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Quirky Valentine’s Day Items for 2024 That Go Past Sweets and Flowers

Quirky Valentine’s Day Items for 2024 That Go Past Sweets and Flowers

The second month of the New Year is all about embracing the season of love. With Valentine’s Day 2024 right around the corner, the hunt for the perfect gift to celebrate your loved ones is on. While there are many ways to showcase your love for your significant other, the most obvious ones may chocolates and flowers. However, this Valentine’s Day, we’re choosing to take you through a list of some quirky gifts that could also give your beloved a good laugh.

A funny gift for your Valentine could also become the most memorable one. From capturing the latest pop culture moments to showing a hilarious side of romance, these unique gifts are all about putting a smile on your partner’s face. Even those who will be celebrating the special day with their Galentines or by themselves can get a good laugh out of these gifts.

It doesn’t matter who is on the list as you gear up to ring in the special day. These quirky gifts are a refreshing step away from the norm. From personalised picks to witty greeting cards, there are a variety of gifts that can introduce humour into your relationships. If exchanging silly presents on a date night while watching a rom-com is how you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day, this list of unique of gifts is exactly what you need.

Best Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2024

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce endgame card

For a Swiftie Valentine, a card manifesting a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kind of romance. (Image: Etsy)

Sometimes, a simple greeting card can say more than a mere gift. Those who wish to express their feelings to their significant other in a pop-culture friendly way can do so with this pick. The ongoing romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has filled our stomachs with butterflies. If the couple’s sweet date nights and supportive nature towards one another is what you are manifesting for your relationship, this custom-card featuring the duo as endgame could help you express your feelings. This is especially perfect if your partner is a Swiftie who would love this quirky Valentine’s day gift.

Jacob Elordi’s bath water candle

Jacob Elordi candle Valentine's Day
Jacob Elordi’s bath water candle became a trend after Saltburn release. (Image: Etsy)

Whether you have watched Saltburn or not, one thing about the movie has been making the news: that bathtub scene involving Jacob Elordi. Considering the massive fan following Elordi has gathered since his appearance in The Kissing Booth films and also his recent portrayal of Elvis Presley in Pricilla, it’s understandable that the actor has now inspired a range of a bath water candles. The Smells Like Jacob Elordi’s Bath Water candles are all the rage in 2024 and if you are wondering what they actually smell like, well the actor himself has responded, sharing that they “smell like a washing room — like detergent.”

If your significant other is also obsessed with Elordi, there’s no better gift for them. Also, for singletons, this could be a great gift that could accompany you as you gear up for a Netflix marathon of the actor’s romantic drama series over the love-filled day.

Magnetic hand-holding socks

Quirky and funny Valentine's Day gifts 2024
A pair of socks that can attach its magnetic hands with another pair. (Image:

The ideas are endless when it comes to showing your loved one what they mean to you, and if you’re in the market for something that says you want to be by their side always, these magnetic hand-holding socks are it. These unique socks attach to one another every time couples wearing them stand side by side. Endearingly funny, these socks are a fashion statement with their googly eyes and cute magnetic hands. The novelty socks are available in black and white, and we think there is something funny yet inherently charming about them, making them the perfect addition to our list of quirky gifts for your Valentine.

Reels scrolling remote control ring

Remote control scrolling ring
The ring allows you to scroll social media platforms without touching your phone. (Image:

For the social media crazy partner, this remote control ring is a unique gift that will allow them to endlessly scroll on Instagram reels and TikTok while their phone rests on a stand, far from reach. While this quirky device is neither a fashion statement nor a good way to propose, it does make the perfect gift for singletons or couples who enjoy watching trending social media content in a hassle free manner. It is also available in different colours.

Vitamin me capsules

Vitamin Me capsules quirky Valentine's Day gift
Tiny love letter notes in the shape of capsules to gift to a loved one. (Image: Amazon)

Go over to the cheesy side this Valentine’s day with these colourful capsules, which come with pre-written adorable messages rolled up inside and emojis on the outside. Each capsule is like a tiny love letter featuring funny and charming messages like, “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.” These cute confessions could bring a smile to your partner’s face and are also a great choice for couples who are in long-distance relationships. These cute messages could very well make your partner laugh, especially given how corny they are.

Custom face ‘I Love You’ pillow

Quirky valentine's day gifts 2024
The customized face pillow allows you to choose the photos that you want to print on it. (Image: Etsy)

Personalised gifts make a strong impact but if you want to make your significant other chuckle, this custom face pillow could leave them in splits. Whether you choose a quirky expression or a funny one to be printed on the pillow, the possibilities are endless with this one. The pillow can also be a keepsake for your Valentine in case you are in a long-distance relationship. Commissioning a pillow with your face on it for your partner may seem like a bold way to live, but if you can take it as a celebration of love and laughter over the Valentine’s Day, why not?

Meat and cheese bouquet

Funny and quirky Valentine's Day gifts
Instead of flowers a bouquet consisting of artisanal cheeses and meat. (Image: Harry and David)

Receiving or gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day is traditional, but doesn’t really scream of individuality. While flowers remain a classic choice, make things unique with a meat and cheese bouquet, which can be ordered and delivered to great aplomb. If your partner is a fan of making charcuterie boards, they may appreciate this unusual gift. This bouquet, which consists of delicious charcuterie meats is also wrapped and artfully displayed as a bouquet with the saying, “You had me at charcuterie.” This is a creative way of letting someone know you enjoy and support their interests, even if they are all about enjoying cured meats and gourmet cheeses.

See Also

Tortilla blanket

Tortilla wrap Valentine's Day gifts
The massive flannel blanket replicates the tortilla design. (Image: Amazon)

To make your significant other’s Valentine’s Day all cosy and warm, this Tortilla blanket is the perfect quirky pick. The blanket is soft and comfortable and features a tortilla print design that is double sided. The large blanket is perfect for turning your loved one into a burrito or a taco, with whom you can lounge on the couch with for the rest of the day. The realistic tortilla design adds to the humour, making it a cheeky gift for the romantic day. The blanket first went viral in 2019 after a Reddit user posted a picture of it, and to this day, it remains one of the best and most popular quirky gifts.

Lobster Warmie

Unique Valentine's Day gifts
A microwaveable warmie shaped like a lobster. (Image:

For fans of hit sitcom Friends, this lobster warmie means more than being a mere comforter. On the show, Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) explains the lobster theory, where a lobster refers to a person with whom you’re meant to be with, forever.  While Ross and Rachel turn out to be each other’s lobsters on the show, this microwaveable warmie could send a message to your significant other that you could be the same to them.

Custom Love Socks

Quirky valentine's day gifts
A pair of socks customized with photos of your choice. (Image: Etsy)

Whatever meaning you plan on conveying, these custom socks are a funny gift for anybody who loves a bit of personalisation. The socks feature cutout images of the selected faces plastered all across the fabric, making it instantly attention-grabbing. They are available in bright colours and are designed with a bunch of hearts, making them one of the most quirky Valentine’s day gifts that are funny, but also cute.

(Main and featured images: Etsy)

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