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Pininfarina Teamed up With a Swedish Model to Create a New All-Electrical Snowmobile

Pininfarina Teamed up With a Swedish Model to Create a New All-Electrical Snowmobile

Sustainable snowmobiling just got a little easier.

Swedish manufacturer Vedde has opened reservations for its new all-electric Alfa Electric Snowmobile, which the the brand claims is “the world’s cleanest snowmobile.” Designed in collaboration Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina, it offers a sleek aerodynamic design, complimented by cool-toned hues like white, gray, and orange. The snowmobile also includes year 3000-like front and rear-end lights, plus a windshield that keeps your vision clear on the Black Diamond. 

A profile view of Vidde’s Alfa electric snowmobile.

Courtesy of Vidde

The Alfa snowmobile comes equipped with a 130kW electric motor that can reach up to 175 hp and 295 ft lbs of torque. It has a 595-pound continuous tow load and takes roughly 3.5 hours to fully charge. You’ll get 62 miles of range on the vehicle, which includes a thermal management system that allows it to operate in frigid conditions as low -31 degrees Fahrenheit. The Alfa pre-series is being tested this year ahead of deliveries, using machines above specifications.

To back up its “cleanest snowmobile” claim, Vidde says the Alfa Electric produces less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Additionally, the brand worked recycled materials into the design to reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile overhead view

An overhead look at the vehicle shipping this year.

Courtesy of Vidde

Of course, the Alfa isn’t the first electric snowmobile to hit the market. Taiga’s 2022 Nomad is credited as the world’s first electric snowmobile. It’s designed as a utility snowmobile with a wide body that can tow heavy loads of up to 1125 pounds. The Nomad slightly slower than the Alfa, reaching up to just 120 horses with a 62-mile range. But it’s also ready to hit the slopes after a 3.5-hour charge time.

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Prices for the Vidde Alfa snowmobile start at $28,186. You can reserve yours now via the brand’s website.

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