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Step Apart, Cinderella — 17 Greatest Luxurious Ballet Flats You Must Store Now

Step Apart, Cinderella — 17 Greatest Luxurious Ballet Flats You Must Store Now

Cinderella may have stolen the ball (and the prince’s heart) in her iconic glass slippers, but let’s face it — it’s high time we embrace comfort as a fashion choice. We can’t imagine why you’d be running away from a prince, but these 17 luxury ballet flats are your best bet for shoes to make a striking entrance — and exit, if you must.

The evolution of ballet flats has been an enthralling adventure. As its name would suggest, these shoes find their origins in dancing shoes, which are widely known to be the bread and butter of ballerinas. While the earliest ballerinas performed in heels, flat shoes inevitably found their way to the stage in the 1700s when they were worn by French dancer Marie Camargo. These flat shoes became an instant hit amongst the ballet community, who quickly realised their malleable structure paved the way to more intricate footwork.

Almost 200 years later, designer Claire McCardell commissioned purveyors of dancewear Capezio to create an off-stage version of the shoes, which she later incorporated into her collection. They became a huge hit, reaching even greater heights during the World War II in 1941, when fashion editor Diana Vreeland began to advocate for them as streetwear.

Far from being a fashion flub today, the humble ballet flat has launched itself into the annals of 2023’s trending ‘It’ shoes, beloved among the urban chic set. Featuring prominently on sleek luxury runways for the Fall/Winter 2023 season — think Sandy Liang, Miu Miu, and The Row, ballet flats have a lot going for them as shoes of the moment.

Chief among them: The comfort factor. While they haven’t always been a favourite of the fashion-forward, ballet flats have long seen stable, if not booming, popularity among those who prioritise comfort in their day-to-day shoes. And why not? From buttery-soft leather, easy balance for walking, and the general comfort that comes from walking without being pinched, these shoes are so easy to love — and even easier to wear.

Considering the rise of quiet luxury as a viable (and popular) styling choice, it makes even more sense that demand and popularity for ballet flats have surged in recent months. Across the board on all fronts, top luxury brands have started the slow descent into flatness, with ballet flats gaining ground over once-favoured platforms and pointy kitten heels for the go-to ‘going out’ footwear of choice.

Most recently, towering tall goddess Sophie Turner was photographed in New York City, sporting red ballet flats from The Row; ditto with supermodel Gigi Hadid, who was spotted rocking a monochromatic outfit and a pair of black Dream Ballerina shoes from Mansur Gavriel.

Design-wise, ballet flats on their own may be unassuming — yet, their sleekness and simplicity make perfect canvases for embellishments and other designer sensibilities, resulting in shoes that feel great to wear, and are equally pleasing to the eyes. With any number of design possibilities to explore, luxury ballet flats have become fashion chameleons in the realm of shoes.

Depending on the finishing and embellishments used, they’re stylish, edgy, classic, formal, comfortable — they’re everything in between and all we could ever hope for. The current luxury footwear scene is thriving with ballet flats that are designed to take us from day to night in style. And if you’re itching to get in on this season’s trendiest shoes, we’ve got just the right picks for you.

Best ballet flats for a touch of bling

Bottega Veneta Stretch ballerina flat

While some trends are welcome to fade and never return, others, like boomerangs, come back with a vengeance to dominate the world of fashion. In a startling return to retro 1980s fishnets, this year’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion shows brought mesh back in a surprisingly contemporary way, combining age-old materials with the silhouettes, styles, and hardware of today. Bottega Veneta’s Stretch ballerina flats perfectly encapsulate this, marrying dreamy lavender with punk detailing in gold chain hardware. The sole is 100% lambskin, exuding the quality synonymous with the Italian brand.

Price: HKD 9,500

Shop here.

Christian Louboutin Degrastrass PVC

There’s no talk of bling without mention of Christian Louboutin, and the iconic Parisian brand has more than earned their right to the snazziest crown. With glittering offerings reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s inimitable wardrobe, Louboutin’s productions are a splendid cry for attention. In particular, these elegant Degrastrass PVC ballerina flats evoke the imagery of glass slippers, bejewelled with hand-adorned rhinestones. The pointed toe recalls daintiness, perfectly balanced against the laminated Leche beige gloss leather heel and toe.

Price: HKD 10,400

Shop here.

Chanel Ballet Flats

Comfort, class, and cotton-candy pink, these luxury ballet flats are everything you could ever want and more in a pair of shoes. Crafted in comfortable lambskin with a tufted sole for added comfort, these ballet flats unapologetically spell Barbiecore. Adorned with gold-tinted metals, imitation pearls, and a myriad of charms, they’re sure to turn heads.

