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Meet Lindsay Jang, Hong Kong Restaurateur Turned Health Guru

Meet Lindsay Jang, Hong Kong Restaurateur Turned Health Guru

Restaurant owner, fitness expert, businesswoman, influencer and mother of two, Prestige Women of Power honouree Lindsay Jang is a multi-talented powerhouse whose ambition knows no bounds.

The best part about owning the restaurants Yardbird and Ronin is the people. Investing in and growing the people you work with is extremely rewarding and probably the most challenging part of the job. There’s a lot of personalities to manage and emotions run high in a restaurant environment, but nothing feels as good as cohesive teamwork and achieving success together.

Both my restaurants have made the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list, but Matt – my co-founder – and I have never chased accolades. We never set out to win anything or place anywhere on a list. We’ve always focused on putting out the best-quality product – from food to drink to service to atmosphere. The fact we’ve garnered these awards over the years is icing on the cake.

Family Form at The Upper House. Photo: Instagram

Family Form is a workout method I designed with my co-founder Helen Kim. It’s a 55-minute mat-based, infrared- heated, full-body sculpting experience, designed with optional hand and ankle weights, set to music in a semi-private environment at The Upper House. While it’s an intense workout, it’s also relaxing. Family Form is all about feeling great and living well.

There was a time when I thought acting was my true passion – that’s what originally led me to New York. I had a reputable agent and did a bunch of typical off-Broadway stuff, but in all honesty I think training in theatre is the best preparation for life – you have to build confidence to perform, be able to play different roles in different situations, and work with others to bring out the best in each other.

Lindsay Jang also owns restaurants Yardbird and Ronin in Hong Kong. Photo: Supplied

I gave up drinking last year. When you work in F&B, alcohol is just part of the culture. I took a break last February because I got bored with it and realised it was just a habit. I felt good not drinking and didn’t miss it at all, so I never started again. My physical, emotional and spiritual bodies have all drastically improved.

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I’m grateful to have exciting projects lined up for 2024. I’m launching a new restaurant concept with a good friend of mine from Mexico City, Chef Jesús Durón, called DUÉ. That aside, I will be expanding Yardbird and Family Form to new markets. I also have an adaptogenic brand that I’m planning to bring to market in the next few months. These plant-based herbal supplements help the body to manage stress and restore balance – perfect for the busy year ahead.

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