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Sophie Turner Sasses Ex Joe Jonas With Breakup Tune Amidst Rumours Of New Romance

Sophie Turner Sasses Ex Joe Jonas With Breakup Tune Amidst Rumours Of New Romance

Three months ago, Joe Jonas shocked the world when news broke that he was seeking divorce from his wife of four years, Sophie Turner. Now, the iconic, the one-and-only, the Queen in the North Miss Sophie Turner is breaking her silence — kind of — by posting a pointed breakup song on her Instagram.

We know no Queen but the Queen in the North, and by the looks of it, Sophie Turner knows it too. Earlier in September, the British star, who first rose to fame portraying Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones confirmed her separation and divorce from Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers. Despite their best efforts to maintain privacy, particularly for their infant daughters, the couple’s divorce invited much media attention and speculation — and much of it was overwhelmingly in Turner’s favour.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ tumultuous relationship from darlings to divorce

While they had long been mutuals on Instagram, it wasn’t until October of 2016 that Sophie Turner would ever speak to Joe Jonas. In an interview, Turner shared that she had previously never listened to the Jonas Brothers’ music; however, that changed when Joe sent her a DM on Instagram. The pair eventually met up during the UK leg of the Jonas Brothers’ tour, kickstarting their six-year relationship.

In May 2019, the pair had a chaotic — but rather fun — secret last-minute wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, following it up a month after with a proper gala wedding ceremony in France. One year later in 2020, the duo welcomed their first daughter Willa, with history repeating itself exactly another year later, when they welcomed their second daughter, Delphine.

By all accounts, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas appeared to have had a normal, happy marriage, which made their divorce even more shocking of a revelation. With Turner making numerous appearances alongside Jonas, most notably in the band’s music video Sucker, as well as in Netflix’s infamous Jonas Brothers Family Roast, fans found themselves stumped for how it could have gone so wrong.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner filed for divorce in September of 2023; the Game of Thrones actress has broken her long silence, sharing a breakup song in a now-expired Instagram story. (Image: Neil Mockford/GC Images)

Joe Jonas would cite ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for his decision to divorce Sophie Turner, with reports stating that he disagreed with her ‘partying lifestyle’ — especially as he ‘preferred to stay at home’. The implication could not have been clearer: he was accusing her of being a neglectful mother.

Fans, however, have openly called his bluff, unearthing video footage from the lockdown years which would come to vindicate the Queen in the North. In a 2020 interview with talk show host Conan O’Brien, Turner shared that she was an introverted homebody in contrast to Joe, who she described as a “real social butterfly.” The final nail in the coffin? Video footage of Jonas himself admitting that Turner was the bigger homebody of the two.

The most heartbreaking part of the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce arc, however, was yet to be discovered. Official court filings have since revealed that Turner found out about her divorce from the media, when it was reported that Jonas had opted to proceed with it. The revelation shook the world, and fans flocked to declare for the Queen in the North, expressing disappointment for the man who had once broken up with Taylor Swift over a text message.

What has Sophie Turner been doing since?

Three months following the news of her divorce, Turner, who has maintained a dignified silence on the subject, has done more than sit in her feelings. Just days following the harrowing announcement, she was photographed out and about in New York City, arm-in-arm with none other than Miss Taylor Swift herself.

Fans were quick to point out the iconic nature of the meeting, with many calling it the ‘tea spilling session of the century’. This comes as no surprise; Swift, Jonas’ once-girlfriend, had allegedly written him more than a few breakup songs – most famously Mr. Perfectly Fine, which debuted as a vault track on Fearless (Taylor’s Version) in 2021. The two have continued to enjoy one another’s company, with Turner becoming a frequent face in Swift’s high-profile girl squad.

As an actress, Turner has more than made her mark in Hollywood — all while juggling the challenges of motherhood. Besides her iconic role in Game of Thrones, she has also won critical acclaim portraying beloved X-Men character Jean Grey and has starred alongside Riverdale’s Camila Mendes and Stranger Thing’s Maya Hawke in the 2022 teen comedy Do Revenge. Turner was recently seen filming for an upcoming television series Joan, where she plays the titular character Joan Hannington.

More importantly, Sophie Turner has also been photographed kissing British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson; if reports are to be believed, the 29-year-old Pearson, who has been called “Britain’s most eligible bachelor”, is Turner’s new boyfriend. Pearson is the eldest son and heir apparent to Michael Pearson, the 4th Viscount Cowdray, who runs a media empire with a net worth of USD 270 million.

How’s that for the ultimate slay?

What breakup song did Sophie Turner post on Instagram?

Most recently, Turner appears to have broken her long silence on everything that had gone down with Jonas. In an Instagram story that has since expired, Turner shared a Spotify screenshot of All I Ever Asked, a song by Rachel Chinouriri which was released in 2022.

Fans were quick to pick up on the lyrics, which read: I would deny you found a way / to make it ‘bout yourself and all because / you’re always right, never know if you’re sorry for what you said.

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Many believe that the song serves as a cheeky hint for Turner’s feelings towards her ex-husband. In a TikTok post, Chinouriri herself expressed disbelief over Turner spotlighting her music. Her comments section has since exploded with fans agreeing that it is, in fact, an amazing breakup song.

(Main and featured image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Sophie Turner dating recently?

Sophie Turner has recently been photographed with British aristocrat Peregrin Pearson, who has been called the most eligible bachelor in Britain.

Where did Sophie Turner post the breakup song?

Sophie Turner recently posted an Instagram story featuring a 2022 song by Rachel Chinouriri called All I Ever Asked. The song describes “getting the bare minimum” from “someone you love” and could hint at her feelings about her ex-husband Joe Jonas.

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