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Interview With Superstar Christine Klein a World Known Beverly Hills / West Hollywood Realtor, Interior Designer & Luxury Home Renovator

Interview With Superstar Christine Klein a World Known Beverly Hills / West Hollywood Realtor, Interior Designer & Luxury Home Renovator

Christine Klein is an extremely successful businesswoman and talented creative interior designer, she is the proud founder and CEO of the prestigious CKlein Properties located in the trendy West Hollywood district of Los Angeles in California. She has 18 years of experience in expertly negotiating luxury realty sales, home redesign and renovation.  CKlein Properties has allowed her to exert her creative influence in redesigned energy-efficient spaces with inspired beauty and harmony, as well Christine has continuously been praised highly in the city of Los Angeles for her vast knowledge, gifted skills of flipping endless million dollar homes for her lucky investors and unique talent of creating exquisite interior designs with meticulous attention to detail. 

Her passion for real estate interior designs and renovating homes quickly allowed her to rise to fame among the real estate investors of Los Angeles becoming a real estate star in a very short period of time. Christine has demonstrated a long track record of success for creating functionally redesigned spaces with an efficiency that keeps budget in checks and unique creativity skills of cost-saving modifications have allowed her breathtaking designs to flourish exponentially increasing property values in Los Angeles.

Her business CKlein Properties has gained recognition for its reliable fully licensed Realty services with expertly property negotiations that tend to favor all her clients. If remodeling is an option for her clients, CKlein Properties also is an expert in that as well. Their corporate mandate has been, “one project at a time,” keeps jobs on schedule and on budget, and is what sets CKlein Properties apart. Christine Klein is a native Angeleno , she spent her early years growing up in Downey which is a suburb of Los Angeles. The city is home to Richard and Karen Carpenter who were a very popular musical brother and sister duo in the 70’s , the city is also home to the first McDonald’s restaurant in the world which is still standing and operating . 

Later in her life she graduated majoring in Management and Marketing from California State University Long Beach a fabulous business school on National level, which is widely renowned for its academic excellence and contributions to the public good. As a result of her education and graduating CSULB, this endowed Christine with superior skills in complicated financial negotiations, business expertise and project management.

Lavish Life is truly honored to interview such an inspirational talented person like yourself, please tell our readers how did you end up being in the creative field?

While I was attending college, I got a part time job at a design company (they designed and manufactured department store displays focusing mainly in the cosmetic industry. I thought it was just a part-time gig until I graduated where I would then find a “boring business job” but to my surprise and excitement the minute I graduated my boss offered me a “real job” with a title and everything! I was soon traveling back and forth to New York working closely with creative executives at Chanel, Lancôme, Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc. I was thrilled and never felt intimidated. After over a decade, I felt I needed a change, a new challenge so I reached out to an old high school friend that was a costumer for “In Living Color”, at the time a very hot and controversial comedy show on FOX. She instantly hired me and that started my career in fashion. I never missed a beat and again it all felt so natural to me. Oddly I had no training in either field.

Can you tell Lavish Life readers about your background ?

My mom was from Costa Rica (grandmother from Nicaragua and grandfather from Columbia) My great-aunt, Violeta Chamorro was the president of Nicaragua back in the 90’s and still alive today! My Dad is of German/French descent so that must explain my love and connection with Paris! I spend every Christmas there with my “adopted” French family and hope to live there at least part-time within the next 10 years.

Tell us about your father, is it true that he was a mathematical genius ? 

My father who was pretty much a rocket scientist (he mathematically plotted the courses the Apollo’s took to the moon) didn’t really have a respect for the “arts” and emphasized the importance of having a business degree. This never sat well with me since I originally planned to be a Zoologist and then a Marine Biologist so that I could “ride Shamu” but after his numerous “I am having a heart attack” episodes upon hearing my “non-business major plans” I relented.

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Can you tell our readers why you left the entertainment business for a career in Real Estate and Interior Design and renovation?

There is a saying, “Everyone that is not in the entertainment business wants to be and everyone that is in the entertainment business does not”. Sort of like how all athletes want to be rock stars and all rock starts want to be athletes. Careful what you wish for, right? So, after a few years in “the business” I felt it was too unstable for my future and current lifestyle. I quickly got my real estate license, joined the team at Keller Williams Hollywood Hills and never looked back. Within a year I was flipping homes for investors as well as for myself and like my previous “careers” it was just a natural transition.

What advice can you share with the younger generation who want to walk in your steps to reach great success? 

Follow your dreams and make them a reality. Follow your gut, and don’t ever take no for an answer. Sadly, there are a lot of people that will try to make you second guess yourself as a person as well your decisions as an entrepreneur. You are capable of anything and everything especially living in the United States. GO FOR IT and NEVER LOOK BACK!

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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