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Meet the Contestants of Superstar Huge Brother 2024

Meet the Contestants of Superstar Huge Brother 2024

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Dive into the glitz, glam, and occasional mayhem of Celebrity Big Brother 2024, where contestants from varied walks of life are housed under one roof, sparking alliances, drama, and unforgettable moments. This season of Celebrity Big Brother boasts a cast lineup that’s as eclectic as it is star-studded, from seasoned actors and reality TV darlings to a reggae sauce magnate and a royal connection in Gary Goldsmith, uncle to Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Each member of the Celebrity Big Brother cast brings their own brand of charm, strategy, and, inevitably, a dash of controversy, promising viewers a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of celebrity cohabitation. Get ready for a season filled with twists, turns, and a generous helping of British wit and wisdom.

Celebrity Big Brother is currently underway on ITV1, and it’s been nothing short of drama since it returned to our screens on Monday, March 4.

What’s the scoop on Celebrity Big Brother 2024 season?

For the unversed,  the show is a reality TV series where celebrities live together in a house equipped with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move 24 hours a day. The contestants, known as housemates, are isolated from the outside world and are voted out of the house by the public, with the last remaining housemate winning a cash prize for charity or themselves. The show features a mix of tasks, challenges, and interpersonal dynamics as the celebrities navigate living together under constant surveillance. It has various international versions, each with its own local twists and celebrity casts.

The latest season of Celebrity Big Brother 2024 features a diverse cast including Sharon Osbourne as a “Celebrity Lodger” and contestants like Bradley Riches, Colson Smith, David Potts, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Fern Britton, Levi Roots, Louis Walsh, Marisha Wallace, Nikita Kuzmin, Zeze Millz, Lauren Simon, and Gary Goldsmith. This season’s cast encompasses a wide range of celebrities from actors and reality TV stars to musicians, TV presenters, and even one renowned businessman.

In a turn towards the scandalous, Louis Walsh was recently under fire for his comments about Irish pop duo, Jedward, whom he mentored on the 2009 show, The X Factor. The drama began when actor Colson Smith asked Walsh what Jedward were like. “They were vile… I done five million quid with them, I swear on my mother’s life,” he replied. “They were vile, they were novelty, they were great for the show.” The ITV show’s live audience could be heard booing and chanting “Get Louis out” before the results of Tuesday’s eviction vote were announced. While the duo spoke out on X, labelling the comments as “spiteful and disrespectful”, it wasn’t the end of Walsh’s name-calling.

Sharon Osbourne and Walsh, both former judges on The X Factor, took their time on the show to air their dirty laundry. In one of the first episodes, they had a conversation about their co-star Simon Cowell. “He would always say ‘change, change, change’. You’re the one that needs changing, mate,” Osbourne said. “Someone who dresses the same for three decades, they don’t see that it’s not right. No one’s gonna tell him, but everything, the same, the same, the same.” Walsh, nodding along, said he no longer speaks to Cowell: “I haven’t talked to him at all, nothing. Zero.”

Other targets of their televised gossip sessions included presenter James Corden, Vogue magazine’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, and TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

Celebrity Big Brother 2024: Meet the Contestants

1. Bradley Riches

celebrity big brother contestants and cast 2024
(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @brad_riches

Diving into the Celebrity Big Brother house, Bradley Riches isn’t just any actor. His journey from captivating audiences on stage in Footloose to stealing hearts as James McEwan in Heartstopper marks him as a versatile talent. Bradley’s knack for embodying diverse characters suggests he’ll navigate the house’s twists with both charm and depth.

2. Colson Smith

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @colsonjsmith

Known for his enduring role in Coronation Street, Colson Smith brings more than just his acting chops to the house. Having tested his mettle in The Games, his competitive spirit is as evident as his on-screen police uniform. Will his strategic gameplay from the cobbles translate to the Big Brother arena?

3. David Potts

celebrity big brother contestants and cast 2024
(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @davidpottsx

From the sun-soaked drama of Ibiza Weekender to navigating the heart’s whims on Celebs Go Dating, David Potts is no stranger to the spotlight’s glare. His infectious personality and reality TV pedigree make him a housemate to watch. Will his experience help him outmanoeuvre the rest?

4. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @ekinsuofficial

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, the Love Island legend known for her strategic gameplay and undeniable charm, steps into a new arena. With a history of captivating audiences and outsmarting opponents, her transition to Celebrity Big Brother promises fireworks. Can she charm her way to the top again?

