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Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriends And Courting Historical past: From Kristen Stewart To Suki Waterhouse

Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriends And Courting Historical past: From Kristen Stewart To Suki Waterhouse

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Robert Pattinson is a man of many talents and also a man of many hearts as is evident from his long list of girlfriends. From portraying the heartthrob Edward Cullen in Twilight to donning the black cape in Matt Reeves’s The Batman (2022), Pattinson’s dating history has been just as diverse as his career.  

Currently basking in the glow of ‘committed bliss’ with his long-time singer girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, the couple is gearing up for a new chapter and is all set to embrace parenthood. The English actress and musician on Sunday took the stage at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico and surprised fans by revealing her growing baby bump.

As for Pattinson, the usually private actor, when probed about his guarded love life, back in 2019 in an interview with The Sunday Times shared his philosophy, saying, “If you let people in, it devalues what love is… The line between when you’re performing and when you’re not will eventually get washed away, and you’ll go completely mad.”

But rewind the reel pre-2018, and you’ll find Pattinson’s romantic life has been anything but a smooth, low-key ride. Before finding his happy place in the arms of Waterhouse, the British actor weaved through a dating history that includes high-profile romances with Hollywood’s best.

From a four-year saga with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart that turned scandalous to a captivating engagement with singer-dancer FKA Twigs, Pattinson’s love chronicles have been a rollercoaster of emotions, all played out under the scrutinising gaze of the public eye.

Despite his best efforts to keep things private, Pattinson’s PDA-packed public appearances have often given out the truth. And now, as the actor stands on the brink of fatherhood, it’s time we embark on a journey through Robert Pattinson’s dating history and explore the leading ladies who once held the key to his heart.

Robert Pattinson’s complete dating history and list of girlfriends and exes

Unravelling the complete dating history of this British heartthrob, from his pre-Twilight days to the present, because when it comes to love, Robert Pattinson has had more than a few memorable chapters.

Nina Schubert (2003-2006)

Before taking on Hollywood as the iconic vampire, Pattinson shared a long-term relationship with model Nina Schubert, his neighbour and drama school classmate. Dating since 2003, the pair even gave living together a shot in London. The relationship concluded in 2006 when Pattinson ventured to Los Angeles for his burgeoning career. Despite the split, they remained friends, with reports suggesting Pattinson sought Schubert’s counsel during the infamous Stewart cheating scandal.

Nikki Reed (2009)

Picture Credits: Instagram/Nikki Reed

Before his epic on-screen and off-screen romance with Kristen Stewart, Pattinson was rumoured to be dating another Twilight actor — Nikki Reed. Speculations arose about a romance between Pattinson and Reed when a couple of cute pictures of the two surfaced online. However, Reed swiftly dismissed the rumours, clarifying they were never together. In her words, “Rob and I were never together.”

Kristen Stewart (2009-2013)

Next on the list of Robert Pattinson’s girlfriends is his Twilight sweetheart Kristen Stewart. From the start, their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, even though director Catherine Hardwicke initially hesitated due to Stewart’s age, as she was under 18 at the time. Their relationship quickly garnered a lot of media attention, propelling them into the limelight as a high-profile couple.

For four years, they navigated the challenges of fame, doing joint interviews and gracing red carpets together for Twilight premieres. However, the fairytale took a tumultuous turn when, immediately after completing the final Twilight instalment, pictures of Stewart kissing and engaging in an intimate moment with director Rupert Sanders from the set of Snow White and the Huntsman surfaced online.

Despite the on-again, off-again nature of their relationship, the couple weathered various storms until Stewart’s indiscretions with Sanders became public in 2012. Pattinson, reportedly deeply affected by the scandal, endured a period of emotional turmoil. Following the paparazzi revelation, Stewart issued a public apology to fans and Pattinson, expressing regret for her actions.

In a surprising turn of events, the couple again had a dramatic reconciliation just two months later. However, this reunion was short-lived, as two months after their makeup, they officially called it quits in 2013. Pattinson, in a 2014 interview with British Esquire, downplayed blame, saying, “Shit happens, you know? It’s just young people; it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a shit?”

Much later in 2019, in a subsequent revelation, Kristen Stewart publicly acknowledged her sexuality, coming out as bisexual. She is currently in a relationship with MOXiE! director Dylan Meyer, marking a fresh chapter in her journey.

Katy Perry (2012)

robert pattinson girlfriend
Picture Credits: Instagram/Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson have one of the most enduring and endearing friendships in all of Hollywood. However, the two were subjected to a lot of media speculations about finding solace in each other while dealing with heartbreaks.

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are both experiencing relationship troubles, and a recent claim suggests the two may be leaning on one another in their time of need,” wrote Hollywood Life in 2012. Despite persistent headlines, their representatives maintained that they were longstanding friends supporting each other through thick and thin.

