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‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 4: Will There Be One other Season of The Hit Relationship Present?

‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 4: Will There Be One other Season of The Hit Relationship Present?

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Millions of reality TV enthusiasts world over tuned in as 12 stunning individuals navigated the challenges of love and relationships. All while living on a deserted island with few essentials at their disposal. The mission? To leave the isle as a couple. And with its third installment being a wild success — more unpredictable and engaging than its previous iterations — speculations about season 4 of Singles Inferno are rife. Here’s all we know about the next edition of the hit Netflix dating show.

Reality TV shows that explore love, marriage, and everything in between have long captured the interests of viewers — with titles like Too Hot to Handle and Indian Matchmaking dominating headlines and social media chatter with each edition. South Korea hopped on this wave with a series situated on a deserted island off Seoul. Here, everyday essentials are stripped to the bare minimum — with 12 contestants having to fend for food and water while mingling with each other. They also participate in contests and challenges to win a chance at leaving the island for a night’s stay in a luxurious hotel with the person they’re most compatible with.

Its most recent iteration — the third of its kind — garnered widespread attention. In fact, Korea Herald noted that it was the most popular season — clocking in over 7 million viewing hours. No surprises that it’s one of the top picks on Netflix This, courtesy of the many format changes that picked up the pace of the series itself and contestants that were truly memorable, for better or worse. And word on the media grapevine is that the 4th season of Singles Inferno is set to be bigger and better. Here’s all about it.

More surprises are expected in season 4 of Singles Inferno

According to Korea Joongang Daily, the fourth season is still under discussion. However, the show’s producers Kim Jae-won and Kim Jung-hyun have stated that there would be plenty of changes made from the third season — which had plenty of switch-ups from its previous iterations. “There are so many dating reality shows out there these days, but I think that ‘Singles Inferno’ has made a mark on the genre, and it could continue for many more seasons if we keep on striving to differentiate it and attempt new themes and tones,” the latter stated.

“It is not confirmed yet, but I think Netflix is thinking positively about producing the fourth season,” Kim Jae-won told Korea Herald. “The main feedback for the third season was that ‘there are no heartwarming scenes, but there is entertainment.’ If there is a next season, I want to make it both heartwarming and enjoyable,” he added. He also hinted at the possibility of a spin-off show with all-star casts from various seasons. “Just imagining Dex and Lee Gwan-hee appearing together (in the same program) is already interesting,” he stated.

The release date for Singles Inferno season 4 is yet to be announced

Although no official announcements have been made with regards to the fourth season, most media sources have estimated that Singles Inferno season 4 will drop sometime in December 2024. This, since every season so far has been filmed in the summer and aired in mid-December.

Announcements about panelists for season 4 are not factual

Although several social media outlets have declared season 3’s confident, forthright, and humorous Yun Ha-jeong as a panelist for the new season of the show — just like the latest edition’s jury member Dex, who was a hit in season 2. However, Sportskeeda notes that no official announcements have been made and the authenticity of this claim remains to be determined.

The 10-part Singles Inferno 3 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Did anyone kiss in Singles Inferno?

There’s very little physical interaction between contestants on the Singles Inferno.

– Will there be season 4 of Singles Inferno?

Season 4 of Singles Inferno is yet to be greenlighted by Netflix.

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