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Pharrell Williams Brings Louis Vuitton Males Pre-Fall 2024 Present to Hong Kong

Pharrell Williams Brings Louis Vuitton Males Pre-Fall 2024 Present to Hong Kong

All you need to know about Pharrell Williams’ Louis Vuitton Men pre-fall 2024 show in Hong Kong.

Anticipated Louis Vuitton pre-autumn 2024 menswear show that Pharrell Williams brought to Hong Kong late last month. Electing Sinbad the Sailor as his muse, Williams created a tailoring-heavy oeuvre inspired by the seafarers’ uniforms. Each maritime-striped double-breasted suit and every pair of washed indigo shorts, presented in an extravaganza on the Avenue of Stars, paid homage to surfers, travellers and conquerors of the elements.

Like a sailor navigating the vast ocean, this collection takes us on a journey from Hawaii to Hong Kong. It celebrates the unifying power of travel through nautical themes and tropical prints that transcend continents. Just as Pharrell Williams‘ debut collection for Louis Vuitton connected VA to Paris, these garments showcase the multicultural influences found within familiar wardrobe staples as they make their way around the world. With each item imbued with its own unique energy, the nature-inspired, free-spirited vibe of surfing can transport the wearer to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, even in the bustling urban landscape of Hong Kong SAR. Clothing truly has the ability to convey powerful energy and transport us to different places and cultures with just a single wear.

The collection also debuted a new 3D-printed shoe – LV Cobra – along with an innovative set of eyewear – titanium LV Super Vision sunglasses, which completed Williams’ vision. And, as if fulfilling some sacred fashion prophecy, it seems the throne vacated by the late Virgil Abloh has rightfully acquired a new king.

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