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Rob Schneider Booted Mid-Set From Stage, Again

Rob Schneider Booted Mid-Set From Stage, Again

Comic Rob Schneider was pulled from another stage this week when his act at a fundraiser in Canada, which many found inappropriate for an event supporting a hospital, led organizers to cut him off.

On Saturday at an event called the Four Seasons Ball — a fundraiser for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation — Saturday Night Live alum Schneider was scheduled to perform a comedy set for the crowd at the annual gala. His politics-heavy comedy style, however, did not seem to match the tone of the evening.

Shortly into his set, as attendees began to walk out of the event, HORN representatives asked the comic to leave the stage. Schneider complied with the request right away, according to a rep from HORN. 

“We do not condone, accept, endorse or share Mr. Schneider’s positions, as expressed during his comedy set and acknowledge that in this instance the performance did not meet the expectations of our audience and our team,” the foundation said in a statement published by Canada’s Global News. “An unconditional apology was offered right after to our guests and our community. We reiterate this sincere and unconditional apology today, for any offense caused by Mr. Schneider’s recent comedy set, at the Four Seasons Ball.”

While the foundation did not detail any of the offensive material that led to Schneider’s ousting, some of those in attendance appeared on TV and posted on social media.

​​“Everyone in the room was groaning, saying, ‘What is going on?’ Like whispering to themselves. Not a single laugh at times,” witness Tynan Allan told the CBC. “It was just very apparent how uncomfortable everyone felt and how unacceptable the things he was talking about were.”

Allen added that he was perplexed by the foundation’s decision to include Schneider.

“I understand that you’re raising money, that you sometimes need to draw a crowd, but it doesn’t take a lot to vet people and specifically to vet people from a values-based perspective,” he told the network.

Twitter USAER geokaren wrote, “They had Rob Schneider (why?) as “entertainment” who went off on a rants about vaccines, women’s rights, how white men are persecuted. People got up and walked out.”

Emails sent to a rep for Schneider and the president of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation were not immediately returned on Friday. 

The event, a private fundraising affair, had sold out; the organization had raised over $350,000 for Regina’s hospitals.

Schenider was similarly pulled from the stage in the middle of a stand-up set at a GOP event in late 2023; although The Hot Chick star denied that he was removed from the stage, multiple witnesses reported his set was cut short when his jokes were deemed too lewd for the conservative crowd.

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