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Nita Ambani’s Jewelry Assortment: A Testomony to Luxurious and Model

Nita Ambani’s Jewelry Assortment: A Testomony to Luxurious and Model

Nita Ambani is known for her elegance and sophistication in high society. She’s married to billionaire Mukesh Ambani and represents modern Indian aristocracy with her timeless charm. Nita’s famous for her great style and love for luxury. Her stunning jewellery collection shows her appreciation for craftsmanship and heritage, making her a fashion icon.

Scroll through to witness the most iconic jewellery collection of Nita Ambani, where each piece tells a story of splendour and magnificence, embodying the essence of royalty and glamour. From dazzling diamonds to lustrous pearls, her collection is a testament to her unwavering commitment to elegance and refinement. Join us on a journey through the breathtaking world of Nita Ambani’s jewellery, where every gemstone sparkles with a tale of grandeur and allure.

Inside Nita Ambani’s iconic jewellery collection

Nita Ambani’s diamond-studded necklace

nita ambani jewellery collection
(Image: Courtesy manishmalhotra05/Instagram)

Nita Ambani effortlessly captivated the audience at Anant and Radhika’s pre-wedding celebrations with her exquisite choice of jewellery. Adorning herself with a resplendent emerald-studded diamond necklace, meticulously adorned with tiny emeralds and two striking pendants, she complemented the ensemble with matching stud earrings, bangles, and a remarkable statement ring. The sheer grandeur and quality of the emeralds and diamonds embedded in Nita’s necklace hint at an unparalleled level of luxury. Recent evaluations value this exceptional piece at a staggering INR 400-500 crore (approx. USD48-60 million) cementing its place as a true masterpiece of artistry and extravagance.

Nita Ambani wearing polki diamond necklace

nita ambani jewellery collection
(Image: Courtesy stylebyami/Instagram)

Nita Ambani’s jewellery at Isha Ambani’s wedding

nita ambani jewellery collection
(Image: Courtesy abujanisandeepkhosla/Instagram)

One of her most iconic pieces is a diamond necklace, which she wore to her daughter’s wedding. The necklace features a stunning 12-carat heart-shaped diamond, which is surrounded by smaller diamonds. It is said to be worth millions of dollars.

Nita Ambani’s rani haar

nita ambani jewellery collection
(Image: Courtesy amitthakur_hair/Instagram)

Elevating her ensemble to unparalleled heights, Nita adorned herself with exquisite jewellery and adorned her hair in a bun adorned with fragrant gajra. However, it was her choice of jewellery that truly stole the spotlight. Nita adorned herself with a magnificent rani haar, complemented by matching earrings, diamond kadas, and an array of rings, each adding to her regal allure and leaving spectators in awe.

Nita Ambani’s pearl jewellery

Pearl neckpiece
Image: Courtesy abujanisandeepkhosla/Instagram

Nita Ambani’s traditional diamond jewellery

traditional necklace
Image: Courtesy mickeycontractor/Instagram

Nita Ambani at Akash Ambani’s wedding

akash ambani's wedding
(Image: Courtesy mickeycontractor/Instagram)

Nita made a statement at Akash Ambani’s wedding with her choice of extravagant jewellery, featuring cascading layers of dazzling diamonds and vibrant emeralds. Adding to the opulence, she adorned her wrists with stunning emerald kadas and crowned her forehead with a magnificent, solid maang tikka, completing her regal ensemble with finesse.

Nita Ambani at Isha Ambani’s wedding reception

 diamond necklace worn at Isha Ambani's wedding
Image: Courtesy mickeycontractor/Instagram

Nita Ambani at Anant and Radhika’s pre-wedding function

 manish malhotra
(Image: Courtesy manishmalhotraworld/Instagram)

In a mesmerising display of elegance, Nita Ambani shines in a meticulously crafted custom Manish Malhotra lehenga, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and refinement. Adorned with delicate sequins transitioning from silver to rose gold ombré, embellished with intricate detailing and self-delicate rosettes, the ensemble exudes regal sophistication. Complementing this exquisite attire, Nita dazzles in a stunning diamond necklace, perfectly matched with earrings and bangles, elevating her ensemble to unparalleled heights of glamour and grace.

Nita Ambani at NMACC

emerald necklace at NMACC
(Image: Courtesy rohanshrestha/Instagram)

Nita exuded elegance at the event in a royal blue Banarasi saree adorned with intricate floral motifs and heavy zari work along the pallu. Elevating her ensemble, she accessorised with a striking polki and emerald drop neckpiece, perfectly complemented by matching earrings, adding a touch of regal charm to her impeccable style.

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(Main and featured Image: amitthakur_hair/Instagram)

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– What is the costliest saree of Nita Ambani? 

The costliest saree worn by Nita Ambani is reported to be made out of real gold and valued at INR 40 lakh.

– What is the 400 crore necklace Ambani?

The INR 400 crore necklace associated with the Ambani family is a resplendent emerald-studded diamond masterpiece. Worn by Nita Ambani at Anant and Radhika’s pre-wedding festivities, this necklace is meticulously adorned with tiny emeralds and two striking pendants, showcasing unparalleled luxury.

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