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Mercedes Is Launching Its Extremely-Luxurious Mythos Collection With a Roadster

Mercedes Is Launching Its Extremely-Luxurious Mythos Collection With a Roadster

Mercedes-Benz is ready to start catering to the type of driver who doesn’t think that Maybachs are opulent enough.

The storied German marque will launch a new ultra-luxury line called the Mythos Series next year, according to Autoblog. The details are still scarce, but it seems as if its first model will be a ridiculously swanky SL Speedster.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Mythos Series. The line was first teased by the Mercedes’s head of design, Gordon Wagener, in the summer of 2022, during a presentation called “The Economic of Desire.” In last week’s 2023 fiscal year presentation, the company confirmed that the Mythos Series is still coming and that its first car will debut next year. We also learned that the limited-run vehicles will be exclusively for Mercedes’s “most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors.”

The first Mythos model will likely be based on the new AMG SL


Although no official announcement about the first Mythos model has been made yet, a slide shown during Wagener’s initial presentation suggests the car will be based on the new AMG SL. The performance sub-brand’s version of the sports car is a roadster with a removable top, but the image from 2022 shows nacelles behind the vehicle’s two seats suggesting it may not have a top at all. Other than that, all we know for sure is that the Mythos variant will be the fanciest SL you can buy—even more so than the Maybach SL currently in the works.

Whatever guise the open-top speed machine takes on, we feel pretty confident in saying that it will cost a lot of money. The base model AMG SL starts at $109,000 and the range-topping SL 63 at $183,000. The upcoming Maybach SL is expected to start at over $200,000, according to, which means the Mythos SL will almost definitely be priced higher than that and perhaps cost significantly more.

The Mythos Series isn’t the only Mercedes project that luxury lovers have to look forward to in the near future, according to Autoblog. The marque also has plans to satisfy its most demanding customers by extending its Manufaktur customization program, a collaboration with Italian fashion brand Moncler, and a limited-edition Maybach model designed by the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who worked with the company on several concepts before he died in late 2021.

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