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Step Inside Richard Mille’s St. Martin Boutique in Singapore, the Largest of its Form within the World

Step Inside Richard Mille’s St. Martin Boutique in Singapore, the Largest of its Form within the World

The largest Richard Mille boutique in the world, Singapore’s St. Martin is an unprecedented journey within the exclusive world of this legendary watchmaker.

Richard Mille is not in the habit of doing anything in halves – if something is even worth attempting, it is worth doing in an exemplary way. So, when the idea of a new flagship store was mooted, one that could host friends of the brand in the best possible way as well as welcome future buyers and enthusiasts in search of information, Richard Mille’s architecture and design teams got to work. It would take three long years of planning before this idea took flight in Singapore, much like the long planning process that goes into producing a single watch.

The result is a new flagship that marries the art of hospitality with an innovative vision, showcasing the brand’s multiple inspirations. Located along St Martin’s Drive, a quiet end of the bustling Orchard Road retail district, the space is meant to be a physical embodiment of Mille’s own psyche, offering visitors valuable insights into what inspires the maverick watchmaker. “Our intention was to play with visitors’ expectations,” shares Brand Director Alexandre Mille. “The architectural organisation of St. Martin creates a feeling of astonishment at not having guessed such a space could exist behind this door. Discovering it makes you wonder what the next surprise will be,” he adds.

Richard Mille St Martin Singapore Boutique
At over 700 -square metres, the Richard Mille St. Martin boutique is a unique space to deliver expertise while providing exclusive brand experiences.

The idea of adopting the fundamentals of a speakeasy stood out right away for renovating the 700 square metre site of a former restaurant. Like the famous Prohibition-era bars, the façade and traditional boutique conceal a surprising venue deeper within. Once inside, visitors are granted access to the interconnected spaces where Richard Mille’s parallel worlds and passions are deployed.

“Every Richard Mille event is an opportunity for wonderful encounters,” adds Brand and Partnerships Director Amanda Mille.

“As well as a chance to meet and share, each encounter with the brand also serves to highlight our strong convictions and commitments. St. Martin was designed in perfect harmony with this philosophy conducive to fostering human relationships. This venue awakens emotions and elevates the art of hospitality so dear to Richard Mille, thanks to an innovative vision.”

Richard Mille St Martin Singapore Boutique
Decked out in Moroccan-inspired furniture, the Riad projects a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Entry to St. Martin, as the boutique is affectionately called, begins with a long corridor that opens up to a library. In this homely space, tall shelves stacked with art and design books stand astride furniture lovingly chosen like it was to fit someone’s living area. Anchoring the space is a piece by French visual artist William Amor – an olive tree made from recycled plastic that evokes the Mediterranean basin so dear to Mille, but also, that symbolises loyalty and transmission, along with resistance, friendship, peace and health.

This main hub leads to a total of 11 themed spaces, all serving different needs. Central to this is the Crafting area, where the brand’s watchmakers can service timepieces, but more poetically, take them apart so customers can get an idea of how truly intricate their watches are. At special events, expect to be absolutely enamoured by the food and drinks (there are floor-to-ceiling wine cellars to choose from) served up at its Restaurant and Bar, while the Sports Bar is sure to please sports fans of inclinations with its display of signed paraphernalia from Richard Mille’s extensive arsenal of global athletes.

Richard Mille St Martin Singapore Boutique
The Sports Bar features plush leather accents and sports memorabilia displayed on modular shelves.

A second library hidden by an actual vault door is an imaginative touch, while a beautifully landscaped Moroccan-inspired riad patio makes the Singaporean humidity worth enduring. Where are the watches, you ask? There is but one small room dedicated to the brand’s new releases; reminding visitors that anyone is welcome, and an experience at St. Martin will be one to remember.

The same eye for detail used on its watches was applied to the to design of the new flagship, each material painstaking chosen to add visual richness and subtle contrast. Delicate shades of colour provide a refined backdrop, and in each space, harmony and balance tell a story, evoking memories, travels and cultural inspiration. A broad array of artistic crafts was brought together to achieve this, with almost 30 specialist artisans contributing to its layout and decoration. From leather to wood, metal, stone and glass, 250 materials were selected through a sourcing process in which each was chosen for its manufacturing qualities and aesthetic contribution. Every craftsperson called upon was keen surpass their own limits to meet the requirements imposed by the creation of this unique space in Singapore with the utmost rigour.

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Richard Mille St Martin Singapore Boutique
The Crafting Space offers an immersive experience into the world of Richard Mille.

The largest Richard Mille boutique in the world, St. Martin is designed to achieve the perfect balance of style, innovation, tradition, and emotion. And while the design team will draw inspiration from the spirit of the space for future boutiques, the same design will never be replicated anywhere. Again, this draws parallels to the watchmaker’s approach to its highly covetable timepieces – while they may all be recognisably Richard Mille, no two are ever alike.

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(Images: Richard Mille)

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