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RHOBH: Dorit Kemsley’s Web Value in 2024 Provides Extra Glamour to the Actuality Present

RHOBH: Dorit Kemsley’s Web Value in 2024 Provides Extra Glamour to the Actuality Present

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A popular reality TV star, successful fashion designer, entrepreneur and mother of two, Dorit Kemsley’s net worth is a reflection of her career and personal pursuits. As one of the most noted cast members on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), she and her husband Paul Kemsley have built a fortune that places them among the elite divas of the reality show. The drama and speculations around them have also spilt over to the RHOBH season 13 reunion.

ICYMI: RHOBH Season 13 reunion unveils revelations

Season 13 of the reality television show hit screens in 2023, with the excitement extending into the reunion episodes. The first half of the three-part reunion aired on 28 February 2024, showcasing Dorit’s intriguing conversation with bosom friend Kyle Richards about a mysterious message she received. Kemsley also threw shade at Richards when she wanted to check their friendship status.

The second part of the RHOBH season 13 reunion rolled out on 6 March and the high-octane drama continued with host Andy Cohen moderating a backyard cocktail chat, revealing tensions and revelations among the housewives.

From confrontations with Richards to discussions on sobriety and marriage, Dorit Kemsley dominated the hot seat in the reunion’s second chapter. Her candid remarks on various topics, including accusations from Garcelle Beauvais, shed light on her life and marriage to Paul Kemsley.

As the third and final instalment of the reunion aired on 13 March 2024, viewers witnessed more RHOBH stories and drama. Amidst all the gossip, one thing remains constant — the lustrous and lavish lifestyles of the ladies.

With Dorit Kemsley and her snarky responses making waves in RHOBH Season 13 and its reunion, let us explore her career and net worth in-depth.

Dorit Kemsley’s net worth, career, business and more

Curious about Dorit Kemsley’s RHOBH salary?

Dorit Kemsley net worth - RHOBH season 13 reunion
Image: Courtesy Dorit Kemsley/ @doritkemsley/ Instagram

The blonde beauty joined the cast of RHOBH in season seven back in 2016, initially serving as the personal designer to RHOBH alum Lisa Vanderpump. Since then, she has soared to prominence as a prominent reality TV star, becoming a familiar face on the show.

A 2022 article in The Sun revealed that Kemsley commands a hefty paycheck of USD 100,000 per season. While impressive, this places Kemsley behind Erika Jayne, who earns USD 600,000, and Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna, each pulling in USD 500,000 per season.

However, given her tenure and popularity as a reality TV personality, this figure is likely to increase significantly, further boosting her net worth.

Dorit Kemsley: A fashion designer and entrepreneur extraordinaire

Dorit Kemsley net worth - RHOBH season 13 reunion
Image: Courtesy Beverly Beach/ @beverlybeach/ Instagram

A bonafide fashionista, Kemsley never fails to serve immaculate looks whenever she is papped. According to Vogue, her passion for fashion led her to relocate to Italy at the age of 21, where she gained valuable experience working for a swimwear brand. In 2009, she ventured into the fashion world as an entrepreneur by launching her eponymous New York boutique. The label offered premium swimwear and Italian resort wear.

After finding success in the fashion industry, Women’s Health reports, Kemsley closed her boutique four years later upon meeting her husband and moving to Los Angeles. Here, she seized the opportunity presented by television producers, using her role on the reality show as a platform to launch her second swimwear line, Beverly Beach, in 2017. This brand specialises in chic swimwear, stylish beach outfits and athleisure wear, featuring a wide range of bikinis, mesh tops, track pants, shorts, and more.

But Kemsley’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. During the COVID-19 lockdown, she turned her attention to bridalwear, collaborating with Australian brand Nektaria to debut a collection of six stunning gowns in February 2021. These exquisite dresses, which retail upwards of USD 1,450, showcase Kemsley’s creativity and eye for fashion. She revealed her bridal collection to her RHOBH co-stars at a lavish party and even wore one of her creations to the season 11 reunion.

Besides these stunning gowns, Kemsley also designs stylish accessories and scarves, further expanding her fashion empire. While the exact financial contributions of her various business ventures remain undisclosed, Kemsley’s grand lifestyle implies the profits are quite handsome.

So, what is Dorit Kemsley’s net worth?

Dorit Kemsley net worth
Image: Courtesy Dorit Kemsley/ @doritkemsley/ Instagram

Between her high-profile roles, lucrative business ventures, and Paul Kemsley’s celebrity management career working with sports stars and musicians, Dorit and her husband have earned quite a pretty penny. Despite rumours surrounding her marital life and relationships with the other cast members, Celebrity Net Worth estimates the joint net worth of the Beverly Hills power couple to be USD 50 million. While it is challenging to pinpoint Dorit Kemsley’s individual net worth, her keen fashion sense and sharp business acumen have undoubtedly contributed to their vast fortune.

Dorit Kemsley’s designer wardrobe

Dorit Kemsley net worth - RHOBH season 13 reunion
Image: Courtesy Dorit Kemsley/ @doritkemsley/ Instagram

With her jaw-dropping net worth, it is no surprise that the reality TV star maintains a glamorous lifestyle, evident from her stunning designer wardrobe on her Instagram posts. Vogue has hailed her as the “vintage style star of the Real Housewives”, recognising her affinity for racy couture and vintage silhouettes from brands like Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuitton and Versace.

