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Oscars 2024: Greatest Memes And Reactions from Twitter (X)

Oscars 2024: Greatest Memes And Reactions from Twitter (X)

The Oscars are back for 2024, and we love to see people’s reactions, Oscars tweets, and Oscars memes. Here’s the recap of what went down at this year’s event.

A lot went down at the Oscars 2024, even our own memes and reactions were worth recording. Cillian Murphy winning his first Oscar, Emma Stone winning her second, many others taking home the big prizes. The Godzilla franchise finally got the love it deserved, and John Cena wore his birthday suit on stage. Why was he naked? We’re not sure, but these Oscars 2024 memes and reactions from (X) Twitter have a few theories.

Oscars 2024: Memes and reactions from Twitter (X)

Just tag us next time

True story

City of Stars is shining just for them on the Oscars 2024 stage

We tried to forget this testicle dress omg

Was this the movie?

Same reaction, Cillian. Congrats!

Would pay good money

We know the movie ended perfectly, but we will be streaming if there’s a sequel

First? First???

When the Oscars 2024 became worth tuning in to.

Something for everyone?

Look, John Cena may have had the Oscars 2024, but Barry will always have Saltburn

What a great time to be literate

Best visual effects, babeyy

Come through Michael

We’d be surprised if they didn’t get one Oscar for 2024

And now, we finally feel Kenough

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