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Renée Boey

Renée Boey

“Read because other worlds exist, do good because this one matters” is a quote that’s inspired Renée Boey’s life and career. An educator who puts herself in the shoes of her students, Boey brings a wealth of global perspectives as the founder and head of the School of Bloom KKCA Academy. Her intercultural upbringing through various academic systems in both Hong Kong and the US shaped her values in education and teaching approach, which is largely focused on the arts and humanities as well as creativity and muti-perspective thinking. After studying English and Renaissance literature at Harvard and Cambridge respectively, Boey returned to Hong Kong to further develop her educational roles. Throughout her career, she’s seen how the joy of learning can be diminished by standardised tests and college admissions stress. With Bloom KKCA Academy, she hopes to counter these forces by fostering an environment and system in which students can learn creatively and confidently. By pooling her international expertise, passion for education and belief in nurturing enthusiasm for learning, Renée empowers youth to face life’s challenges with positivity and integrity. Her passionate spirit in education makes her a powerful force in shaping the futures of Hong Kong students. Together with Yvette Ho, Boey is also preparing to open Bloom Academy’s second establishment, which will be Hong Kong’s first school of entrepreneurship.

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