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Julia Garner As Silver Surfer Hints At ‘Implausible 4’ Alternate Universe Idea

Julia Garner As Silver Surfer Hints At ‘Implausible 4’ Alternate Universe Idea

Julia Garner’s casting in Marvel’s Fantastic Four could be confirming what fans have speculated since the release of the film’s poster back in February.

Marvel surprised its fans with a delightful Valentine’s treat back in February when they dropped the very first poster for The Fantastic Four, which in turn also revealed the official cast. Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bacharach are set to portray Marvel’s First Family, but the immediate question afterwards was who were they going to go up against? That question may have been answered in an exclusive Deadline report that states Julia Garner, known for her roles in Ozark and Inventing Anna, will play the Silver Surfer. But this casting might have also confirmed a theory fans have been throwing around since February.

Julia Ganer as the Silver Surfer in ‘The Fantastic Four’: Is this a hint of a different universe?

First off, who is the Silver Surfer?

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The Silver Surfer originally served as the herald of Galactus, a cosmic entity that fed on planets. It was the Silver Surfer’s job to scout for planets that Galactus could consume. He would face—and be defeated by—the Fantastic Four, and eventually rebel against his master to become a wanderer of the cosmos trying to make up for the atrocities he helped Galactus commit. 

What is the speculated theory around The Fantastic Four?

The poster released back in February was reminiscent of the 60’s, from its artwork to the Life magazine that The Thing is reading on the couch. There seems to be a retrofuturistic vibe going on since H.E.R.B.I.E, the team’s robot companion, is also present. Many people, including myself, speculated that the movie might not be set in the MCU’s main universe and timeline. After all, these next few phases are known as the Multiverse Saga.

According to Deadline, Julia Garner in the Fantastic Four is being cast as the Shalla-Ball version of the Silver Surfer. Those familiar with their comic book lore (or who watched the 2007 film) know that the Silver Surfer is usually Norrin Rad, a male humanoid. This is why some of the Marvel/Disney “anti-woke” brigade have immediately bemoaned Garner’s casting. But this could perhaps be a hint that this isn’t the MCU’s main reality. In fact, the comics have seen Shalla-Bal take up the mantle of the Silver Surfer alongside Norrin Rad in the alternate universe Earth-9997.

Is it possible that this is the universe The Fantastic Four will take inspiration from? It might be since the story of these two Silver Surfers in this universe is inextricably linked with another character: Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue Storm. Could time-traveling and universe-hopping be in the cards for Marvel’s First Family? 

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Production on the film begins this summer with a release date set for July 25, 2025.

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