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Peregrine Pearson: Sophie Turner’s Rumoured New Boyfriend, His Household, And His Internet Value

Peregrine Pearson: Sophie Turner’s Rumoured New Boyfriend, His Household, And His Internet Value

There’s more than meets the eye with Peregrine Pearson, whose ex girlfriend, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, is the goddaughter of King Charles III. His father is a Viscount, a title he will someday inherit along with a massive net worth. He has a degree in business, management, and marketing from the University of West London. He’s potentially the new boyfriend of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. And, if it matters, he’s a Scorpio native.

The Hon. Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson – or ‘Perry’, as he is more fondly known, recently made headlines when he was photographed locking lips with Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner. As a British aristocrat with a rather large family net worth, it’s not surprising that he has been called Britain’s ‘most eligible bachelor’ – though if rumours are to be believed, he is officially off the market.

Peregrine Pearson: Family ties, a royal ex girlfriend, and more about Britain’s most eligible bachelor

Born on 27 October 1994, the 29-year-old Peregrine was born to Michael Orlando Weetman Pearson and Marina Pearson. As the eldest legitimate son to his father, who is the 4th Viscount Cowdray, he stands to inherit the family title and the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex, Britain. With three older sisters, one younger brother, and one older half-brother in the family line, Peregrine is certainly well-suited to the role of future Viscount. A University of West London graduate, he boasts a degree in business, management, and marketing, subjects and expertise which are expected to come in handy as he maps out the bold and brave future of his rather large family estate.

Speaking to The Gentleman’s Journal in 2019, the Cowdray heir candidly discussed his family’s plans for the 16,500-acre Cowdray estate, which was purchased by his great-great-grandfather Sir Weetman Pearson in 1909. In 2011, his father, the 4th Viscount Cowdray put the sixteen-bedroom mansion known as Cowdray Park up for sale with an asking price of £25 million; the listing, which was handled by agents Knight Frank, included two lakes, two swimming pools, six cottages, twelve flats, a bowling alley, a cricket pitch, and a polo field spread out over 110 acres of land. However, when the property failed to find a buyer, the Viscount took it off the market and proceeded to convert two of the mansion’s wings into seven short leasehold luxury apartments. The reception areas would then be rented out for events including conferences, corporate events, and luxury weddings.

Peregrine assumed the role of director at Cowdray Estate in 2016. Today, the estate boasts a wealth of commercial potential, and the family hopes to keep it that way; the estate houses a Polo Club, a farm shop, a cafe, a golf club, wellbeing centres, and surrounding self-catering cottages. “Polo is what people see and it’s the face of the business,” Pearson shared, in his interview. He went on to add that there are other less-obvious elements to running the business-cum-homestead. “In the garden we’re building tree houses — essentially these super-high-end tree huts that people stay in.”

The ecosystem surrounding the Pearson business is one that ties many livelihoods together, creating a thriving utopia of sorts. Peregrine shares that the family employs 200 people full time, with an additional 150 in the summer and another 1,000 through tenanted businesses on the estate. That aside, the distinguished Viscount-in-waiting has other responsibilities on his plate; in 2019, he became director of Weetman Developments, a property investment and development company that operates in London and Sussex.

sophie turner peregrine pearson new boyfriend ex girlfriend
In 2022, Peregrine Pearson and his ex girlfriend Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark were photographed together at Diet Coke’s 40th Birthday celebration in London, England. (Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Diet Coke)

Peregrine began dating Greek royal Princess Maria-Olympia in 2020; while friends and family were hopeful for a happily-ever-after, the couple would inevitably drift apart. Peregrine was notably absent at the princess’ 27th birthday party earlier in July; and most tellingly after, the princess unfollowed the Instagram account belonging to Pearson and likewise removed all traces of him from her own page, marking the legitimate end of their three-year relationship.

Is Peregrine Pearson the new boyfriend of Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner?

In late October, Peregrine Pearson was photographed out in Paris, at the Gare du Nord station with Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner; Turner is currently undergoing divorce proceedings with her ex husband Joe Jonas, whilst Pearson had reportedly split from his ex girlfriend earlier in September. Since then, the pair have been seen together again, this time in London, where they were photographed walking together, hand-in-hand, clearly enjoying one another’s company. Neither Pearson nor Turner have provided commentary on what appears to be a budding relationship. However, a recent Instagram story posted by Turner appears as a cheeky dig to her ex husband Joe Jonas. Pearson, whose parents have also decided to split earlier this year, has also opted to maintain a dignified silence.

What is the net worth of Peregrine Pearson and what is he set to inherit?

Details are scant on the ground regarding the personal net worth of Peregrine Pearson, though his Chelsea home is worth over an estimated £6 million. With his personal net worth deeply tied into that of his esteemed family’s generational wealth, it would be prudent to look at what the Cowdray family is worth: an estimated £224 million, as reported by The Sun. However, some reports place the net worth of his father, the 4th Viscount Cowdray at over £400 million. One thing remains clear: the future 5th Viscount Cowdray Peregrine Pearson has much to inherit – responsibility, a huge net worth, or otherwise.

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Who is Sophie Turner’s new boyfriend?

While neither parties have confirmed that they are dating, Sophie Turner has recently been photographed kissing British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson – in Paris, and then again in London.

Who was Peregrine Pearson dating before Sophie Turner?

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark is the ex girlfriend of Peregrine Pearson.

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