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Is That A Chook, A UFO Or Superman? No, It is An Eco-Pleasant Futuristic Supersonic Plane

Is That A Chook, A UFO Or Superman? No, It is An Eco-Pleasant Futuristic Supersonic Plane

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The futuristic supersonic aircraft we have seen in movies may soon become a reality, thanks to the creative mind of Barcelona-based designer Oscar Vinals. His latest design aims to revolutionise modern-day air travel by creating a new concept plane focused on the next generation of commercial aeroplanes capable of flying 300 passengers at supersonic speed. Moreover, they possess a striking resemblance to science fiction aircraft.

Named the “Sky OV”, this concept plane envisions a completely new design with innovative aeroplane engines with bladeless turbojets that provide a quiet system, enabling the plane to operate at both subsonic and supersonic speed. Another innovative idea involves engines based on pulse detonation, making them more efficient compared to current turbojet engines.

What makes the “Sky OV” supersonic plane truly exceptional?

These planes will be entirely eco-friendly, emitting zero emissions. Furthermore, they will be powered by hydrogen fuel and electric power, enabling them to cruise at a top speed of Mach 1.2 (approximately 1481.96 km/h) and cover long distances with low hydrogen fuel consumption. Currently, the top cruising speed of commercial planes, primarily Boeing 777, is Mach 0.84 (approximately 1037 km/h).

The “Sky OV” will not resemble a standard commercial plane; instead, it will resemble a spacecraft and offer a more spacious interior, equipped with special amenities and providing “all kinds of luxuries”, as shared by Vinals on his website. What’s remarkable about this design is its ability to transport up to 300 passengers at such high speeds, thanks to the versatile space configuration.

A few years ago, Vinals also conceptualised another astonishing aircraft capable of covering the distance from New York to London in one hour and 20 minutes. Known as the “Hyper Sting”, its ergonomic design could reduce the flight time from seven hours to just 80 minutes.

(Hero and feature image credit: @oscarvinals11/Instagram)

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