Discussing her love for such rare sartorial pieces, Kemsley told Vogue, “The thing that I’ve always loved about vintage is that whenever you get a piece, you know that it contains so many memories, even if you have no idea who has worn it or where it’s been.” She emphasised the significance of history embedded in vintage pieces, making them more meaningful to her.

As a real housewife from Beverly Hills, Kemsley acknowledges the expectation to don tiny glittery dresses and dazzling diamonds, but she has embraced vintage fashion throughout her journey on the show. Her extensive wardrobe includes a vast collection of bags, shoes, and jackets from luxury brands.

In 2021, when asked about her fashion choices by Cohen, and if she purchases them all, Kemsley revealed that she pays for “every single piece”, emphasising her preference for owning her wardrobe. Despite assumptions of receiving discounts or borrowing items, she clarified that she pays retail for everything, with some designers occasionally offering discounts or lending pieces.

About Dorit Kemsley’s personal life

Dorit Kemsley net worth - RHOBH season 13 reunion
Image: Courtesy Dorit Kemsley/ @doritkemsley/ Instagram

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dorit Kemsley was born on 14 July 1976 in Connecticut. Her love for fashion led her to study marketing and communications at Quinnipiac University before venturing to Italy to further her career.

In 2009, while living in New York, she crossed paths with her future husband Paul Kemsley, whom she affectionately calls PK. As reported by US Weekly, the couple met serendipitously at a local restaurant in 2011 and immediately hit it off. They married in 2015 and subsequently shifted to Los Angeles.

Their family grew with the arrival of their first child, son Jagger, in 2014, followed by daughter Phoenix in 2016. PK, an entrepreneur and talent manager for singer Boy George, was previously married to Loretta Gold of England, with whom he shares three children — Atlanta, Tatum, and Daniel Kemsley.

While the Kemsleys may appear to lead a charmed life, they have faced their share of challenges, sparking rumours of separation during season 13. Addressing these speculations in an interview with Bravo TV, Dorit candidly shared, “PK and I, we have had our struggles and we have worked through them … I think that most married people are gonna face challenges. I think that PK and I are good, we’re gonna be great.” She emphasised their commitment to addressing any issues openly and working through them together.

Despite the ups and downs, Dorit frequently shares moments of joy with her family on social media, offering glimpses of their vacations and holidays on her Instagram.

The Kemsleys’ legal struggles and financial setbacks

Despite their considerable wealth, the couple has encountered legal and financial challenges that have tested them. While these setbacks may not have severely impacted their net worth, they have undoubtedly been stressful for Paul and Dorit.

In October 2021, Dorit faced a terrifying ordeal when three masked intruders broke into their Encino Hills home while Paul was away in London. ABC News reported that the burglars held her at gunpoint and made off with approximately USD 1 million worth of purses, jewellery and other valuables.

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In another incident two years later, PEOPLE quoted Dorit revealing that she was robbed of USD 10,000 cash.

Legal disputes have also plagued the couple. US Weekly reported that in 2018, Dorit’s former business partner, Ryan Horne, accused them of failing to return his USD 205,000 investment in their company, Beverly Beach. However, the case was ultimately dismissed.

Further legal troubles arose for Paul a year later, with accusations of amassing USD 75,000 in gambling debt to a British sports betting company and failing to pay a loan of USD 250,000, as reported by Women’s Health. Despite facing bankruptcy proceedings and account freezes, the cases were eventually dismissed.

Dorit Kemsley’s house

Dorit Kemsley net worth
Image: Courtesy Dorit Kemsley/ @doritkemsley/ Instagram

Dorit Kemsley’s luxurious lifestyle is reflected in her stunning home, which perfectly complements her vast net worth and personality.

According to Bravo TV, the Kemsleys moved into their current residence in 2019, purchasing it for USD 6.5 million. Situated in the posh Encino Hills neighbourhood, the lavish mansion boasts six bedrooms, and eight bathrooms, and spans 9,000 square feet (836 square metres). Featuring a “modern farmhouse” design, the property includes luxurious amenities such as a movie theatre, walk-in closets, a gourmet kitchen, a jacuzzi, a cabana, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a three-car garage, and a full playground.

Despite listing the home for USD 9.5 million a year later, they struggled to find a buyer, leading them to consider renting it out for USD 75,000 per month, as reported by the New York Post. Additionally, the couple reportedly owns another property in Beverly Hills, purchased for USD 6.5 million in 2016, which they listed for USD 12.75 million in 2017. This 8,700 sq ft (808 sq m) property is said to be co-owned by business partner Sam Nazarian.

Dorit Kemsley’s impressive car collection

While the complete list of her cars may not be known, one stand-out addition to Dorit Kemsley’s collection is the rose gold Bentley she received as a surprise gift from her husband Paul on her 40th birthday. This extravagant gesture marked a special occasion, as her husband went above and beyond to host a lavish party, deck up the poolside, invite her parents, and present her with such a luxurious vehicle.

(Main and feature: Image: Dorit Kemsley/ @doritkemsley/ Instagram)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-What is PK’s net worth?
Paul Kemsley, whom his Dorit Kemsley calls PK, has a net worth of USD 50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

-Who is the highest-paid housewife of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
Income from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills depends on the cast member’s popularity and recurrence on the show. One of the richest housewives is Kyle Richards who draws a salary of around USD 270,000 per season and has a net worth of USD 100 million.

-How much does Kyle Richards make per episode?
Contracts for the show are generally signed for a season and Kyle Richards makes around USD 270,000 per season.

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