5. Fern Britton

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @fernbritton

Fern Britton, with her comforting presence honed on This Morning, brings a blend of warmth and experience to the house. As an author and TV presenter, her depth of life experience could provide solace and wisdom amidst the game’s chaos. How will her nurturing nature influence the house dynamics?

6. Levi Roots

celebrity big brother contestants and cast 2024
(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @official_levi_roots

Levi Roots slides into the Celebrity Big Brother house with a melody in his step, famously spicing up Dragons’ Den with his Reggae Reggae Sauce. Known for turning a simple pitch into a culinary empire, Levi’s story of music, flavor, and entrepreneurship is bound to add a unique rhythm to the house dynamics.

7. Louis Walsh

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: N/A

Louis Walsh, the mastermind behind some of the biggest names in pop music, steps into the house with decades of showbiz experience. From judging The X Factor UK to managing bands like Westlife, his knack for spotting talent and his behind-the-scenes tales could turn the house into a stage.

8. Marisha Wallace

celebrity big brother contestants and cast 2024
(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @marishawallace

Marisha Wallace, with her show-stopping performances in Dreamgirls and Waitress, brings her Broadway sparkle to Celebrity Big Brother. Her powerhouse vocals and larger-than-life personality are sure to resonate through the house, promising performances that could rival any musical theatre stage.

9. Nikita Kuzmin

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @nikita__kuzmin

Gliding into the house with the elegance of a Strictly Come Dancing champion, Nikita Kuzmin is ready to twirl through the competition. His mastery of movement and charismatic charm could just lead the dance in the game of strategy and alliances.

10. Zeze Millz

celebrity big brother contestants and cast 2024
(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @zezemillz

Zeze Millz, known for her unfiltered opinions and hard-hitting interviews on The Zeze Millz Show, enters the fray with a promise to keep conversations real. Her ability to dissect topics and command attention might just make her the voice that echoes in the house.

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11. Sharon Osbourne

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @sharonosborne

Sharon Osbourne, with a pedigree in music management and television, enters as a “Celebrity Lodger” with a wealth of experience from The X Factor and America’s Got Talent. Her fearless approach and industry savvy are set to steer the house in unexpected directions.

12. Lauren Simon

(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: @lauren_simon_835

Lauren Simon, famed for her time on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, brings a touch of luxury and lashings of drama to the house. Her flair for the dramatic and keen social insights will surely add sparkle and intrigue to every encounter.

13. Gary Goldsmith

celebrity big brother contestants and cast
(Image credit: iTV)

Instagram: N/A

Gary Goldsmith steps into the Celebrity Big Brother house with a story unlike any other — as the uncle to Catherine, Princess of Wales, his blend of entrepreneurial success and royal anecdotes promises to add a layer of intrigue and exclusivity to the mix.

Currently, here’s where the contestants stand on this season of the show. Skip this part if you don’t want spoilers.

Here’s a summary of which cast members still remain on Celebrity Big Brother 2024.

  • Bradley Riches: Still on the show
  • Colson Smith: Still on the show
  • David Potts: Still on the show
  • Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu: Still on the show
  • Fern Britton: Still on the show
  • Levi Roots: Still on the show
  • Louis Walsh: Still on the show
  • Marisha Wallace: Still on the show
  • Nikita Kuzmin: Still on the show
  • Zeze Millz: Still on the show
  • Sharon Osbourne: Left (Celebrity Lodger)
  • Lauren Simon: Evicted
  • Gary Goldsmith: Evicted

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 is available on ITV1 and can be watched here. 

(Main and Featured Images: ITV1) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is Celebrity Big Brother 2024 on for?

Celebrity Big Brother only runs for three weeks. The season has episodes airing six times a week from Sunday to Friday at 9 pm in the UK. The finale is slated for March 22.

Where is the Big Brother house in 2024?

The Celebrity Big Brother house is located at Garden Studios, a newly-built studio in West London.

Who is in Celebrity Big Brother 2024?

The latest season of Celebrity Big Brother 2024 features a diverse cast including Sharon Osbourne, Bradley Riches, Colson Smith, David Potts, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Fern Britton, Levi Roots, Louis Walsh, Marisha Wallace, Nikita Kuzmin, Zeze Millz, Lauren Simon, and Gary Goldsmith.

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