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Interview With Polish Celeb Influencer Katarzyna Lisowska Passionate In the direction of Changing into a Robust Voice For Girl Empowerment & Gender Equality

Interview With Polish Celeb Influencer Katarzyna Lisowska Passionate In the direction of Changing into a Robust Voice For Girl Empowerment & Gender Equality

Hollywood , California

Katarzyna Lisowska is an inspiring self made entrepreneur with many talents living a very glamorous lavish life exploring her dreams . As an entrepreneur she has great expertise and an outstanding rich background in the industry of exotic perfumes . She is passionately looking forward to achieve her dream of building a luxury perfume empire around the globe .

Katarzyna Lisowska has been extremely fortunate and successful in her acting career as well , pursuing it as her personal hobby since 2008. Being naturally gifted with many talents, she has landed herself in many exciting and challenging roles , co-starring on tv serials , playing different characters in films , soap operas and programs on MTV Poland . She is described by her friends and followers as a talented actress and an extraordinary singer blessed with a beautiful voice , perfectly able to sing songs in Polish , English and Italian .

In her professional life Katarzyna Lisowska loves building relationships, finding creative solutions and being a team player at her corporate career as an Advanced Global Order Management Analyst for one of the most reputable prestigious top Fortune 500 companies in the world at their European headquarters in Warsaw Poland .

Katarzyna Lisowska is a star of many talents , she enjoys exploring new exciting challenges and surprisingly speaks several different languages fluently , especially the Italian language which is her favorite from childhood . In her private life Katarzyna Lisowska is happily engaged to an American Multimillionaire businessman Omid Rahravani from Los Angeles who is known widely in the media with his philanthropist business partner Fahad Al Sufayeh who is married to a Princess from the Kuwait Royal Family and is directly related to the Crown Prince of Kuwait. It has been rumored on the International press and media that Omid Rahravani and Fahad Al Sufayeh have a combined valuation net worth of 450 million dollars .

Katarzyna and Omid have been in a relationship happily together for over 12 years . She describes the way they met , it resembled a Hollywood fairy tale film . Katarzyna explained that there was a time in her life that she prayed to find true love in her life , exactly the next day Omid wrote her on Messenger saying that he had seen her few months earlier and was searching to find her contact , it was love at first sight for Omid . This proved to Katarzyna that when we truly want something with all our heart , the universe makes our dreams come true , as perfectly described by Paulo Coelho book the Alchemist one of her favorite writers .

Katarzyna Lisowska was born in the city of Warsaw , from an early age she believed that only she can build herself up and only she can make herself happy achieving success , she never depended on people to do that for her . After graduating from one of the oldest prestigious institutions of higher education in Poland , the University of Warsaw majoring in Italian philology she climbed the competitive corporate ladder to the top by achieving great recognition and excellence . During her long career journey she continuously overcome challenges while working hard on her ambitious dreams . She quotes “ there is no elevator to success , everyone must take the stairs and no matter on which level at our career we are , we have to always treat each other with respect and kindness, we are all equal “

Katarzyna strongly emphasized that it is also extremely important to find work life balance , therefore she loves to invest her free time implementing many relaxation techniques , emotional freedom techniques, mindfulness meditation and practicing yoga. She has become an inspiration for many young hard working woman in the Polish corporate world who seek a fair work environment ending sexism and discrimination. Katarzyna Lisowska has become an inspiring voice for the woman who are not getting credit or recognition for their hard work and achievements in their communities .

Katarzyna’s noble goal is to have an important role in Poland and around the world becoming the voice of feminism and devotion for woman’s equality . She explained “ Feminism has always been a movement around the world to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression.” Katarzyna will relentlessly fight to bring awareness and to champion the progress of women’s rights .

A) What are the values that you can share with our Lavish Life audience to help them achieve success & improve themselves?

My values and words to achieve success is “treat people the way you want to be treated “. It is important to have respect for people and treat them with kindness , everyone is fighting their own battle . We must have integrity and constantly do the right thing even when the wrong thing is happening around us .

B) How do you start off your days?

I treat everyday as a gift , I believe we have a responsibility to use our time wisely to work on our dreams and goals . It is extremely important to set out each day with a positive mindset . I care about helping people , especially my friends in every situation if I can . I enjoy speaking words which allow people to feel better about themselves not worse . It is extremely important to never use our words to judge or hurt people’s feelings crushing their spirit . I am a big believer of Karma .

C) What advice can you give the many Polish woman entrepreneurs and young graduates starting their career?

As you know I am a big supporter of Woman empowerment , Woman Rights and the LBGT community. My advice for Woman is to be strong and fearless despite the circumstances. Don’t be afraid to be yourself even if you will think that nobody will understand you. It’s always better to be an original than a fake copy . The world shouldn’t be a place for racism , discrimination or exclusion . It is important to never discount yourself in front of people , you must always be confident , don’t feel insecure just be brave showing off your talents and demonstrate the things you can do . People will give you many opportunities when they see you believe in yourself .

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D) Katarzyna Lisowska , that is very impressive wise words you shared , can you give advice and direction for woman who are working hard to achieve success but are not feeling appreciated?

When a woman is successful not everybody around her is going to be supportive . Woman need to ignore bad things . My words are to never change your values to please people . You must believe that no matter what you do or not do people will judge you . Stay positive , do not get distracted . Focus on achieving success and making your dreams come true also stay away from toxic negative people , they only curse your future stopping you from reaching your highest potential. Remember when you fight for a meaningful goal your steps are blessed by a divine light.

E) Many woman are struggling in the work place , some have big burdens , obstacles and challenges in their lives , any comforting words you can share with them?

I am a woman with great faith . I believe God would have not allowed bad things to happen to anyone if it was going to stop them from reaching their destiny . Hard times are designed to make you a stronger person , If the problem is big it means god trusts you , knows you can handle it and you will overcome it , the bigger the problem , the bigger you will be in the eyes of God.

F ) Katarzyna Lisowska how are you planning to raise awareness of the important needs for gender equality?

I would love to give my support by joining the many amazing woman around the world and feminist celebrities such as Beyoncé , Ariana Grande , Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie , Oprah and Melinda Gates who use their influence and fame to raise awareness of the important need for gender equality . It would be a great honor for me to help pave the way in Poland for gender equality and redefine what it means to be a feminist in our times . Poland is an amazing country with endless talented & inspirational gifted woman , I am proud of being a Polish women and I truly love Poland . I would love to see all the many talented successful woman in Poland from single hard working mothers to scientists , doctors , celebrities join together as a team to support the road to gender equality and all the many other important issues such as LBGT , Sexuality , Disability and Human rights to make a positive impact for the new generations coming ahead .

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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