamin Button. (Image credit: Taylor Swift/ Vevo/ Youtube)

Taylor might not flaunt her luxury watches much, but trust the queen mother to always know what time it is. In her popular music video, “You Need To Calm Down”, the singer dropped one of her infamous Easter eggs by wearing a cloud blue watch featuring her cat, Benjamin Button. The same watch was available for fans to purchase from her official merchandise store, but quickly sold out. Dupes of the accessory are still available online, though, if you were hoping to get one for her Eras Tour concert in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

– Which watch does Taylor Swift wear?

Taylor Swift does not wear watches on most occasions but for the 66th Grammy Awards in 2024, she rocked the red carpet in a vintage Concord and Lorraine Schwartz Art Deco style watch choker. Several publications have reported that she owns various luxury timepieces such as the Cartier Tank Americaine Rose Gold Ref, Bulgari Serpenti Rose Gold, Chanel J12, Omega Constellation Steel, Chopard Happy Sport, Apple Watch Series 8, and various Rolexes. However, this information has not been verified and she has not been publicly photographed wearing any of them.

– Does Taylor Swift have an Apple watch?

There isn’t enough credible information to rightfully know whether Taylor Swift owns an Apple watch or not but a few publications have claimed that she does.

– Does Taylor Swift have a Rolex?

Again, while some publications have claimed that Taylor Swift owns a few Rolex watches, namely the Day-Date Everose Gold and the Oyster Lady Datejust, there exists limited information about her purchases.

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