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Somebody Is Already Attempting to Flip a Bugatti That Isn’t Even Constructed But

Somebody Is Already Attempting to Flip a Bugatti That Isn’t Even Constructed But

Some people buy hypercars because they have a passion for automotive excellence, others buy them solely as investments.

A person we have a hunch falls into the latter category is currently trying to flip their Bugatti Mistral build slot, according to the Hagerty. The unnamed seller is looking to sell the rights to the boundary-pushing roadster for more than $9 million, which is a hefty premium over the original asking price.

The Mistral is currently up for sale on German auto marketplace Mobile for €8,539,900 after fees and taxes, or roughly $9.3 million. That’s an awful lot of money, even for a Bugatti. It’s especially high, though, when you consider that the Mistral was available for $5.5 million when the French hypercar maker opened up the order books for the open-top model back in 2022.

2024 Bugatti Mistral

As ridiculous as the seller’s asking price may be, it’s not out of the question that some deep-pocketed collector or enthusiast will bite. The hypercar, which is named after a powerful wind that sweeps through the Rhône River valley, is one of just 99 examples that the French marque will build. The head-turning speed machine is based on the outgoing Chiron and has a striking exterior inspired by one of Bugatti’s most famous open-top vehicles, the 1934 Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid. The modern-day roadster doesn’t have a V-shaped windscreen like its predecessor, but it does have one that wraps around the A-pillars creating a visor for the driver.

As visually impressive as the Mistral may be, its biggest selling point is that it will be the last Bugatti model with a W-16 engine. That 8.0-liter mill is the same one found in the Chiron Super Sport 300+. It pumps out an otherworldly 1,577 horses, thanks to which the coupé can reach a top speed of over 300 mph. The Mistral won’t be that fast, but Bugatti says its aim is for the car to be the world’s fastest roadster, a title currently held by the 266-mph Venom GT Spyder.

Inside the 2024 Bugatti Mistral

Inside the Mistral

The listing says the Mistral that’s up for grabs is black with a black-and-yellow interior. It’s unclear if that will be the vehicle’s finished color scheme or if there is room for some customization. Either way, Mobile says the car will be delivered in four months, which is around when production of the Chiron is expected to finish up for good.

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