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Interview With Roy Sastrawan a Key Player in The Fast Growing Luxury Hospitality Industry of Dubai

Interview With Roy Sastrawan a Key Player in The Fast Growing Luxury Hospitality Industry of Dubai

Roy Sastrawan is part of the team at the luxurious 5 star Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach having an important role supervising the trendy chic Mercury Lounge which hosts Vips , events and private dining . The prestigious Mercury Lounge is famous for its Sicilian theme evolving menu offering unique fine dining experiences and for its location on the roof top of the Four Seasons overlooking the stunning Dubai skyline with breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa . He was born on 1990 in Bali a province of Indonesia with big dreams and goals , growing up he had many challenges and difficult times . His mother passed away at the age of 11 years old leaving him devastated and later on his 12th birthday suddenly his father passed away .

He explained at that age he had limited understanding of what his future would turn out , however he was determined to reach greatness and understood he could never give up .He grew up with his twin brother and sister at his Grandmother’s house . She looked after them , guiding them and making sure they finish their studies . Roy Sastrawan explained that his grandmother was his inspiration , she was always positive and believed in him and gave him confidence .

He mentioned that times got so hard during his childhood which led him to be confused and lost in life but his determination to be successful gave him hope . There was endless times where he felt that attending a university would only be a dream . In 2007 mysteriously a miracle happened , a newly married couple decided to pay for his school so he can continue his education and graduate . During his high school years Roy was extremely ambitious, attending school of tourism as well . He explained that it was not easy having to study at high-school in the mornings and attending tourism school in the evenings , he also faced another new challenge which was not being able to speak English fluently . He carefully examined his options and decided to teach himself English by going to the beach every weekend practicing his English with the tourists that he would encounter .

In 2009 , Roy received a scholarship to attend University because of his skills of being a champion Table Tennis player. This skill of playing table tennis was taught to him by his father , he continued practicing table tennis in the memory of his father which led him to be a local champion in his district , he gives the credit to his father who blessed him with this gift . He also gave lots of credit to his brother and the family who paid for his high school and looked after him through the many years making it possible for him to graduate from University with a prestigious Degree in Hotel Management .

After his graduation at the age of 22 years old , Roy started his career overseas after receiving a job offer to move to Seychelles . In September 2014 he moved to the luxurious city of Dubai with his twin brother to join the pre-opening team of the Four Seasons Hotel . He started from the bottom and worked his way up the ladder of success to be where he is today.

Roy Sastrawan your story is extremely inspirational, tell us during these 8 years living in Dubai , how did it change your life ?

Dubai is a beautiful city which I love with all my heart . Since my childhood I had lots of hope and believed in a greater future . I am extremely grateful for being in Dubai and starting my career at Four Seasons , it has truly changed my life and allowed me to achieve my dreams .

What is your biggest blessings in your life ?

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My biggest blessings in my life is becoming a dad and being married to my wonderful wife who has always supported me giving me strength during my years of struggle working hard to reach success , as well watching my twin brother grow and develop alongside my successes.

What are the last words you want to share with us ?

I want to sincerely thank everyone who gave me love and support , especially those who always wished me well to brighten my journey in life . The most important thing I want to share that I learned during my journey is , “some things happen in Life, always happen for a reason , make sure to always pick the best reason for you “

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