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Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing Simply Unveiled a New Restricted-Version Bottle

Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing Simply Unveiled a New Restricted-Version Bottle

Jack Daniel’s and Formula 1 team McLaren launched their partnership in 2023, bringing two of biggest names in whiskey and racing together. This week, the Tennessee whiskey brand announced the release of its new 2024 limited-edition bottle to commemorate this ongoing collaboration, and we have the details.

Formula 1 has exploded in popularity here in the U.S., leading to new races in Miami and Las Vegas the last few years and bigger ratings for races around the globe. Jack Daniel’s continues to be one of the best-selling whiskey brands around the world, so it makes sense that these two ubiquitous names would join forces in attempt to broaden their already lucrative businesses. Last year saw the release of the first collaborative bottle, and while this year’s design looks very different the whiskey within is still classic Old No. 7. That means it’s made from a mashbill of 80 percent corn, eight percent rye, and 12 percent malted barley, bottled at 80 proof, and filtered (or “mellowed” as Jack calls it) through 10 feet of charcoal before barreling.

The brand is calling the new label design a “papaya twist” on the classic Old No. 7 logo, incorporating McLaren’s heritage colors, which the team brought back in 2018. What that actually translates to are orange and black racing stripes that cross the label diagonally, with “McL x JD” featured prominently underneath the Jack Daniel’s name. “We’re proud to celebrate the continued partnership between McLaren and Jack Daniel’s, two brands known around the world for representing a spirit of boldness and authenticity,” said Jack Daniel’s global brand director Jamie Butler in a statement. “Together, we’ve created unmatched fan experiences around F1 races and are looking to build upon that success and accelerate in the new race season.”

If you’re looking for something other than regular Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, the distillery has added many other expressions to its portfolio over the past few years, including a bottled-in-bond rye, American single malt, and 10 and 12-year-old whiskeys. But if you love classic Old No. 7 and fast cars, this is the bottle for you. The new Jack Daniel’s McLaren Racing commemorative bottle will be available in select markets around the U.S., and international whiskey fans can find it for sale in various F1 race cities.

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