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Ivana Wong

Ivana Wong

The award-winning singer-songwriter, actor and artist Ivana Wong has long been a pillar of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. She’s won countless music awards, released 14 albums and written numerous songs for other singers, and her cinema and stage work has won her two Best Supporting Actress awards and four Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Music nominations. Beyond music and acting, Wong recently staged her first exhibition of original art, The Missing Something, which explores the culture of labelling and the importance of gratitude, messages she also conveyed through her own poetry, visual installations and music, which she later developed into a concert. Named The Pink Canvas, it blended live music with her multimedia artwork. “Once you’ve set your goal, you go for it,” says Wong. “Be prepared and assured that there’ll be obstacles and challenges along the way. Push yourself more and trust that you can do it. Most importantly, maintain an open mind and an open heart to accept and embrace whatever comes your way. There’s always something to learn in every experience.”

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