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Neglect Soccer, We Decode NFL Star Travis Kelce’s Ardour for Golf

Neglect Soccer, We Decode NFL Star Travis Kelce’s Ardour for Golf

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Travis Kelce has been the typical all-American football hero over the past decade, but today, he holds the most coveted position of being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. Caught in the most public whirlwind romance to exist in modern times, the NFL star might be busy showing off his lady love to the world but there are a few things that even Travis Kelce continues to keep on the sidelines — one of them being his love for golf.

Just a few days ago, a clip of the Kansas City Chiefs’ star player excitedly lunging toward Justin Timberlake went viral on social media. The duo, alongside Jimmy Fallon and footballer Patrick Mahomes, were celebrating a trick shot by the 49-year-old talk show host. While the combination of famous folk definitely caught the internet by surprise, it also emphasised the fact that Travis Kelce and golf wasn’t such an unusual combination. In fact, his association with the sport actually began several years ago, when he was a kid rolling putts inside Dick’s Sporting Goods stores with friends.

Today, more than two decades later, Travis Kelce is part of the celebrity golf circle and even boasts a few tournament wins up his sleeve and several sporting stars in his contact list. He’s also the ambassador for Dick’s Sporting Goods and considers golf icon Tiger Woods as his inspiration. We take a closer look at the NFL star’s love affair with the gentleman’s game.

Travis Kelce and his love for golf

Golf tournaments Travis Kelce has participated in

A native of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Kelce entered the NFL in 2013 following his collegiate career at the University of Cincinnati. His football career might have catapulted him into the limelight, but it’s his golf hobby that’s his best-kept secret.

Known to play during the off-season, he’s participated in several celebrity tournaments, including the American Century Championship, at which he won the long drive contest in the 2023 edition.

In 2022, he was spotted at the Las Vegas 8AM Golf tournament along with several other celebrities. The players included actor Chace Crawford, swimmer Michael Phelps, footballer Chandler Parsons, and actress Kathryn Newton. Kelce even participated in The Match VIII, teaming up with his Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes against Golden State Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. He and Mahomes won.

Travis Kelce golf
Kathryn Newton with Travis Kelce, Chace Crawford, and Michael Phelps during the 8AM Golf Tournament in Las Vegas (Image credit: Kathryn Newton via Instagram)

“I’ll tell you what, I’m getting better. I’m a work in progress. The biggest thing is that I keep having fun every time I go out there, so I’m doing something right,” he told Golf Digest in 2021.

“The feeling you get when you hit that thing in your driver as far as you can … you feel it in your bones, man … it’s the best feeling in the world,” Kelce recently added in another interview.

His golfing inspiration

“I’m a Nike athlete, I grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s when Tiger Woods was at his peak, so I’m real big always rocking the Tiger Woods gear—especially red on Sundays,” the NFL tight-end told Golf Digest.

While Travis Kelce might not be a golfing pro, he acknowledges his desire to improve his game. “I’m starting to get down into the 80s every single time — except when we play from the tips, that adds a whole other element to the game. I’m trying to get to the 70s. I haven’t broke 80 yet, but it’s definitely coming, I can feel it,” he added.

Despite his amateur golfer status, Travis Kelce, much like his footballing prowess, can land a mean trick shot. “I can hit the ball about 400 yards to my right every time. That is my only trick shot, my slice. I’m still not skilled enough to have a real trick shot, but every single time I hit it as hard as I can, that ball flies right. I can hit a ball three holes over on the right, it almost boomerangs back to me sometimes,” he told Golf Digest.

Kelce’s love for the sport certainly isn’t ‘sub-par‘, as he even has a list of favourite golf courses including Kansas City’s the National, Loch Lloyd, and Wolf Creek, and the Scottsdale National in Arizona.

However, being the 6′ 5″ athlete that he is, Kelce is always in for a few minor adjustments. Facing a rather unusual problem, he explained to Golf Digest, “I have to get all my clubs lengthened, but I never thought in my mind to get my wedges lengthened. I like to play around with my 60- and 54-degree wedges anytime I get within 100-120 yards, so when I got those lengthened, it really changed my game.”

Travis Kelce’s golf wear basics

Known for his eclectic style off the course, Travis Kelce is no stranger to curated golf wear. “The more comfortable you are out there on the course, the better you play. I usually go with the Nike or Jordan cleats and keep it moving from there. I feel like when you look at the part, that’s half the battle. You just gotta look the part, feel the part, and then you shoot well,” the NFL star added.

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Despite the love for maximalism, Kelce also admits that the golf course might not be the best runway for his brand of street style. “I feel like the style in golf, especially at the PGA level, it’s very pristine, it’s very clean cut.” He’s mostly spotted in striped polos, monotone chinos, and caps but occasionally sprinkles it with cool tie-dye prints, floral motifs, and geometric patterns. Clearly, he’s a natural when it comes to making an impression.

As Travis Kelce traverses a path less known to all of us (where is Traylor/Swelce headed?) we surely hope we get to see more of him on the golf course. Maybe like the NFL, all sports need a copious dose of the Taylor Swift effect?

(Main Image: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images; Featured Image: Kansas City Chiefs/Facebook)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who did Travis Kelce play for before the Chiefs?

Similar to his big brother, Jason, Travis has spent his entire NFL career with the same team: the Kansas City Chiefs, for which he is the tight end and was selected in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

How famous is Travis Kelce?

Kelce is one of the most famous NFL players in the history of the game. His gig as a celebrity host on Saturday Night Live and his current relationship with musical icon Taylor Swift has undoubtedly catapulted him to worldwide fame.

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