Dylan Penn (2013)

Picture Credits: Instagram/Dylan Penn

Rumours swirled in 2013 when Pattinson and model Dylan Penn were spotted in a seemingly intimate encounter. However, Penn dispelled the speculation, asserting they were just friends, and the photos were misleading.

“We’re just friends. They photographed us in a place where there were other people and cropped the picture,” Penn told Vanity Fair at the time.

Riley Keough (2013) 

robert pattinson girlfriend
Picture Credits: Instagram/Riley Keough

Following his split with the Spencer star, in 2013 in a stroke of a rebound, Pattinson was also linked to Elvis Presley‘s granddaughter Riley Keough. Apparently, the two had been “hooking up”. However, their fling lasted only one sweet summer and they soon called it quits.

Interestingly, Keough happened to be Stewart’s former The Runaways (2010) co-star. 

FKA Twigs (2014-2017)

robert pattinson girlfriend
Picture Credits: Instagram/FKA Twigs

Robert Pattinson’s engagement to singer FKA Twigs in September 2014 marked a pivotal moment in his dating history. The British actor, known for his discretion, unintentionally let slip to reporters that they were “kind of engaged” just a few months into their relationship. Contrary to initial rumours linking their meeting to a stage performance alongside Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, who were dating at the time, Pattinson clarified that their introduction occurred through mutual friend Florence Welch.

Despite the whirlwind engagement, the couple’s union lasted a relatively short span of just over three years. Notably, they took a significant step by purchasing property together, solidifying their commitment. However, by October 2017, the relationship faced challenges, reportedly exacerbated by conflicting travel schedules. Sources indicated that Pattinson, the one who initiated the split, found the strain of their respective careers detrimental to their connection.

The aftermath of their breakup revealed a distressing dimension when FKA Twigs publicly disclosed the racial hostility she encountered from fans during her relationship with Pattinson. In a candid revelation on Louis Theroux’s Grounded podcast in January 2021, FKA Twigs shared the distressing experiences of racism she endured. Describing the ordeal as “really, really deeply horrific,” she expressed the hurtful perception that Pattinson, seen as a “white Prince Charming,” should be with someone matching that stereotype – someone “white and blonde” – rather than her.

This revelation shed light on the challenges faced by celebrities in interracial relationships and highlighted the need for addressing and combating such harmful prejudices in the public sphere.

Mia Wasikowska (2017)

In the aftermath of his split with FKA Twigs, Pattinson was also rumoured to be dating his Damsel co-star Mia Wasikowska sometime in 2017. The two made a lot of public appearances while promoting their film and looked too ‘comfortable’ with each other. However, there was no official confirmation of the relationship from either of them. 

But rumours about their budding romance actually emerged in 2013 when they were shooting their first film together, Shooting Maps to the Stars in LA. The two were photographed kissing and rolling around. However, despite public appearances and speculations since 2013, neither confirmed nor denied the relationship.

Suki Waterhouse (2018-present)

Picture Credits: Instagram/Suki Waterhouse

Next up on the list of Robert Pattinson’s girlfriends is Suki Waterhouse. In 2018, Pattinson, cautious after his previous high-profile relationships that met with a lot of media trials, entered into a new romantic chapter with the English model and actress. Although initially private about discussing their involvement, the couple gradually emerged into the public eye. Over the years, they have been frequently spotted, sharing intimate moments like lunch dates in London and leisurely walks in Los Angeles.

The Daisy Jones and the Six actor played a significant role in Pattinson’s life, particularly during his journey playing Batman. Accompanying him to his first viewing in February, Waterhouse’s reaction to the film profoundly impacted Pattinson. In an interview, he disclosed that her perspective altered his own, emphasising the significance of her opinion

I watched it with my girlfriend… It was really her reaction that kind of changed the entire thing,” Pattinson shared. Notably, Waterhouse, not a fervent enthusiast of superhero movies, provided a validating touch to the experience. Describing the moment, Pattinson recounted, “She just held my hand and just touched it right [to her cheek], and I could feel a little tear, and I was like, ‘No way!’”

This power couple, usually known for their low-key profile, has progressively opened up about their relationship since its inception. Their first red carpet debut occurred in December of the previous year at the Dior fall 2023 menswear fashion show in Giza, marking their first public appearance together, sort of making it official.

The latest chapter in their love story is all hearts as the two are currently anticipating the arrival of their first child together, adding a joyful dimension to their evolving love saga.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long were Robert and Kristen together?
A major character in Robert Pattinson’s dating history, Kristen Stewart was his girlfriend for four years, from 2009 to 2013.

Did Robert Pattinson have a crush on Emma Watson?
There is no confirmed information or evidence suggesting that Robert Pattinson had a crush on Emma Watson.

Why did Kristen Stewart leave Robert Pattinson?
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship ended in 2013 due to Kristen’s indiscretions with director Rupert Sanders, who she was caught making out with on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Who is Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend?
Robert Pattinson’s current girlfriend is English model, actress and singer Suki Waterhouse. The couple is currently in a committed relationship and expecting their first child together.

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