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Kim Maree-Penn

Kim Maree-Penn

You wouldn’t want to cross Kim-Maree Penn for many reasons. The CEO of Signal 8 Security is a former undefeated karate fighter – and, in 1988, a World Karate Champion. She’s a member of the Hong Kong Stuntsman’s Association, appearing and fighting with top showbusiness celebrities: Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan have both worked with her. Penn is also trained in close protection, counter surveillance, protective driving, tactical firearms, unarmed combat, IED search and recognition, and first aid. Moreover she’s also a formidable force in business. With Signal 8 Security, which she established in Hong Kong in 1992, Penn has built one of Asia’s premier security companies, whose services are called upon by leading international artists, celebrities and dignitaries. In this high-stakes world, Penn puts real meaning behind her mottos, which include, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and “If you’re not sure, make sure” – and yet, behind that steely exterior, she never forgets to be kind, humble and thoughtful. Outside of her business, Penn has big dreams to train women and children in self-defense and awareness, and to give them the skill sets to be their own bodyguard.

Source: Prestige Online

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