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Jon Favreau and Roy Choi Simply Opened a Meals Truck Impressed by ‘Chef’ at Park MGM in Las Vegas

Jon Favreau and Roy Choi Simply Opened a Meals Truck Impressed by ‘Chef’ at Park MGM in Las Vegas

Fans of Chef can finally find out what that famous chocolate lava cake actually tastes like.

Filmmaker Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi just opened a food truck inspired by the hit film at Park MGM in Las Vegas.

“For 10 years, Jon has been asking me to open a restaurant together and I have always said ‘no,’” Choi said in a statement shared Tuesday. “I know how tough running a restaurant can be and I didn’t want to risk it getting in the way of our friendship. But with Park MGM as our partner, I knew it was finally time to complete the trilogy.”

The duo’s long and fruitful relationship began on the set of Chef. Favreau asked Choi to ensure all the cooking details were as realistic as possible for the 2014 flick. The Los Angeles born-and-bred chef started his Kogi BBQ truck in 2008, before rolling out an entire fleet and opening multiple brick-and-mortar joints. As such, he could bring a sense of authenticity to the movie. Favreau even worked as part of Choi’s kitchen crew to hone his character chef Carl Casper. The two collaborated on numerous pop ups, then teamed up for The Chef Show. (The popular Netflix series sees Favreau and Choi travel to different locations across the globe to celebrate local cuisines and cultures.) A joint restaurant was always the dream, though.

The Medianoche.

“Opening a restaurant with chef Roy Choi is something I’ve been hoping to do since we first worked together,” adds Favreau. “Over the past decade we’ve collaborated on pop ups and now we have a permanent home where people can finally taste the food we’ve been cooking together.”

Located near the resort’s bustling casino floor, the Chef Truck will sling the signature dishes that appeared on the big screen, including the drool-worthy Cubano, the gooey grilled cheese sandwich, and that iconic chocolate dessert. Choi and Favreau have also developed several new plates for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, respectively. There is even a vegetarian Cubano on offer.

This marks Choi’s second outpost in Las Vegas. The chef opened Best Friend at Park MGM in December 2018. The venue is a mash-up of bodega, bar, and restaurant with a Korean-Mexican fusion menu. It also serves up Chef Roy’s greatest hits from his beloved L.A. food truck, of course.

Sounds like a trip to the Strip is in order.

Click here to see all the photos of the Chef Truck.

The Chef Truck

Park MGM

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