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InstaElegance: 10 Most-Adopted Luxurious Trend Labels on Instagram

InstaElegance: 10 Most-Adopted Luxurious Trend Labels on Instagram

Instagram has become a crucial asset for the fashion industry, especially luxury brands. Major fashion houses leverage the platform to showcase high-value runway designs, engaging the masses through vibrant feeds, collaborations with A-listers, and championing social causes. Luxury Maisons allocate significant marketing budgets for Instagram traction. The platform, in turn, introduces features like shoppable posts, aiding brand growth. Explore the top 10 luxury fashion brands on Instagram for a virtual fashion experience.

While some labels use loud colours, loud logos (and outlandish feathers) in their apparel to get users’ thumbs scrolling, others abide by the ‘less is more’ motto, keep things minimal and let the designs speak for themselves. From Versace‘s magazine-style feed that appeals to the masses to Dior’s aesthetically drawn-up series of campaigns and covers that scream opulence – each brand has expertly curated feeds.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or not, it’ll be interesting to go through some eye-catching ‘grammable’ content put forth by luxury frontrunners like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more. Keep reading for the most-followed luxury fashion brands on Instagram.

The world’s most popular luxury fashion brands on Instagram

1. Chanel (59.4 million followers)

Chanel has really set the standard when it comes to granting a true luxury experience. Chanel’s Instagram manages to give users an in-store boutique experience, wherein you can get an up-close and personal feel of their products. Apart from marketing its products with visual prowess, Chanel also drops neatly shot reels capturing its runway shows, and store openings, treating you to some exclusive BTS bytes with the brand’s creative minds and brand ambassadors – all in all making you feel like a part of their family from afar. No wonder they have the maximum number of engagements.

2. Louis Vuitton ( 55 million followers)

Bold as well as inspiring in its approach, Louis Vuitton doesn’t follow trends, it sets them! Whether it’s coming up with innovative concepts like LV CIRCLE (their broadcast channel), regularly posting about new products and brand collaborations to keep the audience engaged or actively collaborating with celebrities from across industries to lure larger target markets – LV fulfils its objective of getting people to want to buy their products.

3. Gucci (52.7 million followers)

One thing Gucci does exceptionally well than its competitors is capitalising on its logos! Gucci’s Instagram boasts a consistent theme of its logo on its feed – creating a lasting impression in your mind. Shifting away from its iconic ambassadors of the past like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, Gucci has infused its campaigns with modern-day style icons to appeal to the young luxury demographic. Harry Styles, Rihanna as well as Lady Gaga are some of the most popular Gucci ambassadors now.

Furthermore, Gucci has massively benefited from the hip-hop culture. Whether it’s Kanye West‘s famous ‘What’s Gucci’ phrase to Lil Pump’s 2017 track Gucci Gang the brand’s popularity knows no bounds.

4. Dior (45.5 million followers)

Dior’s feed isn’t just grandeur and promotional, but also educational. The brand showcases its visually appealing, high-quality content with a blend of storytelling and celebrity collaborations that generate great excitement. By giving behind-the-scenes glimpses of its design process and intricate craftsmanship, Dior helps its target audience gain a deeper understanding of its brand values making customers a part of their story. Lastly, by showcasing their latest collections, highlighting their key designs and creating an aesthetically explosive experience Dior hits the mark.

The brand’s extravagant presence at big celebrity events like the MET Gala or the Academy Awards as well as its apparel shining bright in iconic shows like Sex And The City and more, Dior has significantly increased its visibility.

5. Prada (33.3 million)

Nobody comes close to Prada in terms of offering an innovative approach to advertising. Prada’s campaign trails are nothing short of an immersive cinematic experience – be it their set designs, choice of apparel as well as props. It shares regular updates featuring new arrivals, gives insider peeks into exclusive parties and events, backstage glimpses of fashion weeks and most additionally, maintains a strong and consistent brand identity across the Instagram feed to ensure that all items are easily recognisable as part of the Prada family. This uniformity cements the brand’s image as well as strengthens customer loyalty.

6. Dolce & Gabbana (30.8 million followers)

The Italian fashion house doesn’t fall far behind in tapping Instagram’s influential benefits to lure millennials and Gen Z. From young celebrities and influencers populating their campaigns, lacing the feed with BTS content and latest collections, heavily posting about how their designs are at the centre of celebrity red carpet outings –Dolce & Gabbana continues to be the buzzier luxury label of today.

7. Versace ( 30 million)

From Gianni Versace’s creative force giving birth to the brand in 1946 to Donatella’s generation-wide influence propelling the luxury Maison to unmatchable heights – Versace continues ruling the fashion scene till date. Under Donatella’s leadership, Versace has really focused on making its cultural heritage known, imbuing their social media feed with nostalgic moments from the ’90s to make things fun as well as memorable.

The brand boasts a high-profile clientele of celebrities, artists, as well as musicians that make its campaigns more appealing to the masses. The striking Medusa logo is also highlighted in many of their Instagram posts to leave a lasting impression. Versace best exploits targeted digital advertising as well as influencer partnerships to amplify its reach.

8. Fendi (21.2 million followers)

Fendi’s logo became a prominent feature across its products and the brand still leverages the iconic ‘FF’ in most of its Instagram content. The brand has embraced influencer marketing, showcased key elements of its runway shows and events via reels, as well as invested in the best photographers and models to market each product in all its glory, thereby creating an exceptional virtual experience.

9. Emporio Armani (20.2 million followers)

Armani rides high on its Italian heritage, weaving a narrative of timeless elegance as well as luxury with its visual lookbooks. Their campaigns boast iconic imagery and evoke a sense of sophistication as well as elegance. Meanwhile, the strategic collaborations with artists, filmmakers, and celebrities solidify its brand standing and extend its influence beyond just fashion.

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10. Burberry (20.1 million followers)

After wiping its social media clean earlier this year, Burberry came back stronger with its new ‘Prorsum’ logo and powerful campaign trails – entering a whole new era. This significant rebranding marked an end to Riccardo Tisci’s creative direction and welcomed fashion honcho Daniel Lee.

Burberry has utilised its distinctive check pattern and logo in most of its apparel, creating recognition as well as conveying luxury. Promotional activities have been at the core of Burberry. By tapping renowned photographs like Mario Testino as well as collaborating with global icons like Emma Watson for its collections, Burberry has cemented its position as one of the most sought-after luxury fashion brands on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are some of the most popular luxury fashion brands?

Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Chanel as well as Versace are some of the most popular luxury fashion brands.

  • What is the biggest luxury brand in the world?

Louis Vuitton remains the world’s most valuable luxury fashion brand till date.

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