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No One Was Prepared to Pay $1.5 Million for the Wrecked ‘Wolf of Wall Avenue’ Lamborghini Countach

No One Was Prepared to Pay $1.5 Million for the Wrecked ‘Wolf of Wall Avenue’ Lamborghini Countach

It turns out that if someone is going to drop seven figures on a car, they just might want the ability to take it for a spin.

The wrecked Lamborghini Countach from The Wolf of Wall Street failed to sell at auction late last month in Abu Dhabi, according to Autoblog. There was apparently interest in the mangled supercar, but no one was willing to meet the owner’s asking price.

It’s easy to wonder how many of the classics sold at big-ticket auctions will ever be driven once you see the sort of sums they can go for. But, while plenty of seven-figures-and-up vehicles may just end up being put on display, there would seem to be plenty of deep-pocketed car lovers who at least want the option of taking the latest part of their collection out for a drive.

The wrecked Lamborghini Countach from “The Wolf of Wall Street”


Bonhams, the auction house tasked with selling the Wolf of Wall Street Countach, said it expected the crushed Lambo to go for between $1.5 million and $2 million during its “On the Grid” sale before the season-ending Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix. That number proved to be too steep for the collectors in attendance. One person reportedly submitted a bid for $1.35 million, or 90 percent of the low estimate, for the car, but the supercar’s owner said no thanks.

Upwards of $2 million may seem like a lot to ask for a non-functional car, but you can almost see why Bonhams and the owner thought someone would bite. The white-over-white Countach shares the screen with Leonard Di Caprio, who plays real-life disgraced financier Jordan Belfort in the film, during its slapstick highpoint. In the scene, a very inebriated Di Caprio struggles mightily to try to get into the vehicle and drive it home from the country club. This vehicle was the hero car, meaning it’s the one you see nearly every time it’s on screen. Movie probs have also been known to sell for as much as a coveted sports car.

If you still have your eye on the wrecked Countach, you’ll have another chance to bid on the car in the future. Bonhams plans to sell it again later, according to Autoblog. Will the asking price be dropped? Only time will tell.

Click here for more pictures of the wrecked Lamborghini Countach from The Wolf of Wall Street.

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