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Scientific Grade Skincare at Residence: How Helena Rubinstein Continues to Change the World of Magnificence

Scientific Grade Skincare at Residence: How Helena Rubinstein Continues to Change the World of Magnificence

Madame Helena Rubinstein was an industry pioneer who believed that “beauty is nothing without science”. These days, her brand is living up to her legacy.

It’s hard to believe that it was over 120 years ago that Helena Rubinstein founded her brand that would change the world of skincare forever. Starting from scratch, she paved the way and wrote the rules of the cosmetic industry as we know it today, leaving the brand with a unique and unparalleled legacy.

Madame Rubinstein’s incredible story began way back in 1902 with the launch of the first cosmetic cream “Valaze”, which became an instant success. By launching the world’s first beauty cream, she quickly established herself as pioneer of modern beauty.

Helena Rubinstein was a pioneer in the world of beauty

In fact, since the very beginning, Madame understood that “beauty is nothing without science”, placing the belief at the heart of her inventions. Always surrounded by the leading scientists of every era, she never stopped advancing the science of beauty.

Helena Rubinstein’s REPLASTY range

And even more than 120 years, Madame’s brand continues to embody this spirit and legacy of beauty innovation. Breaking the boundaries of regular skincare, it combines the rarest ingredients, in highest concentrations, and works on formulations prowess to reach an ultimate and proven efficacy.

The REPLASTY range is also known as “at home aesthetic treatments”

Keeping with Madame’s Avant Garde spirit, the brand famously collaborated with LaClinic-Montreux in Switzerland to create the popular REPLASTY product franchise, also known as “at home aesthetic treatments”. Iconic REPLASTY Night Cream, loved for its impeccable efficacies with ultimate repair effect and intense recovery for aging signs. New REPLASTY Eye Cream with its moisturising yet non-greasy bandage texture that can repair three dimentions of eye aging. After four weeks, the eye area looks lifted, smoothed and firmer, reshaping eye visible youth*. Thanks to the highest concentration of 30% Pro-Xylane**, both these creams able to provide extraordinary efficiencies.

It’s no wonder REPLASTY Night Cream is already the No.1 cream in Hong Kong for two consecutive yuears*** . REPLASTY Day Cream, with added anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, Tasmanol extract, is perfect for daytime protection. Day after day, Day Cream can sooth, moisture and protect the skin from inflammatory triggers and give anti-aging efficacy on sensitive skin. The triple bandages are also powered by trio unique unrivalled sensoriality, each of the cream wrap the skin with long-lasting comfort and has dedicated texture to cater every circumstance.

Renowned for its scientific expertise, unparalleled formulas and excellent products, Helena Rubinstein remains at the forefront of luxury skincare and continues to invent beauty that empowers women to reach new heights.

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*Clinic grading, 50 Asian women, after four weeks.
**Refers to content of the raw material (WATER, HYDROXYPROPYL, TETRAHYDROPYRANTRIOL, PROPYLENE GLYCOL) added in formula
*** Helena Rubinstein’s calculation is based in part on sell out data by value reported by Beauté Research SARL in January 2024 through its “Hong-Kong – Quarterly Retail Sales Report – Q4 2023” in the Department Stores and Boutiques Prestige market. (Copyright ©2024 Beauté Research SARL)

Source: Prestige Online

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