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Squid Recreation: The Problem solid: Meet The Key Contestants in The Competitors Sequence

Squid Recreation: The Problem solid: Meet The Key Contestants in The Competitors Sequence

While over 200 contestants were eliminated from Squid Game: The Challenge after just the first game, there are a select number of contestants who have stood out from the crowd.

Exactly 456 contestants took part in Squid Game: The Challenge, where they were put to the ultimate test through various children’s games to see if they could be in with the chance of winning $4.56 million.

With the first nine episodes now available to watch on Netflix, there have been some contestants viewers simply can’t get enough of — whether it be because of their sneaky tactics or comedic value.

Squid Game the challenge reality tv show contestants
Squid Game: The Challenge contestants participating in the Dalgona cookie challenge. (Image: Pete Dadds/ Netflix)

Want to know a little bit more about the players? Ahead of the series finale on December 6, read on for all you need to know about the key contestants in Squid Game: The Challenge. In case you haven’t gotten round to watching the reality TV show yet, we’ve kept things spoiler-free and left out specific mentions of any players’ eliminations.

Key contestants to watch in Squid Game: The Challenge

Player 432 – Bryton

Age: 21

Instagram: @brytonconstantin

From: South Carolina

Job: Student

Bryton has made quite the splash on Squid Game: The Challenge, and has found himself in the middle of a few arguments, especially when it comes to people calling him a “frat boy”.

Netflix describes the player as “very outgoing and confident”.

“Bryton likes learning about God and the Earth, as well as riding dirtbikes, working out, cooking and reading. He plans on forming alliances while also trusting himself.”

Player 161 – Lorenzo

Age: 26

Instagram: @only.lorenzo

From: Italy, now living in United Kingdom

Job: Asset manager

Lorenzo is a self-described “master manipulator”, who loves to design clothes and play basketball.

He has been manifesting making it to the final game and knows he’ll be a multimillionaire soon.

Speaking about his experience on the show, Lorenzo told BBC News: “It felt like it was real – it didn’t feel like you were in a fictional place.”

Player 101 – Kyle

Squid Game The Challenge reality show contestants kyle 101
Kyle, player 101. (Image: Netflix)

Age: 30

From: Kentucky

Job: Customer services

Kyle struck up a connection with fellow player Dani in the first episode as they began working in the kitchen, which led to them choosing someone to eliminate.

During the competition, Kyle plans on “surveying the competition for weaknesses and is prepared to give people the cold shoulder when the time is right”.

Player 134 – Dani

Squid Game the challenge reality tv show contestants
Dani, player 134. (Image: Netflix)

Age: 23

From: Florida

Job: Hospitality supervisor

Dani thinks she will do best in the marbles game as she believes she is good at getting into people’s heads.

During the show, the 23-year-old gets the first test in the show when she has to choose someone to eliminate.

“I think, if I did that experience again, I probably would have made the same decision,” Dani told Screen Rant.

She continued: “I’m a huge game nerd, so I love being cutthroat in games when we play game night, and I love reality TV shows, competition shows and things like that. So, I think I probably would have made the same decision, but I always will have regret for the decision I made.”

Player 033 – Figgy

Squid Game The Challenge reality tv show contestants
Figgy, player 33. (Image: Netflix)

Age: 30

Instagram: @hashtagfiggy

From: Tennessee

Job: Teacher

Science teacher Figgy wants to be a “safe space” for people in the game by being someone they can depend on, which she hopes means she can in turn depend on them.

Player 097 – Jada

Age: 24

Instagram: @itsjadasasha

From: New Jersey

Job: Marketing coordinator

While Jada is looking forward to being fully immersed in the game, she isn’t looking forward to living in the dorm without her skin care products.

If Jada wins Squid Game: The Challenge, she plans to donate some of the money to kidney donor assistance centres.

Player 141 – Dash

Age: 29

Instagram: @dashkatz

From: New York

Job: Nanny

Part-time model and nanny Dash was named ‘Most Likely to Be on Reality TV’ in high school, and they are a self-professed superfan of social strategy on shows like Squid Game: The Challenge.

Player 200 – Mothi

Mothi, player 200. (Image: Netflix)

Age: 37

From: United Kingdom

Job: Residential field technician

Mothi unfortunately became one of the first players to be crossed by his fellow contestants, Dani and Kyle. Did he manage to stay on the show? Watch it to find out.

Player 243 – Stephen

Squid Game the challenge reality tv show contestants
Stephen, player 243. (Image: Netflix)

Age: 30

From: Missouri

Job: Moving company owner

Stephen joined The Challenge with his best friend Chase who was later eliminated during Red Light, Green Light. As the competition continues, Stephen forms a close bond with Rick, the game’s oldest player.

Player 301 – Trey

Age: 25

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Instagram: @choochootreyn

From: Illinois

Job: Delivery driver

Trey joined the show with his mother, LeAnn, in order to have a built-in alliance. If he wins the show, Trey wants to help his parents finish paying off their home.

Player 302 – LeAnn

Age: 64

Instagram: @leannplutnicki

From: New Jersey

Job: Retired newspaper editor

LeAnn hopes to overcome the perception the younger players have about the older players while on The Challenge.

LeAnn used to work at The New York Times, and she was the first woman at Kansas State to receive a full ride on a basketball scholarship.

Player 299 – Spencer

Spencer, player 299. (Image: Netflix)

Age: 21

Instagram: @spencer_hawkins07

From: North Carolina

Job: Software engineer

Spencer didn’t have the easiest ride during the competition, especially when it came to the Dalgona cookie challenge.

Looking back on his time on the show, Spencer admits one of his regrets was not “staying up later the night before” leaving, among other things.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “My only regret is not staying up later the night before, having more conversations with people and getting to hear their stories.

“And maybe taking a few minutes more with my cookie, because I rushed it a bit and ended up breaking it. But I don’t think I would’ve put that on anyone else.”

Player 198 – Husnain

Age: 23

Instagram: @husnainasiff

From: United Kingdom

Job: Accountancy graduate

One player who viewers recognised almost instantly was 198, with many recognising him for his antics on social media.

As viewers saw play out on screen, Husnain scored himself a meal when answering the phone, hoping he’d be able vote out someone instead.

(Main and featured images: Pete Dadds/ Netflix)

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