Price: HKD 16,000

Shop here.

Valentino Rockstud Mesh Ballerina

Show your stripes and rock on with these chic Rockstud Mesh ballet flats from Valentino. Embellished with hand-applied crystals and matching studs, these Italian-made shoes feature adjustable calfskin straps and trims for optimum comfort, whilst a fabric bow detail provides a hint of softness to an otherwise beautifully edgy aesthetic. Not quite sure about mesh? They’re also available in Nappa leather, satin, and tweed variations.

Price: HKD 12,300

Shop here.

Best ballet flats for comfort

Gianvito Rossi Mary Ribbon 05

Set upon a short 5mm heel with a comfortingly rounded silhouette, Gianvito Rossi’s Mary Ribbon 05 flats deserve a place of honour in every staple shoe cupboard. Soft velvet encompasses the shoe’s make, and a signature ribbon buckle adds a classically minimalist touch of adornment to a refined overall design. Each shoe is meticulously handmade by connoisseurs in Italy, lending expertise to stylish and comfortable everyday footwear for the modern woman.

Price: USD 895 (approx. HKD 6989)

Shop here.

Miu Miu Two Toned leather ballerinas

Minimalism well becomes Miu Miu’s range of luxury ballet flats, and we’re absolutely in love with them — and these retro-inspired leather shoes. Exuding sophistication, refinement, and style, these two-toned beauties echo chic and classic silhouettes perfectly balanced alongside their monochromatic hues. The hardware is sublime, with silver chains serving to add that hint of metallic modernity alongside an iconic Miu Miu pearl closure.

Price: USD 853.38 (approx. HKD 6,664)

Shop here.

Loewe Puff Ballerina in lambskin

With its gently-rounded caps and padded soles, Loewe’s Puff ballerinas are the epitome of quiet luxury and comfort to boot. Crafted in Italy of glossy lambskin, this sleek design evokes a touch of playfulness, courtesy of its matching padded bow, which is full of liveliness and body. Available in five distinct colours: Anthuriam White (pictured), Black, Oat Milk, Light Denim, and Raspberry, these luxury ballet flats are the perfect addition to any collection.

Price: £750 (approx. HKD 7,377)

Shop here.

Best ballet flats for complementing quiet luxury outfits

Aquazurra Pinot ballet flats

There’s nothing quite like the monochromatic duo of black and white. Contrast takes centre stage in these classic, quiet luxury ballet flats by Italian purveyors of shoes and bags Aquazurra, perfectly exemplifying the brand’s dedication to comfort and wearability. These Pinot ballet flats adopt a sleek modern approach to a classic, featuring pointed toes and dainty straps that adorn the ankles in a most elegant manner. Padded insoles provide comfort, with calf and patent leather forming much of their structure. As far as ballet flats go, these are perfect for emulating quiet luxury.

Price: USD 750 (approx. HKD 5,857)

Shop here.

Versace Gianni Ribbon flats

There’s something inherently gothic about these sleek and sophisticated ballet flats from Versace, and we’re absolutely here for it. A sharp pointed toe plays perfectly alongside an archival ‘nastro Gianni’ bow, notched in the centre with the brand’s iconic Medusa hardware. Aesthetically, these shoes are remarkable, and are certain to lend an air of quiet luxury to any contemporary outfit. With an outer composition of 100% calf leather and 100% lambskin and goat leather linings, there is little doubt as to their quality and craft.

Price: HKD 7,300

Shop here.

Dior ballet flats

Synonymous with French haute couture, the Dior name brings with it a classical edge that translates beautifully between the past and the present. While simple at first glance, it is precisely that which allows these ballet flats their air of quiet luxury, and they’re at their best when paired with simple, but well-made clothing of high-quality fabrics. Recently launched as part of the iconic design house’s Cruise 2024 collection, these Italian-made ballet flats are composed of black quilted calfskin featuring a Cannage motif, and further accented with a grosgrain bow and a white CD resin pearl. Made of soft, buttery leather, the supple insoles provide comfort — exactly what one would expect of their favourite shoes.

Price: HKD 7,900

Shop here.

Repetto Sophia Ballerinas

From the iconic Maison Repetto, makers of the iconic Cendrillon Ballerinas, these Sophia ballet flats lend the elegance of dance to any quiet luxury outfit. Crafted of supple Nappa calfskin with a cowhide leather insole, textile lining, and butt leather sole, they are effortlessly graceful and easily incorporated into any urban aesthetic whilst retaining their playful Parisian chicness. They are available in several colour options spanning leather and satin variations.

