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Mount Olympus Mansion Match for the Minimalism Gods

Mount Olympus Mansion Match for the Minimalism Gods

The Ancient Greeks declared Mount Olympus as home to the gods due to its topographic prominence, where humanity on Earth meets the horizon shared with the sun and stars above. Today, Los Angeles’ Mount Olympus brings the stars down from the sky and right into the Hollywood Hills in one of the world’s most exclusive – and expensive – communities.

And up for a cool $9.8 million, the minimalist Oceanus House is the highest listed price in Mount Olympus’ history. Coming in at 7,500 sq ft, the property lies atop the hills of Mount Olympus and is a mere few minutes drive away from Sunset Strip.

Designed in 1992 by architect Donald Luckenbill, the house has been renovated over the past four years to introduce details that focus on the horizontality of the property, for a final result that makes the Mount Olympus mansion look akin to floating, whilst also maintaining the angular modernism-meets-eccentric-1960s interior design style.

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Mount Olympus living space and balcony
The perfect property for entertaining guests / ©Joseph Sunmer

The renovation restructures the property into being one utterly perfect for hosting and entertaining, somewhat of a prerequisite for a Hollywood Hills dwelling. An open-plan design sees the living spaces of the ground floor seamlessly progress from one to the other. And with copious use of floor-to-ceiling walls that curve so elegantly throughout the house, owners can enjoy sublime vistas of Downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

“The special thing about the house is its blend of contemporary minimalism combined with its architectural heritage,” commented Jack Byron, founder and broker of Oceanus House’s realtor agency, Suprstructur.

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Mount Olympus bedroom and view
Views across Downtown Los Angeles / ©Joseph Sunmer

“Of course, there’s the superlative view and the location so close to Sunset Strip, Château Marmont and West Hollywood but it’s really the architectural design and quality of the renovation that puts it in a league of its own.”

Taking full advantage of that unbeatable Southern Californian weather, the Mount Olympus mansion features sun decks, a dire pit, a 30-ft pool and a spa across its exterior.

Upstairs houses the bedrooms, in which a master suite includes two large dressing rooms, an elegant bathroom, and even more spectacular ocean and city views. Two smaller bedroom suites are also included on the upper floor of the main house, while a 1,500-sq-ft guest house is located within the grounds.


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A gorgeous fusion of modernism with 1960s influences / ©Joseph Sunmer

Source: Elite Traveler

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