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Ridzman Zidaine is Malaysian Trend’s Man of The Hour As He Opens for LV at Paris Trend Week

Ridzman Zidaine is Malaysian Trend’s Man of The Hour As He Opens for LV at Paris Trend Week

From local shows to global prominence, Malaysian model Ridzman Zidaine has truly established himself as one of the most promising faces in regional fashion today.

The 23-year-old model has previously proven his mettle on the global fashion week itinerary with stints under some of the industry’s most vaunted labels, including JW Anderson, Zegna, Emporio Armani, and even Hermès. But it is his time with storied French luxury marquee Louis Vuitton that has set the tone for his repute, given how Zidaine has been tapped to open for the menswear showcases on not just a single instance, but twice in a row.

Ridzman Zidaine once again opens for Louis Vuitton’s latest menswear show, this time in Paris

His most recent appearance once again made national headlines, with Zidaine tapped to front the first look of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 show that was held earlier today at Fondation Louis Vuitton on the fringes of Paris.

Cast under the shade of a wraparound tent that featured projected vistas of the vast American wilderness, the show’s ambiance was marked by the amber hues of an artificial dusk, mirroring creative director Pharrell William’s desire to evoke the Western frontier of his home state of Virginia in his most recent collection.

Standing at a towering 188cm tall, Zidaine stepped out with his hair down dressed in a white coat emblazoned with floral accents and a fringed hem, under which a matching shirt adorned with turqoise buttons could be seen peeking through. Worn denim jeans and Western boots further accessorised with a lapis Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, completed the look and set the tone for William’s vision of an urban cowboy on the move.

Mindful of the Frontier’s inherent association with Native Americans, the show also made a point to incorporate Indigenous musicians into its production, with Zidaine walking on hallowed ground to the backdrop of Native American voices.

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It is worth noting the gravitas of the model’s achievement, given the fact that Paris Fashion Week is often considered to be the pinnacle of the global fashion arena. Previously, he had fronted the first look for Louis Vuitton’s last menswear showcase in Hong Kong, making history as the first Malaysian model to do so.

Feature and hero image credits: Louis Vuitton

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