Price: EUR 220 (approx. HKD 1,852)

Shop here.

Best ballet flats for making an entrance

Alaia Fishnet ballet flats

Marrying the trend of ‘naked shoes’ with the need for glitter and gold, Alaia’s Fishnet ballet flats are the best way to make an entrance. Inspired by traditional Japanese shoes, these luxury ballet flats are lined in 100% lambskin and feature rubber soles for comfort and easy maintenance.

Price: HKD 5,780

Shop here.

Manolo Blahnik Veralli ballerina flats

Maximalism is the name of the game when you want to make a splash, and these Manolo Blahnik Veralli ballet flats are the way to go. Like ballet flats, animal prints have been rocking the runways for luxury design houses as one of the Spring season’s biggest and best fashion trends. Made of brown suede and featuring an unmistakably (but wonderfully) camp animal print, these ballet flats are fun incarnate, and will turn you into the talk of any party. A black grosgrain piping and ribbon add a touch of classic fun.

Price: HKD 6,745

Shop here.

See Also

Tory Burch Triangle pointed-toe ballerina shoes

Nothing screams ‘look at me’ like a bright red shoe, and these Triangle pointed-toe ballet flats from Tory Burch are just the thing to evoke that reaction. Made of 100% calf leather, these luxury ballet flats showcase an elegant play of contrasts, with matte and glossy leather coming together to form a diamond-shaped point — the perfect finishing touch to accentuate the contemporary silhouette of the shoes.

Price: USD 213 (approx. HKD 1,663)

Shop here.

Best ballet flats you can wear with everything

The Row Cyd flat in suede

Every collection of luxury shoes needs a staple reliable to bring you from night to day, and The Row’s Cyd ballet flats are an incredible option to consider. Crafted of soft suede leather, these elegant shoes are made in Italy, and feature a pointed square toe, graphic cutouts, and an adjustable T-strap buckle closure for comfort and wearability.

Price: USD 1,320 (approx HKD 10,308)

Shop here.

Louis Vuitton Blossom flat ballerina

luxury best ballet flats shoes
(Image: Louis Vuitton)

Use shoes to add a touch of glam to your everyday outfits — especially with Louis Vuitton’s Blossom luxury ballet flats. A feminine pointed toe adds luxe and sophistication, which is further heightened by a glitter-imbued monogrammed textile. An oversized bow adds playful charm to each shoe, adorned with an engraved silver logo.

Price: Approx HKD 8,614

Shop here.

Jimmy Choo Diamond Tilda flat

Luxury incarnate, these Diamond Tilda ballet flats are well deserving of their place in any collection of shoes. Crafted in Italy and made of soft and supple Nappa leather, these versatile shoes feature a square toe, evoking the imagery of a formal day at a contemporary, chic office. Handcrafted multifaceted Diamond chains of brushed gold wrap about the front of each foot, providing a hint of sparkle to a timeless and elegant design.

Price: HKD 6,950

Shop here.

(Main and featured images: Miu Miu)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ballet flats are the most expensive?

The most expensive pair of ballet flats in the world are from Portuguese label Josephinas’ 2020 collection, 1001 Nights – a collection inspired by the ancient tales of the Middle East. Designed by Filipa Julio, these ultra luxury ballet flats, named The Blue Persian Salt, were made of fine blue velvet and handcrafted by Portuguese artisans. While the craftsmanship is likely to have contributed to its hefty price tag, it is the blue topaz jewels on gold pendants that tip the scales heavily, bringing the price tag up to USD 3,820.

Who makes the most comfortable ballet flats?

Because feet come in different shapes, sizes, and arches, shoes in general will inevitably feel different for every individual. While it is a widely-accepted fact that materials play a very important role in how comfortable a pair of shoes are, some brands that are known to make comfortable ballet flats include: Mansur Gavriel, Ferragamo, Margaux, Miu Miu, Aerosoles, Everlane, and Rothy’s.

What type of ballet flats are in style this 2023?

Mesh ballet flats were popular on runways earlier this season. However, as the year progressed, it became clear across luxury fashion houses that ballet flats of all shapes, sizes, and styles were In.

Are Tory Burch flats still in style in 2023?

Tory Burch is still a popular producer of ballet flats today. The brand is widely considered to be one of the top brands for leather goods, and with an affordable price tag to boot.

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